Message to all race baiters

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No. 1 Race Baiter 

On December 20, 2014, in the name of revenge for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, black Muslim jihadist Ismaaiyl Brinsley (which means “servant of allah”), 28, ambushed and shot to death New York Police Department Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.
Officer Rafael Ramos, a 40-year-old married father of two sons, had joined the NYPD two years ago and was only a short time from becoming a lay church chaplain. Officer Wenjian Liu, 32, a 7-year veteran of the NYPD, left a wife and two parents. He was their only child. (WSJ)
Yesterday, ignoring NY mayor Bill de Blasio’s plea for racial protests to stop until after Ramos’ and Liu’s funerals, protesters “against racism and police violence” packed sidewalks in New York.
ANSWER Coalition, the organizers of the protest, said there was no reason to “give in to hysteria” by calling off the demonstration.
As the protesters marched past shops on New York’s storied Fifth Avenue, some protesters chanted “Hey-hey, ho-ho. These racist cops have got to go” and “How do you spell racist? N-Y-P-D.”; others carried signs saying “Jail killer cops” and “Stop the war on Black America.” (CNN)
They say a picture is worth a thousands words.
Here are “three thousand words.”
NYPD turn backs on De BlasioRafael Ramos & Wenjian LiuStop generalizing

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0 responses to “Message to all race baiters

  1. Succinct, to the point, and direct!
    But I repeat myself by being redundant over and over again. 😀
    Brilliant post, Dr. Eowyn!

  2. AMEN!!!!!

  3. The real shame of it all, is the fact that we do have a problem in the country with police, in as much as our country is now a “POLICE STATE”. And the biggest reason it’s a police state, is because the Judicial System has developed a duel set of laws. One set of laws for people that ware uniforms, and another set of laws for people that do not ware uniforms. This “duality” is one of the main reasons that brought about the original revolution separating the colonies from British law.
    I suspect that Obama want’s to keep people on the train of thought that this whole problem has to do with “race” because that is easier for him to dismiss as a “social” problem, and not a REAL problem with the government itself (which is exactly where it is). Why would he want that? Because it’s less work for him. His narcissism hates confrontation, and can’t stand it when someone points the finger his direction with a problem.
    If we had this many people focused on the corrupt judicial system INSTEAD of name calling, and driving hard at the wrong issue, we would stand a chance at actually getting some good done.

  4. Reblogged this on pocketgopherblog and commented:
    Stop labeling!!
    Read on, friends!

  5. One thing my parents and teachers enforced on me as a child was to SUPPRESS my reactionary nature. This, and Life, beat it out of me. People have to listen to absorb and NOT REACT! But, the Race-Baiter-in-Chief and his minions understand this all-too-well!
    You have to hand it to Lenin and Trotsky: They engineered the exploitation of this, long before Saul Alinsky came along.

    • I agree, it is such a perfect EVIL SATANIC plot, and thy have engineered the brainwashing to be so pervasive that 99% of the amerikan sheeple will just vegetate in front of the electric shrine watching reality TV shows and the game
      Trotsky actually coined the term “racist” o be used as a divide and conquer method. When I attempt to communicate with far lefturds and mention that many communist founders are/were Jews and that they have always contolled all media, education, banking, etc, etc I am called anti-Semite. NO not anti-Semite just stating facts. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood one of the few Goy (cattle) Most of the jews I know are either atheist, new age, pagan or satanic an admit they abandoned traditional Judaism
      As Steve said, I was also raised not to be a reactionary, but ever since THEY killed JFK and Bobby things have gotten progressively worse on all fronts

  6. I wish we could round up all the race baiters and…well….they wouldn’t be around much longer
    I watched a video today that was on one of the white survival (not white supremacist) blogs, Scary stuff, the reverene Louis farrakan spoke at some huge rally after yet another “goo boi he wuzn doin nuffins” black teen got sent to meet trayvon. I know a ton of blacks, almost all are the ghetto class who think Obama is the messiah and the negros cannot do wrong, they do not have to follow white man’s laws and rules. They think the entire world exists to keep the black man down….anyway yet another negroid teen pointed a gun at a cope and got goodified. Anyone of any race who has more than 2 active brain cells knows that you point a gun at a cop and chances are good you might get shot.
    Anyway farrakan is calling for total and all out war to exterminate the white race. He gave a sermon about Jesus and that negroes are the true children of Israel and that killing us and Asians would be doing god’s will. scary thing is the ghetto dwellers will believe all of this cause another negro said it. They still live in a mostly primitive tribal world in their own heads
    I got this today, a fitting Christmas card for these anti-white “everyone will be mulatto in the future” times
    An anti-white Christmas card (satire I think)

    Merry Christmas, or at least a bearable one to all

  7. now we have Muslims complaining, America is turning into a world cesspool


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