Men Are Tougher Than Women…Well I Don't Think So…

i’ve said it before and will say it again. If men had to have babies we would be extinct very soon. wanna bet? men watch vid below and tell me how many you will have.

~ Steve~                        H/T   Miss Surfer


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LOL too funny!
Men are ‘stronger’, (physically)… But women are DEFINITELY ‘tougher’ & our pain tolerance is waaay above the guys!.
Mama Bear’s gotta have that toughness. It’s a requirement for the job 😉

Dr. Eowyn

” If men had to have babies we would be extinct very soon.”
That’s hilarious, Steve! 😀


You think I’m kidding? My wife carried for 9+ months, labor for 30 hrs to try and push out a 9 1/2 pound bowling ball. Well you know what I mean.
During a contraction she grabbed my hand on the rail and my pinky was folded under. She squeezed so hard I almost passed out. 😆
I didn’t think it was a good time to complain.
After what I went thru…LOL just kidding.
I know I could not, would not do that.


Thank you so very much for the honorable mention. :o)
If it were not for men we ladies would not have such beautiful children.
I feel it best when we (male or female) can laugh at ourselves. I laughed so hard at this my back hurt. (I put my back out, yea me) I can only image what I must have looked like and would do it again if had to do it over once more.
Happy Friday!!! (giggle)


Comparing having babies to how tuff someone is, is a pretty weak statement, especially when your intent is only to show a women in labor and having a baby. Next time why don’t you try showing the horror of men on the battle field. Then you can learn what the word tuff means.


hujonwi, you guys are missing the point. Yes I’d say in a lot of area’s men are just bigger and more muscular than most women.
Men do most of the fighting on battlefields.
There are women fighting in Militaries around the world. Police, F.D.
It was really a funny post to start with. It was not meant to compare men to women.
But I’ll still say I’d rather fight on a battlefield then give birth. I was close enough to that to know I don’t want to do that.. 😆