Metropolitan Police arrest UK man for hugging people

Notice this man didn’t force himself upon anyone at all. Yet the Metropolitan Police arrest him anyway for endangering people.

This is NOT the world I want to live in. The bureaucrats have WAY TOO MUCH CONTROL. And I am almost certain that at some point some one will go postal over these INSANE restrictions. I am sure of that.


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Jackie Puppet
20 days ago

She should claim to be muslim – then they’d be terrified of her & leave her alone.

Jackie Puppet
20 days ago
Reply to  Jackie Puppet

I meant him!

Bill Steamkoch
Bill Steamkoch
20 days ago

Im starting to think the Heavens Gate cult were onto something.
I wonder what Bo and Ti would make of today’s situation the world is in.

Is earth about to be recycled?

Dr. Eowyn
20 days ago

Meanwhile, PM Boris Johnson just imposed a third lockdown on all of England which will last until the end of March.

19 days ago

And to think, Americans give extra respect to a British accent!