Memo to Fox News: The First Birther Movement Began in 1880

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The next time Margaret Hoover decides to go on BOR and insist that natural-born citizenship is code for racism, O’Reilly needs to mention an inconvenient fact from history.
A helpful writer at NewsBusters found this little gem from CBS News back in 2009:

Nearly 123 years after [Chester Arthur’s] death, doubts about his U.S. citizenship linger, thanks to lack of documentation and a political foe’s claim that Arthur was really born in Canada – and was therefore ineligible for the White House, where he served from 1881 to 1885.

I know public school history books struggle with anything older than the Vietnam War – but is it too much to ask for our supposed intellectual betters on cable news to know these things?

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0 responses to “Memo to Fox News: The First Birther Movement Began in 1880

  1. Yes that is too much to ask.

  2. Bill O’reilly has an unreal complex on this issue. I am an x-O’reilly fan,he does not get ratings from this house. When he and Megyn Kelly [smart woman] played their stunt on Skippy’s eligibility that was it for me. As far as I am concerned he is a traitor to this Country. Any time he mentions the troops now and all he does for them,it turns my stomach. He belongs in a cell with John McCain. I happen to know many military men,their opinion of Skippy is not good,this doesn’t help things,it makes me furious. O’reilly,has this “I said it’s so,and that is all there is to it” believe it or you are an idiot. He will get his in the end,with many others. The truth shall prevail. That is something you can’t get from O’reilly anymore.

  3. I am certainly happy to hear someone voice what I think of O’Reilly. I can’t stand listening to him. I haven’t turned him on in years. Just like I have finally tuned out of Glenn Beck. They’re both full of crap most of the time and both have egos bigger than Texas. Thank you Tina. And does anyone else remember when there was a sexual harrassement charge agains good old Bill? He is quite demented.

  4. Candance:
    What makes Margaret Hoover an intellectual better?

  5. another thing faux news swears on-the birth announcement in the Hawaii paper,this is totally lame,if you have read the obama timeline,no bambis lived at the address they gave!

  6. Chester Arthur’s father was Irish and not a U.S. citizen. There was a great deal of discrimination against the Irish at that time. So, this case actually reinforces idea that challenging Obama’s citizenship is a challenge to the idea that a black man not American enough to be President. “How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?”


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