Men should never wear Christmas sweaters…

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No explanation needed!

Maybe he’s trying to distract you from the beard…


Did he look in the mirror before he left the house?

Standing next to another dude in a Christmas sweater doesn’t help…

And the earrings don’t make it any prettier either.

Just wrong…


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10 responses to “Men should never wear Christmas sweaters…

  1. What is it with these “tacky Christmas” sweaters and parties. Our youngest daughter and her friends hosted one of these parties last week. She searched for quite a while for the worst looking sweater that she could find. She also dressed her boyfriend up in some God-awful sweater. Guess I am behind the times!

  2. Wait a minute…taste and beauty are in the eye of the beholder.
    I only Wish that someone cared enough about me to HANDMAKE
    a sweater or vest to embarrass/rib me….but then I LOVE fruitcake.

  3. thank you for this …I really got a good laugh!
    If I knew how to knit, a Chanukah sweater might be a funny addition, I’ve never seen one of those…. : )

  4. LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh! Merry Xmas and Happy Chanukah!

  5. I think those guys are sweet and brave to wear them. I’m sure those sweaters were gifts from some special lady in their lives. No man I’ve ever known would spend money on something like that. LOL

  6. That’s just gay.

  7. This is funny. LOL Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are all the rage now.


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