Merkel says refugees didn't bring Islamist terrorism to Germany

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The facts mean nothing to this womyn.

Merkel: Doubling down on stoopid

Merkel: Doubling down on stoopid

Via Reuters: Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday refugees had not brought terrorism to Germany, adding that Islam belonged in the country as long as it was practiced in a way that respected the constitution.
More than a million people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere arrived in Germany last year. The mood towards them has soured after a spate of attacks on civilians last month, including three carried out by migrants.
Two of those attacks were claimed by the Islamic State militant group.
“The phenomenon of Islamist terrorism, of IS, is not a phenomenon that came to us with the refugees,” Merkel said at an election campaign event for her Christian Democrats in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ahead of a regional vote on Sept. 4.
Merkel said many people had traveled from Germany to Syria for training with Islamist militants. In June Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said a total of more than 800 were believed to have gone to Syria and Iraq.
“This group has worried us for several years,” she said at the event in Neustrelitz, a town 100 km (60 miles) north of Berlin.
Merkel’s popularity has suffered in the wake of the attacks and 52 percent of Germans think her migrant policy is bad, a poll published last week showed.
The influx of migrants, many of whom are Muslim, has boosted support for the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD), which is expected to perform well in elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Berlin.
“We have said clearly that an Islam that works and lives on the basis of the constitution … belongs to Germany,” Merkel said. She added that a type of Islam that did not stick to the constitution or accept equal rights for women had no place in the country.

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0 responses to “Merkel says refugees didn't bring Islamist terrorism to Germany

  1. It’s the Progressive Way! Never admit you are wrong and double down on failure (if you can somehow convey that your intentions were – failure is fine!)

  2. Teufele Merkel does not bring truth to her speech. She has no place in a position of power. She is placing Europe in grave danger.

  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    “What do you want, sharia, beheading, or radioactive fallout? Or any combination of the above?”
    “I’ll accept none of the above, fire the chef, get a new food supplier, and another menu.”
    It can be done peacefully.

  4. First (and maybe last), she is a communist. Hijab or no hijab, she’s a goggle-eyed “true believer”. In true commie form, she wouldn’t know how to tell the truth. Telling the truth is antithetical to a communist.
    She has presided over much destruction of her country for her owners. She is proud of her accomplishments. The fact that she is not being chased through the streets (along with several others), is a statement of how docile we’ve become.
    There are sometimes the need for “Mussolini Moments”. This may be one of them.

  5. Denial of reality is a mark of insanity.

  6. I hope that the German indigenous people vote Merkel out of office, and install laws and policies that will create a peaceful nation. Merkel is but another of the elite who want to kill off the peons so that she and her family can live well at the cost of the riff-raff. The Germans had better get their act together, and very, very soon. As Dr Eowyn alluded to above . . . Merkel suffers from insanity, pure and simple.

  7. “52 percent of Germans think her migrant policy is bad”
    Okay–people are probably too afraid to state their convictions, and I can’t say I blame them.
    Or they really are crazy neck-in-the -sand types.
    And they probably have a serious guilt complex over Hitler.
    I’m sure fear has taken over. Fear of crime, fear of losing your kids, your house…Remember what has happened over “xenophobic: facebook posts.
    Maybe 48% are migrants?
    But they have to at the very least TO A ONE vote the bitch out.
    I called my German friend the other day in AZ. She gets NO NEWS out of Germany.
    I had to tell her what was happening.
    And my friend is very very smart, but no longer owns a computer.

  8. P.S. I don’t believe this is from Merkel per se. I believe it’s from the leviathon UN evil inner sanctom.

  9. It amazes me how so many blithering idiots get voted into the top leadership positions of so many countries. This certainly includes my Canada with our brain-dead, politically correct, flavour of the month advocating twit Justin Trudeau who never actually had a full-time job in his pathetic life until he ran as a Member of Parliament in the province of Quebec. He succeeded only because his father Pierre was a Prime Minister who was popular. Fortunately for him and the fruit of his loins, Justin, the ignorant Canadian electorate were ignorant of the fact that Pierre was an admirer of the mass murderers Stalin, Mao and Castro. Castro was actually a pall bearer at Pierre’s funeral when he fortunately for Canada finally died. Both Pierre and loopy Justin require huge rants. Obama is the biggest electoral fraud in American history and the Clintons are nothing less than corrupt gangsters. Merkel is an ignorant joke if she doesn’t understand the basics of Islam including Shariah Law always trumps any constitution of any country. Any muslim who doesn’t agree with that is by Islamic definition not a muslim.

