Member the good ol' days?

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0 responses to “Member the good ol' days?

  1. In the 1960s we did it all without toys.

  2. if my great grandson did some of the things i did when i was a kid i think id have a heart attack but they do need to play like kids instead of whimps

  3. And in the ’70s we thought things were lame because we couldn’t get to do the cool dangerous stuff our parents and grandparents had done as kids… little did we know things would get a whole lot wussier and lamer.

  4. yes! these were some of the good ole days. We talk about this quite often. Between bicycle helmets,booster seats till age 8,ect… they’re making wimpy looking dorks out of the kids. The picture of the fake fairy POTUS comes to mind.

  5. As long as you elect liberals and progressives,the more restriction’s and regulations on children to be children and parent’s to be parents will destroy the American way of life.It is a damn shame what is comming from the whitehouse,congress,senate and liberal courts and judges.We have to take America back and restore our founding fathers values..

  6. …the fine art of disappearing…ah,yes….and time spent high in
    the trees (leafy fortresses) spying on the neighborhood 🙂


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