Media blackout: Email shows Google tried to help elect Clinton

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I saw this Monday night. And as predicted, the DNC-loving media are not reporting on Tucker’s story.

And who are the ones colluding?


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16 responses to “Media blackout: Email shows Google tried to help elect Clinton

  1. What was Google’s company motto?
    Oh yeah,
    “Don’t Be Evil.”

  2. Can anybody really be surprised? Ms. Screwtape is the Deep State’s girl. They love the way she struts in her pants suit before she breaks up the furniture. You couldn’t sell a plot like this to Hollywood.

  3. They can’t be bothered reporting on such such trivialities as election meddling by Hillary. They are too busy giddily claiming that President Trump is responsible for Hurricane Florence.

  4. Just so that people don’t come to forget what a despicable witch this woman is:

    I know we joke a lot about her being a witch. I do it too. But the truth is, she IS a witch. With all that implies. Slick Willy is a warlock. Anyone who has seen a recent photo of him can see that he is mouldering right in front of us.

    The only time I see “joy” in Ms. Screwtape’s eye is when she’s been involved in a killing.

    • She’s a B!TCH!!!!

      Twitter has suspended (not removed, yet) the account of Kris Paronto because he dared say something bad about Obama and Benghazi. He used the hashtag #nevergofullretard. I think they used that (“retard”) as an excuse that the word violates their TOS. They made him delete that tweet. I DESPISE Dorsey…

      • Of course. Think about how they’ve managed to get people dependent on these social media sites. Now they are censoring people and the owners of the sites are simply saying “hey, we’re not the government”.

        Pretty slick. The “cure” is to stop using them. If people want to communicate this way they have to develop their own.

  5. Here’s another. This is still “warm” enough to bring an indictment. Anybody want to wake up Jeff?

    Oh, I forgot. They’re friends.

    • Lophatt, the belief is that (((They))) (Live? lol) have him blackmailed into silence. He more than likely cannot resign because (((They))) will not let him.

      • I’m familiar with the theory. I’ll leave it there. I suppose I could say that, for whatever reason, we are carrying Israel’s water like never before and there is an obvious and ongoing “Intelligence/DoJ” coup that is continuing apace.

        Maybe some would argue with that. That’s how I see it. There are other problems as well but those are the major two that drive the rest. I find it hard to visualize him being held captive in the Whitehouse.

        I appreciate what he’s done that works. Right now that won’t matter if something isn’t done about the major two.

  6. Anybody know who’s in charge of the Justice Department?

  7. “Who controls the media, controls the mind” James Douglas Morrison

  8. Liberal tears…

    A video recorded by Google shortly after the 2016 presidential election reveals an atmosphere of panic and dismay amongst the tech giant’s leadership, coupled with a determination to thwart both the Trump agenda and the broader populist movement emerging around the globe.

  9. I call it “conspiracy Against America” a big plot all are involved to bring her down. But they’ll go down too!

    • As usual, you are SO RIGHT Alma. I doubt that many fully grasp the depth of their hatred for America and anything American. Of course they hate anything Christian and/or European in origin. Frankly, they’re Satanists that hate everything.

      I keep wondering what they’d do if we all just said “no”. They get what they want because they “assume authority” that they don’t have.


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