    • Quel fromage! I hear ya’. It’s the same all over. Watching this is like a rerun of the old “challenged royal families” routine. You know, after spending too many years swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool?
      They just assume entitlement. They were “born” to be king (or queen – can I say that?). It isn’t too hard to understand why the French invented the guillotine.

      • As you sow, so shall you reap. The Europeans are reaping aplenty. In the meantime the so called monarchies ought to be plenty worried about their less than gilded future. For now they have several castles to retreat to.
        And speaking of royals and the French – Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, son of a tailor and future king of Sweden and Norway, was reported to be insane. In 1905 Norway got rid of the Bernadottes and had a vote to either become a republic or a monarchy again with new “royal blood”. The frozen voters of Norway chose a new monarchy, and fresh out of their own “royal blood” they imported a prince from Denmark and his wife who was English and his first cousin. They were crowned king and queen. The couple had only one child, a son and future king who married a princess from Sweden – a Bernadotte. She was also his first cousin. It’s been downhill ever since.
        To thin out the Scandinavian “royal bloodline”, which had become quite clogged, they made modern day heirs to the thrones marry dope addicts, nude models, single moms and in Denmark they brought in a bar hopper from Australia. The future remains to be seen for these parasites. In the monarchies of Sweden, Denmark and Norway things are not any better than in Merkel’s Germany.
        The House of Bernadotte, the current royal house of Sweden, has reigned since 1818. Between 1818 and 1905, it was also the royal house of Norway. Its founder, Charles XIV John of Sweden (who was born Jean Bernadotte), was adopted by Charles XIII of Sweden, who belonged to the House of Holstein-Gottorp which was becoming extinct.
        The story of Bernadotte’s peculiar rise to a Scandinavian throne is something out of a Hollywood comedy.
        On February 5, 1818, Field Marshal Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, former Marshal of the Empire, former Minister of War, former governor of Hanover, Prince of Ponte Corvo, became King Karl XIV Johan of Sweden and King Karl III Johan of Norway. He would be the first of the House of Bernadotte, the royal family that still reigns over Sweden today.
        Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was a son of a tailor and small-town lawyer in the town of Pau in southwestern France. He had the good fortune of reaching manhood at the cusp of the French Revolution: a perfect time for an ambitious boy with no apparent prospects. By the time of the rise of Napoleon to power in 1799, Bernadotte had risen from tailor’s son to accomplished general and Minister of War under the Directory (the government in power before Napoleon’s coup).
        Napoleon knew a good general when he saw one, and made Bernadotte a Marshal of the Empire in 1804. He distinguished himself in the 1805 campaign at the victories at Ulm and Austerlitz. As a reward, Napoleon made Bernadotte Prince of Ponte Corvo, a hick town in central Italy that was only good as a strategic location (which didn’t help its fate…it was flattened during World War II). He was even married to the sister of Napoleon’s sister-in-law. It looked like Jean Baptiste had it made. So why would he hightail it to the fjords five years later?~
        My guess is that he was sent to those frozen fjords to hide his insanity. The Vikings there would be none the wiser. Not much has changed.

        • Oh Anne, you’ve outdone yourself! Great work. It sort of reminds me of “Prince Edward” stories (better known as “nutty Prince Eddy”.
          Well, our Angela received the Napoleon treatment. Not having any viable abilities, outside of the chemistry lab, she was promptly appointed (elected?), to her current position for which she has no qualifications whatsoever.
          Being a communist and ideologue, the result was inevitable. Germany is similarly “getting flattened”. I don’t think this would have played out this way in other countries. Germany has been raised on guilt. They are used to not controlling their destiny.
          When I was there they watched every political contest, worldwide. They especially watched the U.S.. They knew that every nuance of greedy policy would affect them directly. Some of the “less civilized” Balkan countries would make short work of this mess.
          I doubt if “frozen fjords” will suffice for Frau Merkel. They may need a fence building project of their own in Belgium. Who knows, over time maybe D.C. and Mons could be “sister cities”.

