Michael Bloomberg and Iranian demonstrate how to spread coronavirus and other germs

(1) Michael Bloomberg

Hard to believe this imbecile actually was mayor of New York City. Can you imagine Michael Bloomberg in the White House?

Thankfully, after spending nearly $1 billion of his $60 billion fortune and winning only one Democratic caucus — in American Samoa — Bloomberg announced this morning he’s dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, giving his endorsement to pedo Joe Biden.

(2) Iranian man:

In the city of Qom, an Islamia religious center that is the epicenter of COVID-19 (the respiratory disease caused by the latest version of coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2) in Iran, a man licks the shrine so as to catch the coronavirus. Insane.

According to the Iranian government, COVID-19 has killed 92 people amid 2,922 confirmed cases, the highest death toll in the world outside of China. But experts question whether Iran may be under reporting the number of cases it has. (ABC News)

The virus has even sickened top leaders inside Iran’s civilian government and Shiite theocracy, including Iran’s vice president, deputy health ministers, and 10% of its parliament. (National Review)

Meanwhile, President Trump donated his last quarter’s paycheck to combating coronavirus.

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7 months ago

Mini Mike is gross…and gone, bye, bye!

7 months ago

With that kind of (mis)behavior,how did he live long enough to get THAT rich?

7 months ago

And now one libatard rep (Colorado?) is encouraging infected libatards to go to Trump Rallies and infect as many people as possible. How mentally deranged as that?

7 months ago

Dooomberg is such a slob.