Message From Vine Akim

An Internet cafe in Lagos, Nigeria

Fellowship of the Minds just received this e-mail from “Vine Akim” with the subject of the e-mail being “President Obama confirms bin Laden is dead“:

( has sent you a message
Personal message text:
I'm Vine Akim, Special Aid on English to Laurent Gbagbo
of Ivory-Coast, He [bin Laden] is captured and his funds
in a security firm is $15,000,000 for onward transfer. .
Contact me for detail. 15% for you.

Here’s Fellowship’s response:

Dear Mr. Akim, sweltering in an Internet café somewhere in Lagos,

Thank you for your kind offer to give us 15% of Osama bin Laden’s $15,000,000 that is held in a security firm. Being good Christians, we on the Fellowship of the Minds must decline your most generous offer as your country Nigeria — one of the world’s poorest countries — surely needs the $2,250,000 more than we do. Please be so kind as to take that sum out of the account in that security firm and give it to the poor of Nigeria!


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LOL – Maybe Akim can take the money, come over here and buy a smelly used cab with a broken a/c to drive around a sweltering major U.S. city.
He’d have plenty of his countrymen to talk to. 🙂

Candance Moore
Candance Moore

Laurent Gbagbo doesn’t have any more staffers. He was ousted by Outtara and NATO. Apparently Mr. Akim here doesn’t even keep up with Ivory Coast politics.