    • David . . . wonderful response! God Bless You! You tell it like it is!

  10. I think she got hold of some tainted brats, or she has been eating the kraut that is a little too close to the top of the barrel.

  11. I am still stunned the people haven’t jerked her off the stage with the hook.
    Silence is the same as agreement. Someone had better step up soon, or Germany will be lost forever.

    • Glenn47 . . . you have stated something that is P-R-O-F-O-U-N-D, indeed . . . . . . “Silence is the same as agreement.” These words are Eternally true, it goes along with the saying, (perhaps misquoted) “All it takes for evil to triumph, is for good men to sit and do nothing.” Evidently, this is a disease that is raging in all the civilized nations of the world, including the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, etc., etc., etc.

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  13. How that old bitch hasn’t assumed room temperature is beyond me. She has destroyed Germany and yet she’s still running around. I guess Hitler wasn’t taken out either, so she falls into the same category as Hitler.

  14. Something peculiar is going on. Nancy Pelosi is clearly out of her mind, yet she somehow gets a pass. As Trey Gowdy once said, she is “mind-numbingly stupid.”
    And now we have Merkel the Jerkyl, a woman who does not exhibit the signs of botox-induced insanity that Pelosi does, but she is disturbing all the same. Because Merkyl the Jerkyl is LYING, and she KNOWS that she is lying, and everyone knows that she is lying.
    Let’s be frank: Islam IS NOT COMPATIBLE with Western—or any other kind—of civilization. It is a political and ideological CANNIBALISM. I think we all know this. Yet Merkyl the Jerkyl uses a peculiarly correct word (in the wrong way) here, and that is “phenomenon.” Yes, Islam is a “phenomenon,” all right. And good can be identified as good and evil can be identified as evil by means of the philosophy inaugurated by Edmund Husserl and St. Edith Stein, phenomenology.
    But Pelosi and Merkyl are not the only ones who are going off the rails. A number of members of Italy’s Parliament have gone off the rails themselves. And we are stuck with Frankenpope, whose ambiguous and amphibolous statements are designed, with intent, to stir chaos.
    To be sure, a Clash of Civilizations is on the way, and there is a Malevolent Design behind it. And the number of people who practice the exhibitional insanity of Pelosi, Merkyl and Frankenpope is sure to grow in the coming years. As Patrick Henry once said (albeit in another context, of course), “I smell a rat.” I DO smell a RAT, and that RAT is the Anti-Christ. Over the past eight or so years, it seems to me that certain demons have been “paroled from hell,” as it were, and the overall anxiety and “nervosity” to coign an awkward term, has been growing. It has not metastasized exponentially YET—but it is sure to: No One is making any effort to stop it.
    A number of people have been making the term “New World Order” a household term. “New World Order” is the household term that has all but been recognized as such; It is the “aunt, with one eye, in the middle of her forehead” that is in the living room, and everyone is ignoring the obvious, so far. So expect the insanity and anxiety and nervosity and the denial to keep growing, ever creeping in “on little cat feet.”
    Think of me as a dunking clown at the carnival—I don’t care. I believe that the Anti-Christ of Revelation is alive on this Earth now. (It IS NOT Frankenpope). People are nervous, and the anxiety is growing.

    • Steven . . . I absolutely adore you! You are so down to earth, so common-sense in everything response you bring to us. You are a blessing, as are so many of the FOTM family members! We just all need to “tighten our seatbelts” and hold-on for the ride of our lives!

