Media Ignores the Veterans March on President's Day

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On Presidents Day, the veterans and active duty military supporting Ron Paul massed at the Washington Monument to march in formation to the White House.  Regardless of which candidate you support, it was a very stirring event, with a prayer for their comrades who fell in combat and suicide — totally under-reported by the media that gushes over OWS scum.   One young active duty soldier traveled all the way from Alaska to participate.    Full Story here
Notice, they purposefully turn their backs on the White House as they pray for their comrades who died while serving under Commander In Chief Obama.

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0 responses to “Media Ignores the Veterans March on President's Day

  1. these are the real champions of the republic

  2. hmmm not a lot of diversity in that group looked pretty white. oh wait of course military veterans not government workers. i guess diversity only works for jobs in which you don’t have to do anything.

  3. A friend and I were just discussing. We believe there was great spiritual power in saints (we’re sure many were Christians) shouting as men of war “End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed!”. It was very powerful. Shouting like when the walls of Jericho fell down. The power of the Holy Spirit as they shouted — my friend and I registered spiritually as INCREDIBLE!! God’s Word does not return void. The FOUNDATIONS ARE SHAKING!! Good job, men of God!!

  4. I just wish the media and the american public would start listening!!!! It is time we as a nation wake up.

  5. Shows where the media’s loyalty belongs.

  6. The establishment media do their utmost to ignore Ron Paul. Gosh, I wonder why? :-/

  7. In watching the youtube videos and reading their blogs, it’s clear these veterans and enlisted personnel are very articulate about what they want and who they trust. Compare them to the rumblings of the OWS movement enraged because a free ride is not a Constitutional right.

  8. Little wonder the Dear Ruler is gutting the military, as they are a major obstacle to his plans.

    • Grouchy,
      I agree. An attack on Iran will be the comrade Dear Ruler’s Oktober surprise – especially of gas prices continue to climb and his poll numbers really start to sink.
      My concern is Iran might actually screw together a couple of working nukes well before then, and we all know what that would mean.
      What is truly sad is that most of the American sheeple will fall for it should he attack, as Americans do tend to rally around the POTUS in cases like this.
      I couldn’t help but notice on Drudge the plan to devise a way to “lock down” DC in the case of an “emergency.”
      I wonder who it is they are really afraid of, as I doubt it is some guy named Akhmed with a backpack.

    • Sage, you know what changed my mind about Ron Paul’s position of abolishing the War on Drugs? I watched the Ken Burns series, Prohibition. That movement, led by women and leftwingers, led to the greatest build-up of organized crime, graft and corruption in our history up to that time. It was the do-gooders of the left who pushed through the 18th Amendment. George HW Bush, the former CIA director and 41st president who signed the massive War on Drugs legislation. We’ve poured billions of dollars and countless lives down the War of Drugs rathole and the drug situation increases exponentially.

    • Totally agree Sage-
      there are reasons men are not emotional but women are. Most ppl think that Obama was stupid to pull this contraceptive issue out when he did, but I think he knew exactly what he was doing!
      A lot of women think it was a win for women’s rights. it will not be just left feminists that feel this way, but I believe that more right-wing, young women will see it this way too. He kept saying that the majority of Catholic women were using birth control. The youngest generation has grown up w/the pill thrown in their faces, and now a days girls are put on it all the time, by doctors, for hormonal reasons.
      They are not seeing it as a religious issue but as an attack on women’s rights. Most will believe that the Republicans want to take away contraception all together. All they hear is how it might affect them.

      • Sage-
        U are exactly right! And I do not understand it at all. Women are the Crown of Creation. Before the feminist came along women were respected and cherished. Isn’t that when everything started to go down hill? God created Man first……Woman second….both came together and created a child. God created each gender for a purpose and humans began to mess w/that and we started our decent. There was a reason that Satan seeked Eve out, not Adam….we need to remember that fact!


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