Mayhem in Madison


Unions want a fight

MADISON, Wis. — Republicans in charge of the Wisconsin Senate have apparently discovered a way to strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from public workers, by passing Democrats. All 14 Senate Democrats left the state nearly three weeks ago, preventing the chamber from having enough members present to consider Gov. Scott Walker’s so-called “budget repair bill” — a proposal introduced to plug a $137 million budget shortfall.  MSNBC reported “GOP rams anti-union bill through Wisconsin Senate”.
Gov. Scott Walker this evening applauded the Senate’s actions. “The Senate Democrats have had three weeks to debate this bill and were offered repeated opportunities to come home, which they refused. In order to move the state forward, I applaud the Legislature’s action today to stand up to the status quo and take a step in the right direction to balance the budget and reform government. The action today will help ensure Wisconsin has a business climate that allows the private sector to create 250,000 new jobs.”
Via Instapundit:   Meade on the scene at the Capitol says hundreds of protesters have gotten into the building, and security is vastly outnumbered.  Protesters are locking the Capitol doors shut from the inside using metal handcuffs, Meade reports from the scene. Plus this: “Meade called back to say, some of the doors are handcuffed shut and some are wide open. ‘ANYBODY CAN GET IN AND ANYBODY CAN BRING ANYTHING IN. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SECURITY WHATEVER.’”
Hold on folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

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9 years ago

AFter Ms Giffords was shot, republicans were blamed for uncivil speech , that liberals thought caused the guy to shoot her. So what happened to the civil discourse which Obama called for ? Seems the Moscow of the midwest doesn’t believe in that. Neither do the imported union thugs, OR their satellite organizations. So much for civility.
YET again liberals proved to be savages who will stop at nothing.