"Merry Christmas" PC Apartheid in Congress

There’s a PC apartheid in Congress.
“Merry Christmas” is banned in the U.S. House of Representatives but not in the Senate.
Mark Tapscott reports for The Examiner, Dec. 16, 2011, members of the House are told they can’t wish constituents a “Merry Christmas” in any mailing paid for with tax dollars.

The congressional franking commission that reviews all congressional mail to determine if it can be “franked,” or paid for with tax dollars, has issued an edict that no holiday greetings, including “Merry Christmas,” can be sent in official mail.
Members of Congress send millions of dollars worth of mail to constituents every year but there are official rules that govern what can and cannot be said in those mailings. Members are barred, for example, from saying anything that might be construed as advocating their re-election.
But saying “Merry Christmas” is also not permitted, according to a Dec. 12 memo from the “Franking Commission Staff” concerning “Holiday Messaging.” The memo explains:

“Members are unable at the current time to use official resources to record holiday greetings, post on social media/website, or send to constituents in franked mail or e-communications.

Member’s Congressional Handbook: GREETINGS-

Expenses related to the purchase or distribution of greetings, including holiday celebrations, condolences, and congratulations for personal distinctions (wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), are not reimbursable.

Franking Manual:

4(a). Example of Nonfrankable Items
-Birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, retirement or condolence messages and holiday greetings are prohibited.

You may make reference to the season as a whole using language along the lines of ‘Have a safe and happy holiday season.’ It may only be incidental to the piece rather than the primary purpose of the communication.”

Franking commission spokesman Salley Wood confirmed to The Washington Examiner that members of Congress indeed cannot wish constituents “Merry Christmas” in any official mailing: “Currently, incidental use of the phrase Happy Holidays is permissible but Merry Christmas is not.”
In other words, the very elected representatives who put “In God We Trust” on America’s currency are prohibited from using the greeting “Merry Christmas” in official communications to their constituents!
But that’s not the case with the Senate.
According to the regulation of the Senate Ethics Committee that handles franking issues for members of the Senate the upper chamber:

“Senators may not use the frank to mail holiday cards. However, Senators may use officially related funds to mail holiday cards to constituents. Holiday cards to friends should be sent with personal funds, not using Senate facilities. Senators also may NOT use the frank to acknowledge holiday greetings that were sent to them. Senators may express holiday greetings at the commencement or conclusion of otherwise frankable mail.

And yet, it is the Senate that has a liberal Democrat majority whereas the House has a Republican majority. Go figure.

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lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

This reminds me of the dullness within the business community that spends hundreds of dollars each year to send out greeting cards in the month of December. The cards are so politically correct; not referencing any holiday, the artwork is often an embossed gold pine tree sprig on a black background. The message usually says something like, “We appreciate the opportunity of working with you and wish you a successful and prosperous new year.” They’re usually preprinted with the company name at the bottom so there is absolutely no personal touch of any kind. Essentially it’s just ugly junk mail.… Read more »


Stoopid proggies….can’t handle hearing “Merry Christmas” on anything, ruining it for the majority. They need thicker skin. It’s a wonder how those so offended by others views survive in this world.

Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife

Just left our tiny mountain post office. It is so small that I imagine it will eventually be closed. The postmaster knows me well since he is in the Marine League w/ my son-in-law. I just wished him a “Merry Christmas”, and he simply said, quietly, “you also”. Was this man who knows all our family forbidden by the gov’t to resppnd in the way that he probably would have preferred? I want the country back that I grew up in!!


Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for pointing out these inconsistencies and clear ironies! Stupid! Idiotic! I write all over any mail that I send now, since I’ve paid for the stamp and since it is delivered by employees of the United States, “Jesus, I Trust In You!” Someone will see this statement and who knows what affect it may have upon a person! We should all do this, frankly! We can fight too! They use the terminology, “Happy Holidays!” Are they not aware that the word, “holiday,” derives itself from “Holy Day!” More stupidity!