      • Thank you, Auntie Lulu. I will tell you this: Very few there have been, indeed, who will tolerate me trying to tell them the truth about 9/11, the Clintons, Alex Jones, 9/11, Henry Makow, David Icke, The Thinking Housewife, FOTM, or anything else. Everyone has been BEATEN DOWN, they’re all in their little bubbles, everyone has normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance and people are anxious, nervous and scared. And cynical, but in the wrong way.
        When I was a teacher of English, many of my students (in each school I taught in) told me I should have been a history teacher. I get it, in a way: History, after all, is a story—as is literature. Yet I could not take the political environment. Cab driving has its politics, too, but in different ways (especially with the rideshare platforms). But cab driving has humbled me to this extent: It has taught me a lot about how to talk, and how to LISTEN, to people. It has taught me to LET. PEOPLE. WIN. We are in a political environment in which the spoilers don’t want anyone but themselves to win.
        I have to thank my parents for all they have taught and given to me. Outside of religious orders, I have never known anyone who were as afraid of going to hell as they were. I am absolutely convinced they are ACTUAL SAINTS, RIGHT NOW.
        I know I can be pedantic, and I am, to a degree, emotionally dissociated or disassociated. In this matter I am a bit dumb. But I try to carry a message. Not that many people are interested, indeed. But I have been very lucky with FOTM and Facebook, and I am very grateful.

  15. Politicians and Priests that “Open the Gates of the City” to raping pillaging INVADERS, are PERSONALLY FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for the damage they cause. Get it into the heads of People injured by the INVADERS, that the deep-pocket Politicians & Priests OWE THEM 100% REPARATIONS. Make these PUKES start PAYING for the damage they cause then see what happens. Get some hungry lawyers after the assets of those churches and politicians……. Quit letting the Politicians & Priests create chaos and bloodshed and walk away. their children
    TAKE all their possessions to pay REPARATIONS to the victims of the Refujihadis THEY bring in for PROFIT
    It is time the Politicians start serving jail sentences for the crimes of the INVADERS since the Politicians are ACCOMPLICES to every crime due to their letting the INVADERS in.
    NOTHING speaks LOUDER to a priest then the silence of an empty collection plate. Stop all support to those who betray you
    That’s why I say just cut off ALL of them …. nothing gets a priest’s attention like EMPTY collection plates and “word” will get around very quickly IF People will STAND UP.

    • Wilbur . . . your insight is 100%. It all has to do with “Money” and “Power.” When we cut the access to both of these . . . many of the NWO goons will wither and die . . . as they should.

  16. All the REFUJIHADI supporters should be PAYING for their muslim friends and taking them into THEIR homes. Giving charity with someone else’s money is THEFT. You give charity with YOUR money.
    do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, SEND those who are concerned about them over THERE to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland. Send the CONCERNED ONES with THEIR OWN money to pay for the charity they are SO anxious to hand out because “being charitable” with someone else’s money is THEFT, charity must be paid for with YOUR money.

    • Wilbur . . . again, you have hit the nail on its head! Those who want to succor the Jihadists should be putting up their own monies, and property to do so . . . not stealing from others to accomplish this.

  17. And to think a woman like her running for president here wants to do the same thing to America.

  18. she is freaking brain damaged , when will you Germans just take her out and don’t worry about the ramifications, its the government bureaucracy that must worry when they will all be taken out, it you don’t move on the demon child you will have no nation left. warn the police to stay out of the way if they want tom stay alive or bring it to there homes. You don’ t have to much time left to take these evil freaks out.

  19. DCG . . . Another great article. God Bess You for all the effort you put in on the behalf of the rest of us, to bring about our understanding of what is actually going on . . . Heaven knows, we cannot get this information from the lame stream media!

  20. Ha, notice that both of the cowards with the signs above, have their faces covered like a Muslim Woman! On the video below is the perfect coward that can bring on the kind of rage that would wipe away the German guilt over WW2. Then the last place on earth any Muslim would want to be is Germany!

  21. After viewing recent events and reading various posts, I have become…like many reasonable and understandably upset sentient individuals, disturbed over recent insanity, specifically re Merkel’s libtard/ agenda-based and deliberate deconstruction of Germany, but more importantly the promulgation of New World Order.
    Merkel is not moronic, regardless of perceptions – she is a willing pawn of the Elite – who want to create a New UN World Order. Viz a viz, what better way than use semi- illiterate, uneducated, Muslim thugs and simpletons, who are mired in 13th Century ideologies – perfect tools to use for oppression of sentient species, sorry people. Don’t hate these rapist, halfwits but their masters – the Elite.


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