Henri, existentialist philosopher extraordinaire

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Ever heard of the Internet Cat Film Festival?

Me, neither!

The Daily Mail reports that on August 31, 2012, at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, over 10,000 cat lovers came out in full force to see “Henri 2, Paw de Deux” beat thousands of popular Internet feline videos to win the coveted Golden Kitty award.

Narrated in French with English sub-titles, “Henri 2” stars a black-and-white existentialist cat named, of course, Henri, who languishingly but philosophically ponders the absurdity of his existence. Here are some of Henri’s  world-weary but sage observations with which we mere humans can all identify:

“I am free to go. Yet I remain”

“I alone feel this torment”

“I wake to the same tedium”

“We cannot escape ourselves”

and, with soul-searing poignancy,

“I’m surrounded by morons”

The Thoughts of Henri

Well, I am still here. I have grown my fluffy coat for the cold winter, like a Tsar’s robe. It requires a certain delicate maintenance.

I am free to go. Yet I remain. The 15 hours a day I sleep have no effect. I wake to the same tedium. Immortalized on the wall. Forgotten on the floor.

When my caretakers step here they become irate. Yet I feel nothing. They leave tasty snacks just out of reach. They taunt me mercilessly. I alone feel this torment. The white idiot writhes on his chair, begging for cheeseburgers. I’m surrounded by morons. “Pay attention to the cat.” Not that they ever do.

Still, I have learned a few things. The whipped cream in the bathroom isnot whipped cream. We cannot escape ourselves. And sometimes the cat door . . . is closed.

Read more about the Internet Cat Film Festival here.


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0 responses to “Henri, existentialist philosopher extraordinaire

  1. More sensible than any of Michael Moore’s rantings.

  2. I love love love this. Long live Henri

  3. Straight out of Sartre! I must choose.

  4. Nihilism, kitty style! I love it!

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn!!!! What a riot!!! I love the expressions on his face!!! Superb!!!


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