Meet Nano, a transspecies woman who says she's a cat

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Nano is a 20-year-old Norwegian woman who claims she has a “genetic defect” because she was born the wrong species. You see, Nano is really a cat.
In an interview with reporter Silje Ese in a shopping mall, Nano walks around with an artificial white tail tucked under her coat, and hisses at a passing dog.
Nano claims she can hear and see things that humans can’t, like the sound of keys clinking in people’s pockets, and seeing in the dark. She meows and purrs. She hates water, and “washes” her face with her hands in big pink mittens. At home, she walks around on all fours, sleeps in the sink and on windowsills.
Nano has a male friend named Svein who, although not born a cat like Nano, has multiple personalities, one of which is a cat. They meow at each other.

So, should society start calling Nano a cat and give it a big litter box to pee and poop in?
Why not? She says she’s one!
Just as this male transvestite, with penis and testicles, says he’s really a woman.
Bruce call-me-Caitlyn Jenner
Why are we discriminating against Nano the transspecies, but go along with Caitlyn the transgender’s delusion? As Hillary Clinton says, “What difference does it make?”

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0 responses to “Meet Nano, a transspecies woman who says she's a cat

  1. At least she has a part that Caitlyn wants …….l.m.a.o.

  2. If I were an alien visiting this planet, I’d dig out a very large can of “Raid”. Talk about an experiment gone wrong – this planet is F****D Up!

  3. She has a genetic defect alright….it’s called mental delusion. Stop the madness!!!

  4. well now if closing one’s eyes and praying it away does not work, one could try napalm, lobotomy or microwave gun. but alas akin to the train going to the extermination camps, it was always easier to play the organ louder and sing louder to drown out the train whistle, “oh God I pray I am not next”. these subhuman anomalies are because God is now in second place in the church. the faith of worship hoopla and saint acknowledgement will burn like hay and stubble. Hold on to your hats folks the antichrist is putting out his best legal manifestations. the mark of the beast has already been placed on the hands and heads, it has been since the foundation of the world. What does one do with the hand? work. What does one do with head? think. so great a riddle in plain sight, soon it will be visible manifestation. The relationship with Christ or the work for the religion of government.

  5. that girl looks just like one of my nutty old students. Maybe it IS her!

  6. Only the most attention seeking cats wear eyeliner.

  7. This is absurd & ridiculous pandering to a delusional lard-ass who wants the state to support her forever & a day.
    She’s so full of –it and herself she’s not even a good faux cat! At 1:05 she claims it’s cat instinct that causes her to hiss at a passing dog, BUT many cats –including ours– do NOT behave that way. She’s just acting out her delusion.
    She needs meds more than cat food!

  8. You have to wonder what happened in her childhood that influenced his current behavior. Was she the last one always picked for the team, was she always ignored and is seeking attention, or is she punking everyone or is this a ploy to stay on social services and never having to work?
    And why hasn’t her family tried to get her some counseling? Holiday dinners must be a hoot with her around.

    • Back in the day, she’d be heavily medicated and wearing a “love-me-jacket”. Today, she’s a celebrity.
      This world is due for a serious douching… Noah’s flood is becoming quite understandable.

  9. OH, GREAT…I already have “transgender-bound” kids in my MIDDLE school history class who cross-dress/cross-groom (who, BTW…cause daily ENDLESS disruption b/c I have them immediately after lunch…so they bring their daily lunch-time LOVE dramas into my classroom—have to sit in the hallway and sulk for 10 minutes b/c they made advances that were “rejected” during lunch—please include in your visualization of this scenario the fact that the other sympathetic classmates want to hang out in the hall, while the bell is ringing to begin class, to comfort him/her….especially the one whose mother just married another woman who had surgery to become a man ……and the other one who has two mothers–& calls them “co-parents”. ) Lately, I can’t start my history class with them anything short of 10 minutes after the late bell…so much garbage to take care of/calm down, and wrestle/soothe into getting down to HISTORY class….(they are ONLY 6th graders! Can you imagine the next 2 years to follow for middle school with them??????)
    …..I suppose I should haul in the litter boxes for this next WAVE of madness that will CERTAINLY reach even way down to middle school next….

    • I have empathy for you and that mess. I have spoke with people around the country and their children are doing the same things. Like it’s the cool thing to do right now. They are experimenting and raising doubts to their sexuality. A few have finally stopped. Let us hope this is a passing fad and rights itself soon.

  10. Sorry-I’m still laughing.trying to visualize Cal-lady “sleeping in a sink or on a window ledge”. Also wondering if her “roomie” cleans her litter-box or does SHE handle that.

  11. Let’s make that “CAT-LADY”. Where’s my “Spell-Check” when I need it? (I have to work fast to get a comment in before the ‘puter freezes up again.)

  12. A Chinaman should give her a one-way ticket to China. They really love cats there – roasted on a plate.
    But truly, cat-girl should have hair transplants to the sides of her upper mouth area. And when well rooted she’ll have to have a daily procedure using hot wax on a sable brush to brush each whisker to keep it out straight, like Salvador Dali’s moustache.
    Next, she will need facial bone reconstruction and plastic surgery, flattening her nose and removing her chin and pulling the whole area forwards. Then plastic surgery on her ears to make them pointed. After all those procedures it will give her greater credibility as a feline. Who knows, Hollyweird may offer her a part in their forthcoming Mouse and the Pussycat film, as the mouse-catcher.
    Or, on the other hand, some deep psychotherapy sessions would be in order.

  13. I don’t care what anyone says—no one will ever beat Julie Newmar as the Cat Woman!

  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. I agree with you that this woman’s claim to be a cat is no more ridiculous than the male with all of his male parts declaring himself to be truly a woman.

  15. I’ll bet she is the only Cat that eats pizza!


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