Media still hiding the truth about black racist thugs

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2 arrested after violent attack on Boston Common

Teens accused in attack appeared in court Friday

BOSTON —Two teenagers are arrested after a violent attack on two people walking on Boston Common.
“All different parts of my body and head are hurt,” the female victim, who didn’t want to be identified, said.
The 27-year-old has deep cuts, bruises and bumps.
Her 23-year-old male friend, who didn’t want to be identified, has a black eye, bloody wounds and a terrifying story of the random, violent attack on Boston Common.
“They didn’t stop hitting me,” the man said. “I didn’t do anything. I was just talking with my friend.”
The pair was headed to the Park Street Station at 9:30 p.m. Thursday when the attack began in clear view of bystanders.
The pair said a group of 20 teenagers went after them.
“I felt like it was part of the Knockout Game,” the woman said. “Because they were just punching him unprovoked and they weren’t trying to take anything from him.”
The woman was able to take a photograph of the teens, and police were able to identify a 15-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy.

Okay everyone. Please help me to name the elephant in the room that all the reporters are ignoring. From the news footage it’s clear the victims are a young couple of asian descent. It has become typical for blacks to resent asians as much europeans. 
I am not blaming black people. I am blaming this bunch of black thugs. And I am blaming the media who are trying to cover up the truth.

For more on this troubling subject see FOTM’s Black Racism page and look at the links colored red.
H/t  – Dr. Eowyn

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0 responses to “Media still hiding the truth about black racist thugs

  1. this is what happens when you embolden ignorance…my sympathies to the couple and the present and future victims out there

  2. This is one point of many where I part company with the left and now also rand paul who said the other day he trusts the courts. Forget about any rationality from a Boston judge.
    The judge should have not only denied the thuglets bail, he (she or heshe) should have taken the parent(s) into custody and charged them too.
    The TV people are also not divulging the race of the attackers.
    The entire society is totally intimidated. The victims are also afraid of retribution. Time to call Loretta Lynch and burn down a few blocks of Boston.

  3. You will never….. repeat, never…… hear the lamestream media identify any of these gangs of thugs by race…… They’re always ‘youths’, or ‘students’….. ‘disaffected’, ‘angry’, ‘frustrated’ ….. all code words used to excuse their lawless behavior.
    But, if a black ‘youth’ happens to get killed while trying to kill someone else (particularly a police officer)….. Oh, my God…. the hue and cry about ‘injustice’ and ‘brutality’. Then they go digging for any photos of the ‘poor black child victim’ from years ago, when they could appear innocent and childlike.
    Face it….. the only reason O’Bunghole was elected was because he is dark skinned. The only reason Holder was designated AG was because he was black and pushed the Black Agenda (remember his statement about ‘his people’?). We are in the midst of the worst period of race relations in US history, and it’s all too easy to see why.
    Elections have consequences…….
    Better be prepared to lock ‘n’ load to protect your life and the lives of those you care about. It’s going to get nasty……

    • In this country, it was ALWAYS the responsibility of the individual to protect themselves, despite what the current LEFT would have you believe. This story, is the reason that my kids ALL carry a concealed hand gun, as soon as they were legally allowed to. ALL of them were trained YEARS ahead of the birthday (in their case 18th) that allowed them to carry. The world is just as if not more so dangerous as it ever was. They were taught to be prepared for it. God help the people that try and cross any of us, because we are sending them to God in quick order.

      • in today’s society people are being taught/trained to only need the government to protect them. Once we have given up our constitutional right to bear arms we will become just like every other country on the planet. Our 2nd Amendment Right is what stands us apart from the rest of the world.

  4. traildustfotm

    Gamblers look for a “tell” to know what is really going on. In this case, the “tell” was the over use of the word, “teens,” and the victim’s reference to the “knockout game.”
    If the story were told honestly, it would have said that a gang of about 20 black teenage thugs attacked a young couple of asian descent, motives assumed to be race hatred.

  5. off topic but kind of cool.
    Cops & Mayor doing their job

    • traildustfotm

      Yup, this is off topic, Ti. But considering the moment we live in, I don’t mind.

  6. Calling black thugs “teens” is the standard operating practice of the cowardly and cowering media. See all the examples I’d posted in the past by going to FOTM’s “Black Racism” page (look for the links colored red).
    By now, those Americans with a thinking head have long caught on to the media’s “teens” euphemism. They’re not fooled. Just read the readers’ comments on any news article about “teen” violence.

    • traildustfotm

      Wow! Thank you for the reminder Dr. Eowyn. I put your page link at end of this article.

  7. Lance Jackson

    I get so tired of this crap orchestrated by Marxist Zionist media controllers whose agenda is race war and the total destruction of the west
    I called wbz a couple of times to question why they refrained calling a spade a spade on a number of savage black on white attacks. I also asked why they never hesitate to report a perp being “white and hate motivated” if the victim is colored. I was put on hold told my call was being traced and called a Nazi racist for questioning


  9. I suppose everybody has seen on the news about the two police officers shot dead Sat. night during a routine traffic stop in Hattiesburg, Ms. This is approximately 68 miles from where I live. Four black thugs have been arrested, two of whom drove off in the police cruiser. Blood was still on the street Sunday morning. They were arrested after a manhunt. It has torn the small town apart. I am wondering if the new AG, Loretta Lynch will attend the funeral the way she did the funeral of Freddie Gray or if there will be representatives from the Obama Administration. I doubt it. I hope none of those arrested are hurt, have their necks broken, or put in a choke hold. If so, the town will probably be burned down.

  10. Funny, because when it is white low-life thugs, the commie-lib media keeps it on the front burner for days.


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