McCain Flip-Flops On Illegal Immigration

Arizona Senator John McCain is the flip-flop artist on illegal immigration.
As recounted by Jim Brown of OneNewsNow, during the 2008 presidential campaign season, first he “flipped” on NBC’s Meet the Press, saying he would sign the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill into law if it passed the Senate while he was president. But he also maintained the bill would not be resurrected in that form because the American people sent the message that they want border security first.
Then McCain “flopped” on the CNN presidential debate, saying he would not vote for the amnesty bill if it came to the Senate floor again. He said he favored tightening the U.S.-Mexico border first and then go after the two million illegal aliens who have committed crimes, after which he’d give amnesty to the remaining ten million, but require them to pay a fine and learn English. 
But Roy Beck, president of Numbers USA, points out that despite McCain’s rhetoric about securing the border, his immigration policy closely mirrors those of Obama and Hillary Clinton who had supported the amnesty bill.
Running for reëlection to serve a 5th term in the Senate, he’s flipping again. (The most recent poll, on May 6, has McCain 48 vs. Hayworth 36.) In this video, he postures shamelessly on border security:
If ever there’s a career politician, it’s John McCain. The 73-year-old has been in Congress for 27 years! It’s way past time to put this RINO out to pasture.
~Eowyn & Steve

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10 years ago

Mcain is bought and paid for. Please-Arizona get him out of there! If he would have called the fraud out during the election we wouldn’t be in this mess! Ever wonder the real reason he didn’t??

10 years ago

Steve, you are so correct when you call this bozo a Rhino–He’s a dinosaur and needs to be eliminated with an asteroid hitting the Congress. A good long ice age for Congressional dinosaurs would be perfect. McCain is a bigger flip flopper than Kerry. I hope Sarah didn’t convince any of the Arizona voters to put this dip-shit politician back into office.

10 years ago

That’s okay, as should he get reelected (God forbid) he will just flop right back.
It’s time for McCanus to be sent out to pasture for good.