Meet Belgium's new Minister of Health!

Among several dictionary definitions of the word “irony” are these:

5. an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.
6. the incongruity of this.

Two days ago, on Oct. 11, 2014, at the Royal Palace in Brussels, Maggie De Block was sworn in as Belgium’s new Minister of Social Affairs and Health.

Maggie de Block, Health Minister

Maggie de Block, Health Minister

Oh, the irony. The irony.
Belgium’s new center-right government took office on Saturday, promising to raise the retirement age and slash costs by about 8 billion euros ($10 billion) to balance the national budget by 2018 and cut the country’s debt. (Source: Reuters)
52-year-old De Block entered politics in 1999 when she was elected a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives for the electoral district Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde.
She had studied medicine at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and was a general practitioner for 25 years.
Double the irony!
H/t RebelMouse

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0 responses to “Meet Belgium's new Minister of Health!

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Ive started following… looking forward to reading some more posts from you!

  2. I love Belgium and want to return for another extended visit. But this lady isn’t a very good representative of “healthy living”. She’s had way too many French fries.

  3. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.

  4. Picture of Health? I guess she didn’t get the memo…, NOT!

  5. the timeline doesn’t make sense. article ws a waste of my time. Lert’s all have a big laugh at the expense of a heavy person

    • Who’s laughing? This post points out the irony — the incongruity — of a morbidly obese (stop using the euphemism of “heavy”!) woman being appointed a country’s minister of health. If you don’t find her appointment incongruous with the meaning of “health,” then you have your head buried in the sand.

      • Eowyn, I see what he means about the timeline.
        If she is 52 and entered politics in 1999, then she would be in politics 15 years right?
        Then it says she was a Dr for 25 years before that right.?
        So if you add up her 25 Dr years and 15 Pol years that’s 40
        What did she become a Dr at 12. 🙂
        Just saying I think that’s what he meant. The rest was rude.

      • I know, I am being cruel and unkind but Belgium’s new Minister of Health is bigger than Belgium. If Muslims take over Belgium, Omar the tentmaker could make a fortune selling an oversized burka..

    • Who’s laughing? I’m laughing! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Anyone who doesn’t see the sheer stupidity of this is not being honest with themselves, and that includes you. You sound like a hypocrite. Why not appoint a homeless man as Secretary of Finance? Why not select a gay, Muslim communist as president of a Christian nation? Oh, wait, we’ve done that. And look at the disastrous results.

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  7. Sad really. Why she would want to cast herself in such a hypocritical light is beyond me. She is obviously a smart woman and the irony of it can’t have escaped her. 😳

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  9. Well maybe we can borrow her to gobble up the Obamas? The irony of her appointment is near tragic to me. Well we know the PCness has no boundaries or weight restrictions.

  10. you never know if she is a conservative,she might be a good minister of health.and social affairs,she looks a lot better than our first lady!

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  12. OH MY GAWD!
    LOL – Quick, somebody grab a harpoon! 😉

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  14. Holy cow!

  15. Well, they gave her that job after she failed the test for Minister of Stealth.

  16. She’s the Anti-Michelle! I can just imagine her version of a School Lunch Program…… Super-Size everything!
    All kidding aside, I hope she takes her new responsibilities seriously and adopts a healthier lifestyle.

  17. There.’s plenty of irony associated with Belgium’s legalisation of abortion, and how the Pope pandered to the Belgian monarch.
    Ministry of Health? unless you are a fetus. Not unlike the irony of our country’s largest abortionist calls itself Planned parenthood. Planned Infanticide is more like it.
    Sorry if I’m off topic.

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  19. I don’t see the irony in this. Her personal circumstances don’t mean she can’t be good at her job. I don’t know this woman, but despite her appearance she might still be a good politician and be better suited for the job than any other, more attractive candidate. A bit like saying a car mechanic can’t be trusted to repair Ferraris because he drives a Fiat.

    • No, it’s actually a lot more like deciding whether you want to go to a car mechanic who never, ever, changes the oil in his own car. She might be “good at her job.” She is not, however, good at following the advice she’ll presumably be giving.

  20. There are a few exceptions with some having glandular issues. In most cases, obesity comes from overeating, not eating the correct foods, not exercising and being sedentary. I look upon this as selling a product. We should present ourselves, that reflects our products well. For instance, I like Mary Kay Cosmetics, but my MK Lady always looks nicely dressed, wears the products she sells perfectly, and smells nice too. How seriously would a 400 pound dietician be taken, if she was instructing others how to eat healthy foods for optimum health? The same applies to a Minister of Health. The one that Belgium has, does not reflect health or a person who takes care of her body. She may talk the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. My comments are not intended, in any way, to be disparaging. Leeann


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