Media whores conceal empty seats at Obama rally

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Yesterday was the official start of Obama’s re-election campaign. The chosen site was a sports stadium at Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus.
Even before he arrived, the slavish MSM were in over drive. ABC News reported Saturday morning that the Obama 2012 campaign expected “overflow” crowds.
Mark Landler of The New York Times was at OSU. He likened the rally to “a concert by an aging rock star” and described how “The crowd of 14,000 supporters erupted into cheers and chants of ‘Four more years!’”
Here’s the New York Times‘ photo of the OSU campaign rally:

Wow, what a jam-packed stadium! Impressive, isn’t it?
What the New York Times didn’t tell you is this:
The picture is deceptive. Only 70% of the stadium’s 20,000 seats were occupied. To make the rally appear more attended than it was, event organizers moved people from the stage’s surrounding seats to the arena’s floor to depict a better crowd to television cameras.
Luckily, Mitt Romney’s deputy press secretary Ryan Williams was in the audience at the OSU rally, and tweeted another view of the same stadium:

Source: Buzzfeed

That’s why we call them Media Whores.

H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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0 responses to “Media whores conceal empty seats at Obama rally

  1. lowtechgrannie

    A picture is worth a thousand words. The reality of 2012 bears no resemblance of the “hope and change” promised in 2008.

  2. Why is the SRM so deceptive? And stupid?
    They really insult our intelligence while making fools of themselves.

  3. Well, at least the utterly corrupt Marxist State Media is consistent.

  4. Great catch, Dr. Eowyn!
    The hordes of orcs must have been busy elsewhere.

  5. Mad Angel on FB

    I commented on a FB post yesterday, the way CNN’s been showing it, it looked like a Ron Paul rally 😉

  6. this is the best video,feel good video of the week. ROFL!! even fox did not mention the half empty stadium they are owned also. Can you imagine the opportunities there will be for media and journalists when all the smoke clears and this nightmare is finally straightened out?? It will be awhile but none of what we have now will be here. They will be serving prison sentences.

  7. Thank you Tina and Dr. Eowyn for this great post! I like the name, “media whores,” for they are doing the king’s bidding as opposed to telling the truth! They king’s orcs are somewhere else, or maybe they don’t exist at all!

  8. i just watched “the return of the king” last night must be about the 7th or 8th viewing still worth watching… i remember a similar scenario when obama met the troops in afghanistan back in 2008 or 9 and the picture his media people released showed a hangar full of us troops in reality a picture shot by one of the soldiers showed a empty hangar with around 500 soldiers crowded in the middle facing the podium. this picture was posted on obama the king of lies. lets send him to the unemployment office come this november..

  9. Julio Masdiaz

    The Honeymoon is OVER! The leftist media establishment is protecting their golden boy and I got news for them America is sick of him. Empty stadiums are in his future and like a good little Communist that he is, soon they’ll start busing to Revolution Park to hear their leader layout Americas demise.

  10. There’s a video on Ulsterman showing President Obama arriving on Airforce One and coming out of the plane door without Moochelle, by mistake apparently, because he had to turn around and go back and get her. I think the article is called something like “if only I had a brain dance”. It has to be on the same day as the rally since she has on that same blue dress. Putin was inaugurated today and he issued seven decrees or orders, and one was about the missile defense shield that is due to start on phase one, May 20th the first day of the Chicago summit. There will be a couple of empty seats there too I think, because unless President Obama decides to guarantee that his shield will not endanger Russia then the Russian’s will not be there and they have already said they are not going to allow this to go further than phase one without that guarantee.
    Did he mention anything during his rally about this?
    What was he rallying for? What does FORWARD have to do with anything? Perhaps it’s a spelling mistake and the placards should read FOR WHAT? or FOR WAR?
    I bet someone’s getting heat over in his campaign HQ.
    Seriously, between him and Hillary, after that picture of her in Bangladesh, give me a KitKat.


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