Media Begin Campaign to Crown Mitt Romney With GOP Nod

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We knew it would start soon enough, and here it is.

image courtesy Boston Globe

The Boston Globe just published an ooey, gooey, sugary sweet, puppy love campaign memo disguised as a news report. Negative swipes taken at Bachmann and Trump. Several friendly voices quoted to support him. Not one critic in the entire article.
What will you do, Republicans? Wait until the day before the New Hampshire primary to remember how fast the deck gets stacked?
This is your warning now. You better do something or Mitt Romney will be your man. This is how it started with McCain four years ago.

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0 responses to “Media Begin Campaign to Crown Mitt Romney With GOP Nod

  1. Oh, no. Not again.
    We cannot let the MSM and the left (same thing) select our candidate for us again.
    We just can’t.

  2. This really infuriates me.
    Romney is such a milquetoast….a Ken Doll with hair to match.
    During all the upheavals and absolute treachery & theft that has gone on since the Fraud has occupied the White House, Romney hasn’t uttered a word, a peep of outrage….I can’t imagine a debate between Romney & Obama, what a snorefest of BS that would be.
    Give me Trump to liven things up and inject some sorely needed testosterone into this pack of wimps!

  3. You kind of get the feeling that the establishment has already anointed Romney, which is not a good thing at all. Lets hope more get into the race sooner rather then later.

  4. The Hermanator needs to get out in the LSM as much as he can. We cannot afford to have Mitt as our man.

  5. Palin-Trump 2012. (Just a thought.)

  6. lowtechgrannie

    I can’t wait to hear how he would tweak Obamacare to make it as successful as Romneycare—-this guy is pure slime!

  7. I think the Republican party is so far off they might as well fall off the right side of the world
    I am surprised at my fingers for typing…Donald Trump wouldn’t make a bad President at all. The president we have is a fraud, a puppet and a communist.

  8. A Trump / Bachman ticket does have possibilities.
    Trump has the brass and Bachman has the inside political track.

  9. If any of these retreads are on the ticket, I may just sit this one out. Ya, I know all the arguments.

  10. catscanner150

    I wish Christie would throw his hat in, he has the leadership qualities and the brass balls to get the job done. But if not Herman Cain would be my choice.
    Another thing I would like to toss out is this, I believe that all the state Republican primaries should be held on the same day so that no single group of states has any more advantage over selecting the candidate than the other group and I feel it will get more voters to the polls to participate in the primary and as a citizen of one of those states that was rendered moot in 2008 in which my vote had no effect because McCain had already been selected as the candidate, I felt cheated and so did others I talked to.
    As Dave said, we cannot let the media select another McCain and we definitely cannot afford another four years of Obama

    • Candance Moore

      I predict that Rush and Sean will basically ignore this for the next year, wake up the day before the first primary, and then start panicking on their shows because we never reformed the primary system.
      I am saddened to say I really do think it’s all a song and dance.

  11. I feel nauseous now.

  12. Romney? Now we know why Trump is a winner………..


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