McDonald’s restaurants might bring in law enforcement to enforce mask mandate

If you take a look at McDonald’s Twitter timeline, you’d never know they are trying to sell hamburgers and French fries. It’s all about BLM now. Some of their recent tweets:

“We must protect, honor, love, and defend [Black women] at all costs”
“There’s not enough anti-racist research figuring out what’s wrong with racist policy”
“Black trans women have a very simple message: stop killing us”
“I employ everyone to support Black artists. We are the literal heartbeat of popular culture, but that needs to be reflected in position and pay”
“When I think of Black art, there’s a certain texture of expression”
“Support Black led organizations. Support Black people”

Well, when I think of having a cheeseburger and fries, I WON’T be supporting McDonald’s.

On Friday, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski suggested that law enforcement may be called during situations when a customer won’t wear a mask.

One more place that I will not be visiting in the future. I don’t need a side of leftist politics with my cheeseburger.


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Dr. Eowyn
5 days ago

So McDonald’s also has gone “woke”. Is there no end to the Left’s takeover of America?

McDonald’s should be shunned anyway, because of their fast food — bad for us.

5 days ago

How does this work exactly? Do you have to wear the mask while you are eating?

5 days ago

“”””One more place that I will not be visiting in the future.””””

If you read what I read about their fries, you’d never eat there again. I don’t.
A farmer said whatever they spray on the potatoes is so deadly he forbids his family from going near the fields.
That’s why the fries look the same after being on a shelf for a month or two!!!

5 days ago

Now list all the black on white victims.
Yeaaaa that list is a little to long for a tweet.
Or a thousand.
Butt please keep groveling for approval from the maggots

Jackie Puppet
5 days ago

In response to the first tweet, all those named were probably some of McD’s most loyal customers.

McDonald’s has been going after the black crowd for probably over 3 decades now.

Their fries are overrated anyway.

Lou Minati
Lou Minati
5 days ago
Reply to  Jackie Puppet

Bring back “Evil Grimace”!!!

Matthew W
5 days ago

It’s as if McDonald’s sent me a personal letter saying “We don’t want you to be a customer anymore.”

5 days ago

Black lives matter to McDonald’s because they draw many of their customers from the black community. Unfortunately their food is also deadly to the black community, probably more than all the police killings in the last few years. It causes obesity, heart conditions, contributes to diabetes, cancer and other diseases. I would not call it food, but something manufactured that people eat. It is tested in labs and saturated with chemicals to create an addictive sensation. Black people are big customers of McDonalds, and they are hurt the most by that company. Black people should protest outside of McDonald’s for… Read more »

4 days ago

It takes real genius to screw up selling hamburgers in America.