Meet Maine’s New No-Nonsense Governor!

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His name is Paul LePage.

If you haven’t heard about this guy before, you will not forget him now!

Maine’s new governor, Paul LePage, is making New Jersey ‘s Chris Christie look like an enabler. He isn’t afraid to say what he thinks, and the people of Maine like it. Every time he opens his mouth, his popularity goes up.

He brought down the house at his inauguration when he shook his fist toward the media box and said, “You’re on notice! I’ve inherited a financially-troubled state to run. Observe…cover what we do…but don’t whine if I don’t waste time responding to your every whim for your amusement.”

Paul Richard LePage, 62, is a Republican. He was previously mayor of Waterville from 2003 to 2011, and a city councilor before that. From 1996 to 2011, he worked in the private sector as general manager of the 14-store discount chain, Marden’s Surplus and Salvage.

The oldest son of 18 children, LePage grew up speaking French in an impoverished home with what he has described as an abusive father.At age 11, he left home and lived on the streets of Lewiston, seeking shelter wherever he could find it, including in horse stables and at a “strip joint”.After spending roughly two years homeless, he began to earn a living shining shoes. At 13, he worked washing dishes at a café and hauling boxes for a truck driver. He later worked at a rubber company, a meat-packing plant, and was a short order cook, and bartender.

During his campaign for Governor, he was talking to commercial fishermen who are struggling because of federal fisheries rules. They complained that Obama brought his family to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park for a long Labor Day holiday and found time to meet with union leaders, but wouldn’t talk to the fishermen. LePage replied, “I’d tell him to go to hell and get out of my State.” The liberal media crucified LePage, but he jumped 6 points in the pre-election poll.

The Martin Luther King incident was a political sandbag that brought him national exposure.

The NAACP had asked LePage to spend MLK Day visiting black inmates at the Maine State Prison. He told them that he would meet with all inmates, regardless of race, if he were to visit the prison. The NAACP balked and then put out a news release claiming falsely that he refused to participate in any MLK events. He read it in the paper for the 1st time the next morning while being driven to an event and went ballistic because none of the reporters had called him for comment before running the NAACP release.

He arrived at that event and said in front of a TV camera, “If they want to play the race card on me they can kiss my ass.” Then he reminded them that he has an adopted black son from Jamaica and that he attended the local MLK Breakfast every year that he was mayor of Waterville.

He then stated that there’s a right way and a wrong way to meet with the Governor, and he put all special interests on notice that press releases, media leaks, and all demonstrations would prove to be the wrong way. He said any other group that acted like the NAACP could expect to be at the bottom of the Governor’s priority list!

Next, LePage took on Maine’s state employees union.

During the last blizzard, LePage waited until 3 p.m. before closing state offices and facilities, and sending non-emergency personnel home. The state employees union complained bitterly. The previous governor would often close offices for the day with just a blizzard before the first flakes even fell. Each time the state closes for snow, it costs the taxpayers about $1 million in wages for no work in return.

LePage noted that many retail shops are open, despite the blizzard. As he put it: “If Marden’s is open, Maine is open!” Then he spoke common sense to the state employees: “We live in Maine in the winter, for heaven’s sake, and should know how to drive in it. Otherwise, apply for a State job in Florida!”

Governor LePage symbolizes what America needs: Plain-speaking politicians who aren’t self-serving and who have common sense!

H/t my dear friend Bill O.


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24 responses to “Meet Maine’s New No-Nonsense Governor!

  1. Seeing more and more people like this step up and refuse to bow to special interests gives me hope. Always lovely to see some common sense. God bless him and his family.

  2. God Bless this man! You have alot of work to do Mr. LePage,America needs more men like you.

  3. Ya gotta love this guy and his direct honesty. Hooray at last!!

    Speaking French as a child? Maybe he’s from that region that was Quebec for a long time before it was assimilated? For sure they are VERY strong-spirited people on both sides of the border there. And yes, deep Winter people get tough enough or get gone! He’s definitely got the “can do!” spirit of a self-employed idiot such as myself has been fifty years now.

  4. Refreshing….love it!

  5. the naacp has deevolved into a hate group consisting of racists and bigots

  6. Do any of you know who wrote this article, and if it was published, where and when?

    Being a Maine Conservative and Tea Party Activist, we’re pretty proud of our new Governor. It’s really refreshing to be able to describe the consortium running our State now as an “Administration” rather than an organized criminal Syndicate only posing as a legitimate government, as it has been for lo these many past years now.

    This article pretty much confirms my sense that while our Governor’s off-the-cuff, spontaneous and certainly controversial remarks over his tenure thus far have shocked, appalled, and outraged the PC media, academic intelligentsia, coastal Yuppie hoity-toitty types as well as Portland’s howling Moonbat populations, the average Maine tax paying working stiff like our Truck Drivers and Fishermen just loved ’em to pieces.

    After all of the political correctness and public tip-toeing around to keep from “offending” anyone which we have had to endure for so many years, his blunt honesty and direct style was both delightful and refreshing.
    It was a little astonishing that anyone in his position would have the unmitigated Chutzpah to let fly at his antagonists like he did, but it was a hoot and he said a lot of things that we have been thinking for some time now.

