Meme of the Day: Democrats = Sack of Ferrets

And let’s not forget the freshman ferrets:

…from an article written by Karen Hagestad Cacy

Liberals, Democrats, and Socialist : As Mad as a Sack of Ferrets

Ms. Cacy’s article is well worth the time to read.
Democrats today are as mad as a sack of ferrets

PS: Ferrets are perfectly lovely animals, and don’t deserve to be compared with these demonic democrats.

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1 year ago

I like to say “mad as a hatter”. This is the ultimate in “office politics”. These New Odor employees all vying for their owner’s affection. Of course Obongo 2.0, “Beto” O’ Rourke is a little different. I haven’t seen such a totally vacuous manufactured character since Obongo. Now this one comes with a past. He was rich, but doesn’t want you to know that. Just like Obongo’s progenitors were all CIA. This is the Asperger’s Soy-Boy. He has fantasies of running down children in his car. He writes pornigraphic poetry. Maybe he’s related to Frank Marshal Davis too. Tulsi Gabbard,… Read more »

1 year ago