Massachusetts school district will protect children with “blue buckets”

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This great idea comes from Brockton Public School District which is south of Boston.

From the YouTube video description: “Brockton school and city officials teamed up with Lowe’s to create classroom emergency kits at the Lowe’s in Brockton on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018. Each emergency kit includes a 5-gallon bucket, a wooden doorstop, a 1-pound hammer, a 50-foot length of rope and a roll of duct tape.”

The tools are to help students barricade themselves in their rooms during a emergency school shooting.

Another school providing a false sense of security.


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21 responses to “Massachusetts school district will protect children with “blue buckets”

  1. The commonplace ignorance and stupidity of the leftists will soon go completely unnoticed by those with commonsense, and that may be their ulterior motive.

  2. Pretty dumb
    makes a few $$ for Lowes however

  3. Oh, I thought those might be to capture your local politician and duct tape them to a tree. How do these mutts sit there and propose crap like this? They should fill their buckets with water, stick their heads in them and drown.

  4. Brockton is a town with drive by shootings and all kinds of violent crime. It has been considered the most desirable town for ex-cons to move to. And it is also on a list of the 10 worst towns in Massachusetts. I know this town very well, and can say the school officials are recklessly immoral in this decision.

    • “…the school officials are recklessly immoral in this decision.”

      In other words, they are progressives…

  5. Progressives’ gun-phobia should be a new personality disorder in the American Psychological Association’s next Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

  6. Why don’t they put the buckets on their heads and they can pretend to be UN soldiers.
    Yes, obviously it’s much better to use tape and a hammer> That is way effective for someone with a gun.

  7. Ceckless funts……

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. I Am sure this will work perfectly. Who are these people and how do they come up with such asinine ideals?

  9. Why not kill 2 birds with one stop and reinstate “Duck and Cover”…stupid.

  10. Dumber than the bucket o’ rocks idea.

  11. why not just slide a piece of pipe over the automatic door closer, the door can’t be opened, I’ve tried it and it works.

  12. Their blatant disregard for school safety is beyond belief. Someone could be seriously injured with that hammer 🔨!

    The two men in that picture look proud of themselves, when they should actually be quite ashamed.

  13. I am one of maybe 2 or 3 rooms in my school that have more than one entry/egress door (I have 3, –few others have 2—the balance maybe 50 or more rooms, have ONLY one door in or out….they are TRAPPED). I’ve instructed my kids that, during an “active shooter notice’ on our campus —esp if noticed initally at the admin /entrance—I am at the back of the school—-that I will direct them that they should NOT “shelter in place” (and wait to see if a shooter comes to our room) that we should open our back doors and run in all directions to the safety of our surrounding athletic fields (several sheltering/hiding places) and local neighborhoods…..

    • Great point. Just imagine what that would do to their drill scenarios. What if everyone responded to “shelter in place” with “pound sand”? They have trained most to be totally submissive.

      In my life I’ve encountered this many times. My natural inclination is to get away from crowds. I feel anything but safer in numbers. Because of this I’ve been confronted by authority figures many times wondering why I don’t go where they direct me. I won’t do it.

      If I still had kids in school I’d direct them to do likewise. Get out as quickly as you can and by any means available. Get away and call me. Unless you’re armed to the teeth you’re always safer in the open than boxed in a room.

      • Hi LO—we are kindred spirits on this “following the crowd” (NOT) and staying away from numbers. I am a sociable and pleasant person in public, but I do not trust the judgment of crowds or all “officials”… you….I want to evaluate and make my OWN decisions according to conditions and circumstances. I’d be STUPID if….having a means to escape….I’d tell my kids to hide and “shelter in place” and meanwhile…maybe wait minutes, to a half hour or more, for a shooter to find his way to us when we have liberal means and time to escape….I even have light-weight ladders in my room to scale exterior fences, etc…that no other rooms have (I have 2—I am an art room that often mounts/displays/takes down exhibits with these ladders.)

        On the day before 9-11…I was in a Baltimore/Washington airport when there was a huge storm that took out all radar from Chicago-eastward. I was on a flight out of DC to Phoenix and beyond, and I KNEW that Phoenix does not allow landings after a certain time at night……..when the counter agent told me that my plane would be in “later” and I did the math…knowing I’d NEVER take off b/c I could NOT land in Phoenix according to their time schedule…I knew he was “stringing me along.” I saw a lone plane landing and asked “what airline, where was it from, and where was it going….” It was coming from Kentucky…was going to go to LAX thereafter, and was my same airline….I asked the ticket counter to rewrite my ticket for this flight…and he said, NO TIME…I said, I’m going to get on anyway…he said “Give it a try…..” I did, I acted like it was all “OK” and (way more to the story–b/c took some equally stranded person along with me that I passed on the way to this flight)….got on….landed in LAX and took a taxi to a friend’s home b/c it was the only address I knew by heart……IF I HAD NOT done this….the next day, I’d have been grounded for weeks by the 9-11 attacks. The point is…not so much that I am a daring individual…but that I KNEW the airline schedules for a few airlines and I also knew the perameters of some of my most-used airports, and thus, KNEW when the counter agent for my airline was telling me a big fat LIE in the interest of “crowd control.”

        I am a little behind on our FOTM b/c I’ve been going through the SoCal “Holy Fire” debacle with my work (I was not evacuated from my home…but my school and my kids were). We are back on track now, tho’ there was a short “rekindling” of the fire while we were in our classrooms this past week, so we were, once again, on evacuation notice…, I am catching up on some back FOTM posts……and, BTW…LOVING ITS RETURN!!!!!!

        • Glad to hear you survived the fire OK. I think you and I would see much alike. Like you, I have a pretty good “B.S. radar” too. Besides, anything I hear in Baltimore is suspect.

          The last totally stupid airport thing I did was to eat a burrito in the Detroit airport. For some reason it didn’t compute that Mexican food and Detroit were probably not a good mix. Hey, I was in a hurry.

          Your story reminds me of one of the worst flights I ever had. I went from Philadelphia to LAX and it took all day and part of the night. There was an air traffic controller strike on and they routed us South where we bounced and bounced for hours. Every so often they’d circle. They could only allow so many planes in a given controller’s space.

          When we finally reached LA the pilot declared an emergency because we were short on fuel. It was awful. Nonetheless, it looks like your reasoning worked. I’ve seen many strange things in airports and its only getting worse.

  14. Heck with it. Just give the kids 1911’s, a few hand grenades, steel pots instead of that plastic crap and line the halls with Claymores. Bar all the windows, and chain the doors shut from the inside. Turn on some old Barry Manilow and a little Pink Floyd for lunch. And, that dude in the pin-stripe, get to Wal-Mart soon — your meter is still running. Oh, and don’t let OSHA know about any of this. The squirrels are still in training camp.

  15. duct tape should be very helpful for the shooter with his victims as rope would be. My take.

  16. Great idea! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?
    This should be implemented in all public, state, federal buildings immediately (while making them all gun free zones). It is so simple it is brilliant.

  17. Didn’t it occur to any of those “geniuses” that the exit doors (by law) open outward and that a door-wedge on the inside would be useless?


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