Message from “Smash Racism DC” to Ted Cruz and Trump supporters: “You are not safe”

Remember folks, #LoveTrumpsHate!

This group, Smash Racism DC, decided to harass Senator Cruz and his wife last night at a restaurant because of their TDS and libtard butthurt. The temper tantrums continue…

From the deranged group’s Twitter account:

  • No—you can’t eat in peace—your politics are an attack on all of us You’re votes are a death wish. Your votes are hate crimes. Tonight Senator Ted Cruz arrived at Fiola, an upscale restaurant mere steps from the White House, to enjoy a hearty Italian dinner.
  • He could have dined on a lavish four course meal for only $145 while millions of Americans struggle to buy groceries. He might have sampled from the top shelf wine list as migrant children languish in cages.
  • He’d have laughed with his wife while women and members of the LGBTQ community collectively gasp in horror as Senator Cruz pushes forward on Bret Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. At least he could have had activists not interrupted his evening just as he was being seated.
  • Instead, activists from Smash Racism DC, Resist This, DC IWW, members of DC Democratic Socialists of America, Anarchists, women, sexual assault survivors, and members of the LGBTQ community interrupted Ted Cruz’s peaceful meal.
  • While our interruption does not compare in scale to the interruptions his actions as a Senator have had on millions of American lives, we hope that it reminds Cruz and others like him that they are not safe from the people they have hurt.
  • This is a message to Ted Cruz, Bret Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and the rest of the racist, sexist, transphobic, and homophobic right-wing scum: You are not safe. We will find you. We will expose you. We will take from you the peace you have taken from so many others.
  • Sincerely, Some Anti Fascist Hooligans. We demand a world free of sexual violence, and state violence. We want a world without prisons, borders, or capitalism. You should be embarrassed for existing.

Sorry, losers: I’m not embarrassed for existing. Nor for supporting President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh (BTW, it’s not “Bret” you idiots.)

And if anyone of you “anti-fascist” hooligans tries to get in my face and harass me, well, you’ve been warned. Because if this girl feels threatened and unsafe, I will not be embarrassed to exercise a certain God-given right.


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21 responses to “Message from “Smash Racism DC” to Ted Cruz and Trump supporters: “You are not safe”

  1. Threatening violence to protest against violence? Wack-a-Doodles!

  2. The cowards deleted their threatening tweet:

  3. FROM MY EXPERIENCE since 1993 on the Wet Coast (sic) of BC, here in Victoria, the San Francisco of BC, which itself is Canada’s California, is that there’s an extremely high percentage of deranged people, from mildly deluded to massively psychotic, who are ambulatory and dangerously liable to enter politics!

    I first saw these symptoms during the mid-60s in California, and these symptoms have spread steadily ever since.

  4. So where are the people in charge at the restaurant, who are allowing these idiots to drive paying customers out? I understand Ted Cruz not wanting to make a scene with his wife being with him and all. But at the least, I would have called for the manager, and asked him or her to toss these losers out on their ears. Or if they refused to do so, I would have made them know that I was telling all of my republican friends to avoid that place in the future, and making sure to get the name out in the press. It is time to stop letting the crazies win, and to make those who allow them to do so to pay a price for their unwillingness to stand up against such behavior.

  5. I have been wondering the same thing as pigpen. Do restaurants no longer want the business of normal people? I go to DC often. I will never set foot in “Fiola”. They clearly have no respect for the safety of their patrons.

  6. Fiola Restaurant on Yelp:

    If you’re ever in DC, never ever go to Fiola:

    601 Pennsylvania Ave Nw
    Washington, DC 20004
    at N 6th St
    Ph: (202) 628-2888

    • I sent this email to Fiola Restaurant. Feel free to use as your email.


      I was planning a business trip to Washington, DC, and had considered dining at Fiola’s.

      Then I read the news account of Senator Ted Cruz and his wife being harassed and heckled out of your restaurant.

      This has convinced me to never, ever patronize Fiola’s because you clearly have no interest in protecting your customers, especially political conservatives.

      I am a blogger, and have warned my readers about Fiola’s.

      Dr. Eowyn

  7. Once again, liberal nuts showing just how stupid and manipulated they truly are; protesting the canadian anchor baby, lying ted cruz, who is nothing but a rino him self.

  8. CogitoErgoSumantra

    “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Still good advice today.
    I’m getting more in favor of using mine to stand up for others when they’re accosted… “in defense of others”.

  9. Isn’t one of the people associated with Smash Racism the same guy that was fired from John Jay college last year for calling for the murder of police? His name is Mike Isaacson, the guy with a neck like a giraffe.

  10. “We will FIND you. We will EXPOSE you. We will TAKE from you the PEACE…”

    That’s basically what James O ‘Keefe of Project Veritas revealed the past week with his four new undercover videos so far of “Democratic Socialists” (DSA) individuals embedded like termites throughout various fed govt. agencies.

    One girl they recorded (I forget which agency) said she & her pals use the govt. databases while on the job to find the home addresses & phones & personal info of the “enemies” & that’s how they plan their antagonistic strategies (& is probably how they found/showed up as a shouting horde at the DHS head-lady’s house in prior months).

    Whether they can access Senators’ &/or the Press Secretary’s personal after-hours calendars or not (“dinner with wife at Fiola’s” &/or “dinner with family at Red Hen”), I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me unless they have spies & snitches EVERYWHERE.

    But CREEPY EVIL RUDE CRUDE just the same. If they keep egging this on “bigger & badder,” they will end up with Martial Law around their necks — & OURS, too; something WE do not want nor would anyone need except for THEM.

    Thanks for the write-up. I had seen the headlines round about, how “Antifa *CHASED* Ted Cruz & wife out of DC restaurant” but did not read the details until now/here.

  11. Why are these antifa commie-fascist America-haters not being arrested by the busloads?

    The feds should be out rousting these traitors out of their beds in the middle of the night and shooting any of the little pukes that resist.

    Oh wait… I forgot that Jeff Sessions has no balls.

    • Well, I really do hate to say it, but, The Odor is now in charge. They will remain in charge unless and until people realize who and what they are and chase them through the streets. This is a revolution (part of it is actually a coup).

      These seditious vermin are operating with total impunity. The fact is that laws don’t mean a thing if they aren’t enforced and respected. They are openly subverting the legitimate Government.

      The more of this they get away with the more emboldened they will become. If I were a “political celebrity” in these days I’d have a “Dirty Harry” body guard. Anyone assaulting me or my guests would probably get thrown through as many walls as they are between my seat and the door, if they are lucky.

      No hesitation, just boom, boom, you’re out. Pull a weapon and boom, boom you’re dead. People have a right to live in peace. I don’t even understand what these Frankists are whining about. Better yet, I don’t care.

      When some multi-pierced, purple-haired tranny demands attention I certainly are not going to be the one that gratifies their demands.

  12. The restaurant issued a statement stating that the Cruz’s were escorted out then came back in to finish dinner. So that is good. The restaurant says they “diffused” the situation. Kinda thinking this statement is nothing but PR spin.

    Someone on the reply thread shows an anti-Trump tweet by Maria. I still wouldn’t eat there.

  13. Fiola Restaurant’s owner Fabio Trabocchi wrote an email to his customers begging them to come back. He said he had to shut down social media and hire security because of the “PR disaster” and a “crazy rumor” that he had tipped protesters that the Cruzes were dining at his establishment.

    • Their Twitter, Insta and FB accounts are still up.

      I kinda feel bad for them as business owners but they are in DC. And the MOB RAGE rules right now. Security is probably going to be needed for a long time because apparently there is no cure for TDS…


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