Media in Full-On Propaganda Mode

How's that "hopeandchange" working out?

From Oregon (and the Associated Press), a state (and “journalist outfit”) known to be 99.99% democrat:

Oregon unemployment rate hits lowest level since 2008

Wow! Good news!  Time to celebrate – woo hoo! Well, if you are not part of the 9.6% (or those no longer counted) unemployed:
The unemployment rate in Oregon has finally fallen below the double-digit mark. The Oregon Employment Department said Tuesday the seasonally adjusted jobless rate fell to 9.6 percent in April, the lowest rate since 9.2 percent in December 2008.

The rate had been hovering in the mid-10 percent range for about a year after hitting a high of 11.6 percent in June 2009. In April, the state added 1,600 jobs after a net loss of 2,000 jobs in March.
Governor John Kitzhaber (Democrat who is a career politician), said on Tuesday that the dip in unemployment and creation of about 16,000 jobs since he took office means Oregon’s economy is recovering.
He said when you look at the past year, Oregon ranks seventh in the nation for fastest job growth. Manufacturing showed strength by adding 700 jobs in April when a loss of 500 is typical for the month, while the leisure and hospitality sector gained 4,600 jobs when 1,600 is typical.
The growth this year has been all thanks to private sector jobs. Since December, Oregon has lost 1,600 government jobs. The state also revised the March jobless figure down slightly from 10 percent to 9.9 percent.
So let me get this straight: 1) The growth is “all thanks to private sector jobs” (sorry Obama and Biden) and 2) An unemployment rate that dropped .01% is an indication of a “recovery”?  Wow, this math is amazing! Something I never learned!  I hope this 9.9% or 9.6% or even 9.2% continues…because that is “hopeandchange” we can all believe in!
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9 years ago

yeah! damn good job Kitzhaber.{you yo-yo} dump him Oregon.