Michael Moore, who owns 9 homes, invites 1 Syrian "refugee" family to occupy tiny apartment

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This is a follow-up to DCG’s post, “Michael Moore says Syrian Refugees are Welcome in His Home“.
On November 20, 2015, obese One-Percenter director of faux documentaries Michael Moore penned a letter on his Facebook page to Michigan’s Republican governor Rick Snyder in which Moore said he would welcome Syrian refugees into his home.
Moore gave “his home” as a “700-sq. ft. apartment in northern Michigan,” which, though “a little small, but it’s got cable, wi-fi and a new dishwasher!”
Now, Moore has followed up on his letter with an invitation to one Syrian family to occupy his “700-sq. ft. apartment in northern Michigan,” rent free, for six months.

I’m not kidding about this. I’m making my apartment in Michigan available, rent-free, for six months to a year until the Syrian family gets settled and is doing well on their own. My family came here from Ireland in the 1800s. I know what it was like for them. There was bigotry and harassment — but there were also those who held out a helping hand. That I would have the chance to do the same thing for a new family of immigrants 150 years later is an honor. (Besides, legend has it that St. Patrick was originally from Syria/Lebanon — so I’m just passing on the green!)
I’ve written to Secretary of State John Kerry informing him that my home is available to place a Syrian couple. I’ve also asked him to please speed up the process of admitting these refugees (it’s taking 18 to 24 months right now, and that’s unacceptable).
I’m asking anyone who can, anyone who has spare rooms in their homes or an empty apartment, cottage, or whatever, to make it available for Syrian and Iraqi refugees for between six months and a year while they’re being settled in the U.S. If you can do this, would you please click here and sign up on the #MyHomeIsOpen registry. Your name and contact info will be kept private and will only be shared with the appropriate refugee agencies sanctioned and overseen by the Obama administration and its participating NGOs. They will contact you when they have refugees that they’ve vetted and need to be placed in homes.
THIS is what we want the “American way” to be from now on. No more war, or interfering in other people’s lives, no more turning our backs on the messes that we’ve created.
Thanks for joining with me in this effort. We are, indeed, our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. I can think of no better way to celebrate Thanksgiving and the holidays this year than by helping those who are suffering from the mistakes that have been made in our name.

All my best,
Michael Moore
Great-grandson of refugees and immigrants

What the sanctimonious Moore — whose net worth is estimated to be $50 million, earned from documentaries railing against capitalism — neglects to inform all those Syrian and Iraqi “refugees,” as well as “useful idiot” Americans, is that the “700-sq. ft. apartment” is only one of his many real estate properties.

According to The Smoking Gun in 2014, Moore’s real estate holdings included a total of nine properties in Michigan and New York, one of which is a Manhattan condo that was created through the combination of three separate units.

Another is luxurious “vacation home” near the top 1% of home values in affluent Forest Home Township, Torch Lake, northern Michigan. The 10,000-sq. ft. home was assessed in 2011 to be worth close to $1 million, but the real worth is more like $2 million. Here’s a pic:

Here’s an aerial view of the mansion:

In August 2015, Moore listed the luxury home at 222 S. East Torch Lake Drive for sale at $5.2 million.
H/t MsSH of Stoopid Housewives
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0 responses to “Michael Moore, who owns 9 homes, invites 1 Syrian "refugee" family to occupy tiny apartment

  1. I usually agree with the information you post (except all the crazy religious hooplah), but I don’t see the problem with this. Yes, he has money and several homes but he is trying to be a decent human. These people are just that… People. They are looking for a new beginning just like the rest of us at some point in our lives. Don’t be so “american” by thinking we are the only people allowed to migrate.

    • “…but he is trying to be a decent human.” You bet he is. A capitalist money-making human. He’s got a new film to promote the heck out of – a film which promotes socialism. What better way to get free PR for your socialist propaganda than via Facebook?
      And if he was trying to be human, he wouldn’t tout the typical progressive narrative about gun violence. He would actually be concerned about the root cause of gun violence and how to solve it.
      But that doesn’t give him the opportunity to make another movie about gun violence. Spike Lee is following his playbook. Hollywood loves to follow the money…

    • R.C. Davis:
      You can disagree about Michael Moore all you want but why do you find it necessary to insult us, calling us “crazy”? That’s akin to you being a guest in someone’s home and returning the hospitality by calling your host “crazy”. If you think FOTM writers are “crazy” in believing what you call “religious hooplah,” then why do you read us? I truly feel sorry for you.

      • I subscribe because its a great news feed. I just don’t understand how you can read into the NWO and all the corrupt institutions but still are Catholic? Just seems that if you understand everything is created to get us to willingly give up our freedom, you would be smarter and realize religion is the root of it all.. I believe in God but not the God any of the world religions describe.

        • RC . . . If you do not believe in any of the “Gods which are represented by today’s religions” . . .but you do believe in God. Please tell us what the God of your conscientiousness would be like? Did you make Him/Her up? What attributes do you see as your God having? Is He/She the spiritual parent of those who dwell on Earth? Does this parent love us? Does this parent communicate with us, and if so, how is this communication done?

          • Auntie LL:
            Once again, a reader has hijacked my post, which is about Michael Moore; it is not about R.C. Davis and his antipathy toward Christianity. All future comments that are irrelevant to Michael Moore henceforth will be deleted.

  2. Reblogged this on Scoop Feed.

  3. Well, Michael Moore, you’ve managed to do several things –all at once!– that until now I’d thought were impossible for a person as physically large as you are. I say this as by three accidents & surgeries I am now an overly large person w/new limitations, not by half as much as you, but I can empathise….
    To wit, they are:
    1. put both feet in your mouth, while
    2. talking out of both sides at once, and
    3. showing us just how great a white guy you are [heavy sarcasm, to suit your heavy-handedness].
    I understood you were well-off, but until now not how very much so, as you appear to not have any marketable skills, such as being a tailor or book-keeper, teacher or janitor.
    As a modest carpenter-contractor for almost 53 years now, I’ve worked for people such as yourself from time to time, even got to know their lives intimately. By this article and your own words you stand revealed to be just as they are [less one fellow, who was an architect]: someone who did very little to nothing to become that wealthy.
    Now that I know what a fat life you’ve got [as we used to say in the Fifties], I won’t ever pay to see anything you’ve made, as it’s clear you don’t ‘need’ my contribution.
    Adios, Mikey, and mind the door doesn’t hit your tail on the way out!

  4. The equivalent of a normal person lending out their dog house?

  5. I would say that due to his waning popularity–this is just a ploy Wacko has instigated to keep his name alive. Instead, he comes off as the cheap turkey that he is! Michael . . . just go away. Your 15 minutes of fame has been far exceeded, now the public needs to move on (and that doesn’t include us taking you along.)

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  7. We have to be careful about how we give. The late George Steinbrenner (whom I detested for what he did to damage the institution of baseball through exorbitant salaries) had a very salient point: When you give, tell no one you give. To give and tell the public you gave kills the whole point of it.
    Michael Moore, whom I will not belittle for being obese (All Right, I will: The man is build like a FREAKING PLANET) is always trying to convince himself of just how good he is in public. Sounds like a very insecure man to me! And BTW, what happens to the “Syrian family” once the “six months” are up??? At least Spike Lee makes no claims to being hospitable!

  8. Why doesn’t some enterprising individual find out ALL of fatso’s addresses and give them to whatever agency finds homes for these unwashed examples of subhumanity? All at the same time, of course.


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