Media Bias

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media bias

A Tale of the Water-Sipper and the Nose-Picker



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  1. heres some Media Bias , America’s Foreclosure Wars, The US Federal And State Governments Conspiring With Criminal Organiztions To Seize Private Property

  2. That picture of Menendez could have been a REAL interesting caption contest .

    • “In the words of Bill Clinton, ‘I did not has sex with that woman’– there were a lot more than just one– and, to paraphrase, “that depends upon what the definition of ‘prostitute’ is”– they were actually sexual services contractors, big difference.”

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Nothing like non-verbal communication, is there?

  4. Lex Mercatoria

    Speaking of “media bias” is as meaningful as speaking of bias in cartoons. It’s a moot point because it’s fiction to begin with. The only real difference between the entertainment & “news” sides of the media industry are the aforementioned labels. It’s all an artificial reality construct–a “reality show”, if you will. People will believe just about anything if it’s labelled “news.”


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