May I come onto the bed, pretty please?

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Ranger has better manners than most humans!

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0 responses to “May I come onto the bed, pretty please?

  1. Amazing how much animals can ‘talk’ to us. And I love how his eyebrows went up when he was VERY emphatic!

  2. Are you ki…what?…It’s not what I *thought* it would be?? Whew! Good!

  3. That’d be Milo with a tail but no spots or squeaky toy
    ….who could say no ? 🙂

  4. Too cute!

  5. another dog named “ranger”? give him an ear scritch from me and “ranger” in vermont. my “ranger” is a pit bull/rottie mix, he isn’t allowed on the bed, but he likes to flop on the floor by my chair within reach for petting.


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