Massachusetts showers illegals with $35M in free health care, meds, physical therapy

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Do you want free health care, free medications, free dental care, and free physical therapy?
Just renounce your U.S. citizenship and become an illegal resident of the State of Massachusetts, and you’ll be showered with all the goodies.
illegals demand free stuff
The nonpartisan citizens’ watchdog group Judicial Watch reports on Jan. 20, 2015, that although it violates both state and federal law, Massachusetts spent tens of millions of dollars to give illegal immigrants medical care—including prescription drugs, physical therapy and dental services—through its taxpayer-funded healthcare program for low-income individuals.
Tax-paying residents of the Bay State should be outraged, to say the least. The information comes straight out of a scathing report that contains the findings of an investigation conducted by Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump. It reveals that questionable or prohibited medical claims totaling $35,137,347 were reimbursed by the state’s Medicaid agency known as MassHealth. A chunk of it went to non-emergency services for illegal immigrants, according to the audit.
MassHealth costs are divided between the state and federal government to provide healthcare for the poor. Established regulations at both the federal and state level specifically forbid undocumented immigrants from receiving coverage for non-emergency treatment in government-funded Medicaid programs nationwide. Each year MassHealth doles out more than $10.8 billion so that 1.4 million eligible people—legal residents—who can’t afford medical treatment can access it. Of the more than $35 million that funded treatment for illegal aliens, $27.8 million went to inpatient and outpatient services, the probe found. The rest was spent on prescription drugs ($3.6 million), dental services ($1.7 million) and rehabilitation and physical therapy ($1.9 million).
The investigation covers a small period that runs from July 2011 to December 2012 so it only represents a snippet of the actual waste and violations. Evidently MassHealth officials know exactly what they’re doing and hide behind their own interpretation of federal and state rules, according to Bump, the state auditor. “In the course of the audit we saw that MassHealth regularly substituted its own judgment for that of the medical professional in determining whether to cover a service,” Bump said in a statement announcing her findings. “Based on our understanding of the plain language in the regulations, MassHealth Limited is paying for ineligible services, and the tab is costly.”
American taxpayers have long been stuck with the exorbitant cost of providing illegal immigrants with medical care. In fact, Judicial Watch has been reporting it for years, citing figures provided by state, federal and county governments. Besides spending billions of dollars annually as a nation to medically treat illegal aliens, here are  a couple of exceptional cases reported by JW over the years:

  • In California, the state with the nation’s largest illegal immigrant population, offers illegals free organ transplants and the costly follow-up treatment required after the complicated surgery.
  • In Scott County, Minnesota, the public paid for an incarcerated illegal alien’s $50,000 penis pump because it was billed as an “emergency” medical procedure.

The list goes on and on. The problem has gotten so out of control that a few years ago a Democratic congressman from Ohio introduced legislation requiring foreign countries to reimburse American taxpayers for the exorbitant medical expenses of illegal immigrants. The measure, known as the PAYBACK  Act (Preventing All Your Bucks from Aiding non-Citizens is Key) was estimated to save the U.S. government billions annually and ensure that public funds were not used to finance healthcare services for illegal immigrants. The bill was referred to the House Subcommittee on Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism for consideration but didn’t get very far after that.
For all the posts we’ve published on the illegals problem, go to our “Illegal Immigration” page.

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0 responses to “Massachusetts showers illegals with $35M in free health care, meds, physical therapy

  1. “Tax-paying residents of the Bay State should be outraged” Only if they know about it…there’s nothing on the Boston Globe about this, shocker!

    • Most simply don’t understand that “their” governments don’t work for them. They take their orders from the Controllers of the New World Odor. No sane person would support this. The Controllers do. Why? Because it further damages the host countries, causes chaos and disruption and, makes it easier to subdue them.

  2. This is all disgusting! We end up paying for the snakes one way or the other though. When illegals are seen in hospitals and clinics their inability to pay is just added to our tab in higher medical procedure costs, etc. We really do have a country full of politicians with nonfunctioning brains who just keep kicking the can down the road. It’s all just about how their vote makes them look and grabbing all the power and money they can in the time their terms allot them.

  3. The Moonbats run this state. It’s been that way for a long time. We are surrounded by people who look normal. But then you see all the Obama and Elizabeth Warren stickers, and realize there has been some kind of mass lobotomy.

