Meet "Naughty Nora"

Sorry guys, it’s not what you think…

Schoolboy, 12, slips into mum’s bra and dress… and is crowned Britain’s youngest DRAG QUEEN

12 year old "Naughty Nora"

A 12-year schoolboy is celebrating after being crowned Britain’s youngest drag queen. Redvers Stoke thought he had no chance when he entered the prestigious annual drag queen competition in his home village of Sticker, Cornwall.

But he decided to give it a go and slipped on his mother Georgie’s bra and a tight pink slinky dress, a wig, and towering heels. Redvers then, face full of make-up, took to the stage and enchanted judges with country and western songs and own drag persona – Naughty Nora. He belted out versions of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and a string of Dolly Parton hits.
The schoolboy won the competition to the shock of his farm worker parents, Georgie and Matthew, both 43, and must now perform Drag Queen duties in Sticker for the next year.  Redvers is now is such demand he frequently performs as Naughty Nora for functions and events in the village.
He said: “When I heard about the drag queen competition I was desperate to enter. I’ve always been open to new things. I’m the only boy in my school choir and it doesn’t bother me. I’ve got friends who are boys and girls and they think it’s really cool when I dress up. My best friends at school even know how to put my make up on. They always come over before I have a function and do my nails and eyelashes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, I think it’s really funny.  I might like dressing up in women’s clothes but I still like girls. It’s just a little hobby of mine.
Redvers began dressing in women’s clothes before he started primary school. But his first foray into the drag queen world was at the Sticker fete last month when he competed against men almost three times his age. Hilariously, Redvers squeezed into a tight dress, padded his mother’s bra with toilet paper and wore a black wig. The judges were so impressed he was crowned Carnival Drag Queen.
Since then, Redvers has been performing his drag queen duties by attending events in Sticker in full costume – and has bought a blonde wig for his Naughty Nora outfit.

Proud parents

Mother Georgie said: “I couldn’t be more proud of Redvers, he is so popular and entertaining. We did worry at the beginning about whether it was right for him to segregate himself but we decided to let him get on with it. He is totally happy and it is so funny to see him dressed up. His Naughty Norma routine is very convincing and he was so delighted when he won. It’s like he morphs into this alter ego when he dresses up as her, he just bubbles with humour and creativity. He becomes a real diva. He had always been very popular and just loves being the center of attention.”
Redvers is a keen singer and practices his favourite Michael Jackson songs at home, as well as country and western tunes. Father Matthew added: “We think it’s hilarious.”
Just curious, did he come up with the persona name “Naughty Nora” all by himself? 
I got news for Redvers, you may like girls but I doubt there are many girls that would like a boy who dresses up prettier than they do!

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Just. Wrong. If I had a son I would not find this a damn bit amusing.

Clifton Lee West

Redvers has a long life to live, I hope, and I think this phase will grow old, fast as he heads to adulthood. People who are not aware of this may assume that he is gay and nothing could be further from the truth. There is something not quite normal in his outlook, however, and he needs to address it himself, because it is his life, or was, until he chose to go public. Now, his life is up for grabs for anyone to mangle if he isn’t very, very clever and fast on his feet!


I can’t believe it, had to look twice at the pictures to really understand it was true. This planet is weirder by the minute, everyday. Am I becoming “old fashioned” to think this is outrageous?

Dr. Eowyn


Kathy Lundgren
Kathy Lundgren

I think that in England, there is a long tradition of men dressing as women as a comic element of theatre. I know it’s easy to “be disgusted” by this, but it may actually be very harmless. Just a thought. I am much more concerned that the kids I worked with in a city high school here in the states last year don’t have working water fountains (I think it’s because the pipes have lead?) Let’s not put others down so much, but rather work to lift up others.


Redvers is preparing for his future membership in the Bohemian Club.