Michael Brown's mother accused in armed robbery of Ferguson t-shirt vendors selling t-shirts commemorating her son's death

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Daily Mail UK: Michael Brown’s mother has been named as one of the ‘attackers’ who assaulted and robbed vendors selling t-shirts commemorating the youngster’s death. A report from Ferguson police identified Lesley McSpadden, 34, as one of a group of up to 30 people that ran into the tent and ransacked a stall in the Missouri city.
Pearlie Gordon, 54, Brown’s mother-in-law, and two men were selling ‘Justice for Mike Brown’ merchandise when the subjects ‘jumped out of vehicles and rushed them.’ According to the document obtained by the Smoking Gun, Gordon told police that McSpadden approached her and said, ‘You can’t sell this s****.’
In response, Gordon reiterated that she was Michael’s mother-in-law and said that unless McSpadden had a patent with her son’s name on it, she would continue to sell the merchandise.
Then McSpadden’s mother, Desureia Harris, began to rip down t-shirts hanging on a line, Gordon told officers.  While doing it she said: ‘You don’t know my grandson like that.’ 
Then other members of the group joined in and also began ‘tearing her booth apart.’  Gordon told the authorities that she was repeatedly struck in the head and knocked to the ground.
More than $1500 in merchandise and $400 in cash ‘was stolen by unknown subjects’ who managed to escape before police arrived.  A witness who saw the alleged assault while waiting at a red signal said that she saw subjects ‘punching’ the t-shirt vendors.
The investigation into the incident – which has been classed as an armed robbery – is ongoing. 
Two days ago it was announced that McSpadden and the slain youngster’s father Michael Brown Senior would be speaking at a human rights conference in Switzerland.  They are scheduled to address the 53rd Session of the United Nations Committee Against Torture in Geneva on November 12 and 13.
With the help of a Saint Louis University law professor, they have set up an online page, dubbed ‘Ferguson To Geneva’, on which they are collecting donations for their travel expenses.
It comes nearly 14 weeks after the pair’s 18-year-old unarmed son, who is black, was gunned down by white officer, Darren Wilson, in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson.   The shooting on August 9 triggered a national debate on race relations and months of violent demonstrations, with many protesters claiming the teenager was shot because he was black.
Police have said Brown, who was 6ft 4ins and 300lbs, was killed in a scuffle after Wilson told the teenager and his friend to move out of the street and onto a sidewalk.  They claim the victim was trying to go for Wilson’s gun; however, witnesses, including the friend, told the press that Brown had his hands up and was surrendering when he was gunned down.
Brown Sr and McSpadden, who have campaigned since their son’s death, will leave for Geneva on November 10, the family’s attorney, Anthony Gray, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Looks like violence runs in the family.

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0 responses to “Michael Brown's mother accused in armed robbery of Ferguson t-shirt vendors selling t-shirts commemorating her son's death

  1. I am not surprised that the United Nations would want these thugs as one of their speakers. The UN has become a group of dysfunction, one that the United States should kick to the curb. Let them fund themselves and find a new building to squat in too. We should not have to maintain an organization that shows such ill will towards America. As for the Browns, their true colors have shown through and the son seems to have learned his ways from his home examples. When contemplating their son’s death the Browns need look no further than their own failure as parents.

    • Yet another among countless other cases of TNB You can take them out of the jungle but you can never take the jungle out of them

    • Northerngirl, I am glad that you called it like it is–“the Browns need look no further than their own failure as parents.” That just about says it all! DCG, thank you for this great post!

  2. Apparently, the very large apple didn’t fall far from its tree.

  3. C’mon, you just can’t make this stuff up. The Mother-in-Law, battling the Mother with the first wife, or would that be second wife once removed.
    Oh puleeze,
    It’s a freaking carnival, selling t-shirts making money on sweet dead angelic Mike Brown.
    I love the pic above with gun, drug money, booze, haze of pot smoke.
    “Hands up….and give me your money” That’s the only hands up.
    Now the country is waiting for a riot if cop not indicted.
    My head hurts.

  4. I have no pity for these people or Brown. I hope she does a good twenty years.
    You know what galls me about these people is that, emotionally, they are eleven years old.

  5. Wow it just goes to show the people still watching and following this shit can’t get enough. Give them a little time and you can read the next juicy story

    • It just goes to show the Brown’s can’t keep out of trouble. Give them a little time and you can read their next promo for their UN gig.

  6. She trademark “Justice 4 Mike” yet?

  7. I’d laugh if it weren’t so tragic.

  8. Mike, ditto that. It’s a freak show.

  9. “It just goes to show the Brown’s can’t keep out of trouble.”
    Sounds a lot like OJ.

  10. Yeah, real pillars o’ the commoonity, these Browns.

  11. Michael Brown’s parents plan to testify before a United Nations committee against torture next week in Geneva, Switzerland. The committee is meeting Wednesday and Thursday to “review” the United States, and committee members plan to touch on issues including police brutality and racial profiling.
    Justin Hansford, a St. Louis University assistant law professor who has been active in Ferguson protests, is helping organize the trip. Hansford said Brown’s parents are being sponsored by the U.S. Human Rights Network, a nonprofit network of human rights groups. Hansford and others have set up a website to collect donations to send protesters to the conference, he said. Plans for the trip are spelled out on the website fergusontogeneva.org.


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