Meet Willie, the toilet-paper roller-upper!

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Any cat can roll down toilet paper, but Willie the cat is the champ.

He rolls downs, then re-rolls up the paper! LOL

H/t FOTM’s swampygirl



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  2. LOL, well guess what, my cat rolls both ways! Seriously though, this cat can destroy a roll of tissue so that it is unrecognizable, and I dont’ care if it is backward or forward. He bites it until it is in shreds. He was definitely mis-named. It should be “Shredder”. I took large coffee containers, covered them in sdoemthing pleasing to look at and cut a hole in the lid and put the roll in there. If I don’t it has to be kept in an inconvenient place out of my reach. Beethoven is also a supervising busybody who talks a lot.

  3. Aw I saw one of the other videos of Willy on this same page, and it’s a shame he has to have hhis eye out. What a sweet kitty. He is hilarious too.

  4. I have a number of rescue kittys, and it is so good to see Willy is so loved.

  5. Too funny!

  6. 🙂

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this cute post! I have a cat like Willy, but he doesn’t care to roll the toilet paper back up. He is thrilled to make holes all over the toilet tissue as much as possible and then he shreds it. He was a baby stray cat hiding under a rock in the yard of a day care center. Our friend brought him to us. He is a riot! We call him, “Jimmy Boots,” because he has little white booties on his little paws, but long black hair everywhere else. He makes us laugh, just like Willy made us laugh. What would we do without our sweet little fur children, our creatures without sin?

    Willy looks like our Poo-Poo-Head Michael II. He sits on the toilet seat while I comb my hair and waits for me to use his brush to comb him. Anyway, they are so funny!

  8. Alright Willy,seen cats UN-roll but not roll it back up.


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