Mental Health Day

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A former colleague of mine declares a Mental Health Day every semester. On that day, which is not a national or university holiday, his classes do not meet.
I did that once. Instead of meeting my class as scheduled, I told my students (ahead of time of course) that I’d be in a nearby café and invited them to drop by and chat. About 4-5 students from a class of 30 did.
In that spirit, I’m declaring today to be Mental Health Day on this blog! Treat this as an Open Thread to speak your mind on any subject of your choosing. If I could, I’d buy you a beer in a neighborhood tavern. In lieu of that, we can have a virtual beer. Cheers!


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0 responses to “Mental Health Day

  1. Hello Everyone! this sounds like a very good idea,as yesterday I spent all day calling,e-mailing-State Senators to vote NO on S510,the food Nazi bill,as you see it passed. I wrote it on my calendar for Jan..2011 to add to the list of DEFUNDING for the NEW Congress. Cheers everybody!! Don’t let the bastards wear ya down!!!!!

  2. Dave from Atlanta

    Meeting with Obama about Extending the Bush Era Tax Cuts:
    I thought it was interesting that Mitch McConnell and Boehner managed to get out and make public appearances about the “bi-partisan” meeting with the president shortly after it ended. Moments later (on Fox News) the president read a prepared statement. It was almost as if there was a race to see who could get out and spin the lack of agreement first. Kudos to Fox for getting Boehner out there before Obama.
    Obama’s statement was very carefully worded to do an end-run around any political spin his opposition might have in store. It was therefore fortunate that the Republicans did not attempt any spin and simply reported the meeting as having been somewhat positive.
    Fox News then went on to explain that four presidents in the past (Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan and Bush) lowered taxes for the “rich” in the past and that in all four cases, federal revenues increased as a result of those cuts. It made the democrats and Obama look like idiots for continuing to hold onto the pending tax increase.

  3. Thanks, Dave, for that update! I was wondering how it went.
    I emailed my senators a thank you for voting against S-510, even though it still passed.
    And Eowyn, I love the mental health day plan! I’m taking a mental health hour, since a day simply isn’t going to happen.

  4. Given the times we live in, not to mention the family-related stresses I have been under of late, Dave is really beginning to wonder about his sanity.
    Maybe I need to down more suds. 🙂

  5. Mine voted no to S510 yea! Boo that it passed.
    I like the mental health day, would love to join you for a beer or wine:)

  6. Thanks, DCG. I be trying.

    • YW my friend. Kudos to you for taking care of them. Family is everything & you are doing a very good thing! Take care!

  7. “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
    –Benjamin Franklin

  8. “beer the solution to and the cause of many of lifes problems,” homer j. simpson.


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