Metal Storm, US military's new deadliest weapon

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Metal Storm is a new automatic gun never seen on the battle field.
It uses an electronic, instead of mechanic, firing system. It can pierce through armor. Fired out of multiple barrels, it forms a veritable wall of bullets. Metal Storm can fire 16,000 9mm rounds a second!

Now we need to make sure Metal Storm isn’t used against American civilians.  🙁
H/t my friend Robert K. Wilcox.

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0 responses to “Metal Storm, US military's new deadliest weapon

  1. Me like! Bet our troops will love this too!

  2. Yeah Baby! We bad… uh huh! 🙂

  3. LOL – Dayem, I so want me one o’ them thar kickass destructive munition propulsion type thingies. 🙂
    Heh, be the first on yore block, ‘fore’n Larry the Cable Guy beats y’all to it, ah mean.

  4. Hell, and I was just thinkin’ of going out and buying a Henry lever action 22….!

  5. they also have a new bullet that can be guided to its intended target excellent for snipers and assassins. i believe it uses nano technology and the bullet is fired in the general direction and then is guided into the target…

  6. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom – from Psalm 111.
    Fear of the Government is the beginning of the End – from Wisdom.


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