    Of course he seems to have learned that a Governor is expected to practice a modicum of diplomacy – especially when the cameras are rolling – since those early, heady days…. but in my humble estimation, for every delicate, “progressive” ego whom he offended out there, he has earned the affection and respect of a lot of us common garden variety Mainahs.

    4G&C ~ “Jaque” Clarke

    • Jacque,

      The article is a combination of info I found on LePage on Wikipedia and an e-mail that was forwarded to me. The author of the e-mail is unknown.

    • Jacque, I have a “friend” in the Portland “howling Moonbat” area of Maine. He claims to be a Christian, while living in a way that is quite contrary to the Gospel. Being unaware of Maine politics when my “friend” started posting smears about him on Facebook, my first response was, “Hey, this guy is probably one of us!” Thank you to you and Dr. Eowyn for confirming my hopes.

  7. good for him we need more of his kind, God bless him, and may God bless America

  8. guys like him are too good to be’s hard to find any politician that is not on the make or talking out of the side of their mouth (so to speak)..excuse me for being critical..except for the fact that every politician says what he thinks YOU want to’s really that simple..
    i have to admit..not closing down a govt office in a blizzard was a real shocker!!
    if he is genuine…i’m happy he is ‘republican’…

  9. america needs men like this god bless him and his family

  10. You mean the guy who won an election with 38% of the vote? Meaning that 62% of the voters did not want him as governor.
    This is the governor who, after receiving ONE anonymous complaint by fax, removed a mural, depicting LABOR history in the state, from the lobby of the LABOR DEPARTMENT! His reason was that it was offensive to business. Tough, it’s the Labor Department, not the Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps, if business had treated employees with dignity and respect in the past, there would have never been a need to paint such a mural.
    Mainers will rectify the problem in 2012, and he will be proclaimed Former Governor !

    • Not to rub salt in yr wounds, but here we Kanada we’re stuck w/the same lop-sided BS and have to suffer governance under minority Parliaments and Legislative Assemblies. Both our nations would be far better represented if we had effective proportional representation, as was worked out long ago in Europe. If they can do it, so can we! We need ALL points of view expressed in government, so that issues can move to a resolution that at least approximates a majority of what THE PEOPLE want, not what a handful of corporations and banksters want. That’s how we got in our current international mess.

    • Les Finesse, I hate to disappoint your Commie ass, but somehow you failed to “rectify the problem” in 2012. Paul LePage is still your governor! No problem! Just chillax, head down to your medical marijuana dispensary, buy yourself a gallon of milk and a table full of girl scout cookies, and wait for the mother ship.

  11. @Les Finesse…..Judging by the positive comments given to this Governor and the thumbs down that your comment has received , I’d say you have your work cut out for you so good luck with that !

  12. God bless you govenor LePage there should be more people like you in the white house.

    • “More people”, Kathiann, I mean, are there any?
      I understand yr feelings and gave you a thumbs up, but as far as I can see, it would be a miracle if we live to see even one such installed!

  13. I know that Governor LePage has to be a good guy because my wingnut sister in Portland hates him passionately. Another great thing he did was to get the Communist wall murals out of a state building despite the liberal horror.

  14. I wonder if we could clone this guy? We could use another 50 or so!! This is the kind of man we need for president. Kick ass and take names.!!!!

  15. Hey Les you wouldn’t be a SEIU leader would you?????

  16. Lets see… The Turnpike debacle, Maine Housing ounds like he kickin’ ass and takin’ names to me!

  17. Lets see… The Turnpike debacle, Maine Housing Authority, DHHS, sounds like he kickin’ ass and takin’ names to me!
    Sorry, Didn’t post right the first time!

  18. Maine’s Governor LePage has disappointed citizens who are knowledgeable regarding education history. He called me the day before his inauguration to ask my opinion regarding school choice and charter schools. I explained to him that a charter school is a public school and that the only difference between charter schools and traditional public schools is that charter schools have no elected school boards. In other words, taxpayers have no say one way or the other regarding what goes on in a charter school. We fought the Revolutionary War over the issue of “taxation without representation”. The Governor replied “Well, we’ll have to do something about that.” To which I responded “If you do, you will be right back where we are now, with a traditional public school.”

    I worked hard to get LePage elected. I am very disappointed by his allowing himself to be co-opted by the Trotskyite neoconservative Heritage Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Obama Administration in their push for tax-supported PRIVATE education. The goal of the aforementioned groups is a “global planned economy” using charter schools and choice for polytechnical workforce training, a la Cuba, China, Russia, and socialist countries around the globe.
    Any form of school choice, other than the traditional school choice, whereby parents PAY the tuition out of their own pockets, is extremely dangerous and will lead to the death of private education and will bring the USA closer to a totalitarian society/planned economy.

    • As one who has taught at senior HS and college levels, I can state from experience that yours are extremely intelligent comments, and I cannot add anything. I’m w/you 150%, so to speak!


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