Congresswoman Maxine Waters Admits Liberalism is Socialism

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In a slip of tongue, Demonrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) — one of Washington’s ten most corrupt politicians — admits liberalism and the Democratic Party are really about SOCIALISM and government takeover of private industry.
But then we conservatives always knew that. It’s the 47% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes whom we should worry about….
H/t beloved FellowshipOfMinds member May!

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6 responses to “Congresswoman Maxine Waters Admits Liberalism is Socialism

  1. She needs to go-to prison I hope! There are so many of these individuals that are going along with her,one day soon.

  2. The hippies of the 60’s are coming home to roost! They are obviously the ones who vote for these people. Just wait until they legalize marijuana and see who they elect next!
    Vox Populi

  3. Just like Nixon said in ’68, in 2010: “This time, vote like your whole world depended on it.”

  4. Maxine Waters that communist needs shipped out of Washington and fast!!!!

  5. Still in touch with your cop-killer friend, Joanne Chesimard [aka Assata Shakur], Congresswoman?
    Maxine Waters Under Investigation

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    Just remember this when you vote in November. The Democrats are no longer the Democratic Party – they have been hijacked by the Socialist Party, i.e., Bernie Sanders. We have to vote for the President and his agenda – if not, our Constitution and the laws will be gone.
    Remember the Democrats said the Constitution is outdated. The Democrats and Obama used Sharia law to govern and we all know that makes everyone a slave to their way of government and thinking.
    A vote for any democrat is a vote for Islam/marxism.


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