Megan's Law: Sex Offenders in Our Midst

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With the Sandusky trial uppermost in the news and  recent pro-pedophilia comments   to “Pedophilia -Time to Normalize?  orginally posted on FOTM last August,  the following  information is provided as a public service.  I suggest you bookmark the Family Watchdog website and share it as widely as possible.
Check out the Family Watchd0g website.  It provides a Searchable/Map to identify the location of registered sex offenders who may live in your neighborhood.  I live within a mile of elementary, middle school and high school.  I just did a search and found the mugshot and case details of one individual convicted of indecent exposure who lives next door to a Christian Teen Center about 3 blocks from the high school. 

offender counts

This list contains the actual number of offenders that are publicly viewable in the official state registries.
state number of offenders population in thousands offenders per million
ALABAMA 9843 4631 2125.5
ALASKA 2945 700 4207.1
ARIZONA 4800 5230 917.8
ARKANSAS 5831 2750 2120.4
CALIFORNIA 65884 34441 1913
COLORADO 131 4468 29.3
CONNECTICUT 5506 3317 1659.9
DELAWARE 3244 800 4055
FLORIDA 57362 16279 3523.7
GEORGIA 63 8413 7.5
HAWAII 3339 1342 2488.1
IDAHO 3647 1480 2464.2
ILLINOIS 25736 12266 2098.2
INDIANA 11579 6215 1863.1
IOWA 5442 2941 1850.4
KANSAS 6489 2761 2350.2
KENTUCKY 481 4098 117.4
LOUISIANA 10905 4535 2404.6
MAINE 2921 1285 2273.2
MARYLAND 7953 5467 1454.7
MASSACHUSETTS 3497 6310 554.2
MICHIGAN 36835 9763 3772.9
MINNESOTA 256 5005 51.1
MISSISSIPPI 7072 2908 2431.9
MISSOURI 13784 5718 2410.6
MONTANA 2134 1006 2121.3
NEBRASKA 3848 1761 2185.1
NEVADA 3375 2070 1630.4
NEW HAMPSHIRE 2192 1281 1711.2
NEW JERSEY 34 8392 4.1
NEW MEXICO 2680 2016 1329.4
NEW YORK 19839 18250 1087.1
NORTH CAROLINA 18692 8227 2272
NORTH DAKOTA 456 677 673.6
OHIO 19580 11428 1713.3
OKLAHOMA 7181 3491 2057
OREGON 690 3613 191
PENNSYLVANIA 11866 12281 966.2
RHODE ISLAND 478 1012 472.3
SOUTH CAROLINA 11557 4033 2865.6
SOUTH DAKOTA 2966 810 3661.7
TENNESSEE 18482 5966 3097.9
TEXAS 68680 21487 3196.4
UTAH 7269 2411 3014.9
VERMONT 1419 638 2224.1
VIRGINIA 18646 7324 2545.9
WASHINGTON 6424 6258 1026.5
WEST VIRGINIA 3413 1849 1845.9
WISCONSIN 20708 5479 3779.5
WYOMING 1542 568 2714.8


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0 responses to “Megan's Law: Sex Offenders in Our Midst

  1. Reblogged this on OyiaBrown.

  2. I agree Watchdog can be a good tool for keeping children safe. At the same time, the term “sex offender” is used to cover such a wide variety of crimes that it can make it seem like there is a creepy pedophile around every corner. A former youth group member of mine was arrested at age 18 for having sex with his 15 year old girlfriend. They are now both in their 20s and still together. He is on the sex offender list for his crime, though I don’t for a second think that he is a danger to my children or anyone elses. I know that there are others on the list who have similar stories. Somehow it doesn’t seem fair to linken them with grown adults hurting little children.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Criminal behavior often escalates over time. Today’s indecent exposure may be child molestation or worse next year. Half a mile in the opposite direction is a 29 year old man convicted of 3rd degree child rape. In my opinion, he should never have been released from prison. If they’re living in my neighborhood, I want to know!

      • Sorry, but you’re incorrect. Almost all research on this subject indicates that people who have committed non-contact crimes will NOT go on to commit a contact crime. This is a myth. Do you even know what the legal definition of a “child” is? Anyone under 18. Do you know when the actual crime occurred? No, the only thing listed is the conviction date. The registry is designed to SCARE you, not make you aware. This “3rd degree child rape” could very likely be a case of consensual teenage sex. And even if it’s not, how does the registry protect you from the people who simply haven’t been caught yet? Recidivism rates for sex offenders are in the single digits, and 96% of sex crimes are committed by people who AREN’T ON THE REGISTRY. I mean honestly, you use Jerry Sandusky as the reason for checking the registry… do you understand that he WAS NOT ON IT?

        • We can hardly expect truth from a commenter whose blog is called
          I have morning chores to do, so I’ll just respond to one of your spurious claims — that “recidivism rates for sex offenders are in the single digits.”
          To begin, the word “recidivism” must be defined. What “recidivism” means here is NOT a sex offender returning to commit sex offenses. The word as used here refers only to the RE-ARREST of an individual who was previously arrested and convicted of a sex crime — which means whatever statistics we have do not pertain to all the sex offenders who still commit sex crimes but have not been caught doing so.
          According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics in 2003 which:
          “present for the first time, data on the rearrest, reconviction, and reimprisonment of 9,691 male sex offenders, including 4,295 child molesters, who were tracked for 3 years after their release from prisons in 15 States in 1994. The 9,691 are two-thirds of all the male sex offenders released from prisons in the United States in 1994. The study represents the largest followup ever conducted of convicted sex offenders following discharge from prison and provides the most comprehensive assessment of their behavior after release.
          Within 3 years following their release, 5.3% of sex offenders (men who had committed rape or sexual assault) were rearrested for another sex crime. Compared to non-sex offenders released from State prisons, released sex offenders were 4 times more likely to be rearrested for a sex crime.”

        • lowtechgrannie

          Shana, I am for every avenue and device, however incomplete or imperfect, that protects people from sexual predators. Why aren’t you?

  3. did you know that sex offenders can come off the list if they have been clean for 10 years ( meaning not caught yet ). I have a sexual offender right down the street and asked the police about him being removed, and that’s what they told me.

  4. Alaska has the highest count of sex offenders per million in the population, at 4207.1 — which means for every 1,000,000 Alaskans, 4,207 are sex offenders.
    I wonder why? Someone should do a statistical analysis of this state sex offenders data, to see what the correlates are.

  5. I was going to add that some of those states are ridiculously low. 129 in Colorado? 34 in New Jersey? As Tony Soprano would say… “fuggedaboudit” that shows a lack of enforcement….and I know for a fact that some states, especially in the deep south – have ridiculously draconian laws and enforcement, with boatloads of “sex offenders” who were teenagers having sex with two year younger girlfriends or worse, someone caught skinnydipping or sunbathing in what they thought was private or at least private-ish.

  6. Before you rush to check the registry… please remember that Jerry Sandusky was not on it. The registry is chock full of many non-dangerous people… including children (yes, your precious registry publicly humiliates children and teens). 96% of sex crimes are committed by people who are not on the registry (link:
    The recidivism rates for sex offenders are in the single digits (
    Please remember that most sex offenders have families and children of their own. They deserve just as much safety and privacy as anyone else.


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