Merry Christmas Eve!

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Hope you get to enjoy your day with loved ones and family.

I’ll be watching a few classics such as those above. Feel free to add clips of your favorites!


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7 responses to “Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. Thank you DCG one I had forgotten about Christmas Vacation and loved as well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone hope all your prayers and dreams come true.

  2. Can’t improve on that list DCG. Love both It’s A Wonderful Life, and Christmas Story.
    Merry Christmas to Dr E and all!

  3. I don’t have the link, but I would heartily recommend “Boys Town” starring Mickey Rooney & Spencer Tracey. It is not a Christmas movie per se, but it is a story of redemption, of the protagonist Whitey Marsh and Fr. Flannagan’s struggle to do God’s Work in the face of tremendous odds. Far from being corny, I remember it as a truly uplifting movie.
    I went to Boys Town for my freshman year in high school, from 1970 to 1971. Although I hated every minute of it while I was there, Boys Town provided me more than adequate care while my parents had to straighten out their own problems, and I think we can say we are grateful and owe Fr. Flannagan and Boys Town a debt we cannot repay. (Fr. Flannagan’s Cause for Sainthood was launched a few years ago, and I hope I can live to see his canonization. His good work lives on in a number of Boys Towns throughout the world).

    Here is wishing everyone at FOTM a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (I myself don’t expect 2019 to be any easier in a material way, but I do believe that God wants all of us to muster up all the courage we can so we can make it to the “finish line,” as it were. 2018 has more than proved circumstances have toughened me up, and I expect to be tougher, and, hopefully, I can pass off that toughness to others, in some way).

    • I continue to pray for you, Stephen. I’ve always wanted to see Boy’s Town, but never got around to it. Will have to track it down. I always watch White Christmas with Bing Crosby. I love the Florida scenes, because it reminds me of my young adulthood in Florida. Christmas in Florida sure beats Christmas in Oregon. Two other Christmas classics I love are Christmas in Connecticut and The Bishop’s Wife with Cary Grant.

  4. A Merry Christmas and joyful New Year to you, too, DCG! And to all the FOTMers.

    ‘SCROOGE’, the musical starring Albert Finney, is by far – and I mean, BY FAR(!!!) my favorite version of ‘A Christmas Carol’. In fact, it’s one of my Top Ten favorite movies of all time. And as far as Christmas movies go, I rate it just half a smidgen behind ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. Maybe not even half a smidgen, but just a quarter of a smidgen.

    Bless And Be Blessed!

    ~ D-FensDogG @ STMcC Presents ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’

  5. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!


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