    • I agree with you there and everywhere. Mass is filled with gen-x and millennial zombies, plus the moonbats who are the mouthpiece (or anus) off the leftist libtard segment, which in Mass seems like everyone else.
      I also have seldom ever seen any oppositional stickers or posters to the libturd elite and their rooting section. Most all cars that do have bumper stickers are rah rah for Obama/Biden… Warren or Killary on 2016.
      During the 2012 selection fiasco almost every house had “Obama/Biden 2012” poster on the front lawn. ONE house on my street supported Republican candidates and that house’s poster was spray painted, ripped down, house egge etc a number of times until they didn’t bother putting up a new poster…….typical childish liberal diaper rash behavior
      The other bumper stickers that clutter up the rear ends of their Prius or Hondas tell me all I need “Godess Powered”, “I finally found Jesus he was hiding behind the couch”, plus some pentagrams and other devilish drivel

  4. Being a Taxachusetts native and also a vet and senior I have had to use the medical system for a couple of possible terminal issues. Besides Medicare which comes out of my Social Security I pay for my own medigap and drug coverage insurance.
    During the past year or two I have been “covertly” hinted that “no we cannot help you. There are millions of young deserving immigrants and recently released convicts who have not had insurance until now that take precedence over non contributors like yourself
    The waiting area in the clinic my PCP is in began looking like a Port au Prince or Tijuana walk in clinic. They get preferential treatment over white natives in almost all cases. plus they hold up the queue because they have to wait to interpreters. “I know your appointment was for 90 minutes ago but we are waiting for bungabulian and valahoodian interpreters to arrive
    The other thing I notice in the eastern mass area is most of the medical staff are negroes Hispanics and some from paces I never heard of before. It gets very frustrating when I have to ask 10 times “I’m sorry could you repeat that again I can barely understand you.” Related to this issue is I have had to dance around countless admin, billing and scheduling mistakes they have made
    One understanding “white” nurse (one of the only whites left) whispered to me ‘you’re preaching to the choir. You can thank Obama and his socialists for all of this. I’m looking at leaving medicine and changing careers because I can no longer work is such and insane, political and corrupt environment.”
    And the mud slimes will sneer and spit in our faces “you owe us big times white devils.” Gratitude does not exist in today’s younger generations

    • When I was recovering from surgery in Eastern Taxachusetts in 2012, I experienced a bit of similar treatment. I couldn’t help but think the color of my skin and the gray in my hair played a part. Oh yes, and there was the fact that I speak English.

    • Art, I could not more heartily agree with your comments. I’m from Oregon, suffered from a torn rotator cuff, but the doctor I went to doesn’t want to do anything, but then I’m 68, white and I got the distinct feeling that I was a non-contributor! It T’s me off, because I spent the last 13 years of my working life, working two jobs, one full time, one part time, to get myself into the best financial position I could be in. I’m sure that many, many welfare addicts benefited from the extra taxes I paid in, but now I am of no use. Yes, when I go to the doctor, the foreigners hold up the line–waiting for interpreters. This giving and giving and giving to people who have no legitimate right to claim on our country needs to come to a screachin’ halt. It truly defied imagination. I think of the greatest generation who fought to liberate not only Europe, but Asia–did they fight and die so that foreigners would be able to rob their children and grandchildren of this countries wealth. I don’t think so!

      • Auntie Lulu, when I watch one of my favorite tv shows, “Grimm,” which is set in Portland, it reminds me of how much Massachusetts and Oregon are on the same path.

        • TD, the tv show “Grimm” is partially filmed in and around the St John’s area where I live. The bridge which is often shown is about six blocks from where I live. Just a couple of weeks ago, the big trucks which hold the production equipment were parked down at the end of our block. I hate the fact that so many states are going down the toilet! We just have to work to stop it, and to educate young people regarding the loss of their freedom–being enslaved by paying taxes to support others has nothing to do with real freedom!

  5. Dr Eowyn, this is a most profound bit of information. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  6. How about out of state’rs who cross the border with fictitious addresses to glom free healthcare?

  7. Who cares? It’s just money taken from American middle class working people? It’s just the way the overpaid, over pensioned, government overlords do things in modern America!

  8. Blah, blah, blah, blah, is a waste of time.
    Start shooting.
    That is all.

  9. Nobody is a U.S. CITIZEN unless you have been sworn in by the UNITED STATE’S IMMIGRATION SERVICE’S. Go to FAMGUARDIAN.ORG Your Constitution state’s your a CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATE’S Wake up America read YOUR UNITED STATE’S CONSTITUTION.
    Ronald Freeland Law. God Blessed your America!!!

  10. I wonder how many real Americans there are in the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts that have lost their jobs and health insurance and can’t even afford a visit to their doctor?
    I bet it’s a bunch.

  11. The World know’s America is “LAND OF THE FREE” Which mean’s to ALL OF THE ILLEGAL’S” it’s called “LAND OF THE FREE HANDOUT’S”. Let America’s tax payer’s support the World? that’s how YOUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT THINK’S. Do you ever wonder why America is BROKE? Your gov begged China for 1 trillion dollar’s in 2012.
    Ronald Freeland Law..

  12. when it comes to politics people get so emotional,they would rather belive an obvious lie than a proven truth.


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