Massachusetts Open Thread

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We cannot overstate the importance of today’s special election in Massachusetts to fill THE PEOPLE’S SEAT vacated by Ted “MaryJo Kopechne” Kennedy. A win by Scott Brown (R) will almost certainly torpedo Obamacare. It will also be a resounding negative referendum on the Obama administration.
The latest polls are mixed: Many show Brown holding onto, if not widening, his astounding surge overtaking his Democrat opponent Martha “even Ted’s son doesn’t know my name” Coakley. A few, such as Zogby, show a narrow 2% Coakley win. Turnout reportedly is good, despite the snowy weather. The Dems have brought in the Obama orcs, Organizing For America, to get their people to the polling stations.
Here on the FellowshipOfMinds, we’ll be keeping track of how the day goes, with continuous updates. In the meantime, sound off by leaving your comments here!
A Democratic operative familiar with Martha Coakley and the DSCC’s massive get-out-the-vote operation says that outreach workers in and around Boston have been stunned by the number of Democrats and Obama supporters who are waving them off, saying they’ll vote for Scott Brown. [source]
According to Life News, supporters of pro-abortion Martha Coakley have reached into their bag of dirty tricks to suppress the pro-life vote by making phonecalls to Massachusetts residents pretending to represent a prominent pro-life group, Citizens for Life (CFL). The calls, from 202-461-3441, a Washington number registered to a company called SOOH, erroneously claim that CFL is opposing Scott Brown.
Both the WSJ and Politico say there’ll be no exit polling in Massachusetts today. Why? Because everyone had thought this would be a cakewalk for the Dems and nobody expected a Brown surge, so the necessary infrastructure isn’t in place for exit polls.
A young man stands by the road in the snow carrying a Scott Brown sign. He’s optimistic and tells America “We’re coming to your rescue!”
According to a Rasmussen poll, interest in Massachusetts’ special election today is high across America. 49% of likely voters nationwide want Brown to win, while 34% are pro-Coakley. 17% are undecided.
Ireland’s largest bookie, Paddy Power, is so convinced Brown would win he had already paid off bettors wagering on a Brown win, 24 hours before the actual election! Power said: “Enough is enough. It seems that Senator Brown just has to get out of bed tomorrow to win convincingly. As far as we’re concerned, this race is well and truly over.” Powers also paid off early on the 2008 presidential election. About a week before Election Day, he paid out more than $1 million to all bettors who wagered on Obama, saying McCain was too far behind in the polls to win.
Amazing pic. Even SEIU members are for Scott Brown!

For a short while, the website of the liberal pro-Coakley Boston Globe published an election map result with Coakley the winner at 50% vs. Brown’s 49% BEFORE THE POLLS CLOSE AT 8PM. then quickly took the map down, blaming its mistake on the Associated Press. Hmmm, won’t it be interesting if when the polls close, we are told that the results indeed are Coakley 50%, Brown 49%???
Charges of ballot tampering have been made by both camps in the special election. Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown have both reported possible election violations.
A good omen from Twitter: “BREAKING: Scott Brown has carried the bellwether town of Ashland, 54-45. All votes in Ashland are counted.”
With more than 10% in, Fox Boston says Brown leads by seven.
Drudge says early results are BROWN 53%,COAKLEY 46%
Patrick Ruffini says a call for Brown might be imminent!
House analyst Dave Wasserman says he’s ready to call it for Brown.
R: 0,441,124
D: 0,392,078

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10 responses to “Massachusetts Open Thread

  1. Isn’t this administration supposed to be non-partisan? With the bad weather, Is Organizing for AMERICA, picking up everyone who wants to vote, or just Dumbocrats? Where is the fairness????

    • Bob,
      Organizing for America (OFA) is Obama’s personal corps of political activists which is a continuation of his prez campaign machine. OFA is not the Democratic Party’s and certainly not America’s!
      I just wish someone can find out how Obama pays for all those OFA minions.

  2. I am almost afraid to be optimistic, but I pray for our nation that Brown wins and the disasters being caused by this administration can be stopped. That said, I do realize that certain amts. of cheating are bound to take place–cannot believe I am even saying that in the USA.

  3. Does anyone know what time the polls close in MA? Since there are no exit polls, we’ll have to rely on the precinct counts. I already don’t have any fingernails left! I can’t take much more. 🙂

  4. No matter what the results are I believe a lot of the blue dog democrats are finally going to see the writing on the wall and oppose boTOXIC Pelosi on obamacare

  5. If the reps are more afraid of the voters than Pelosi and Reid, we are gaining ground. I hope Scott wins and sends a shock wave through the democrats’ hearts.

  6. AP projecting Brown WINNER in MA.
    53% Brown
    46% Coakley
    71% precincts reporting.
    Live on FOX News
    Coakley CONCEDES!!!!

    Obama, Pelosi, Reid ARE YOU LISTENING, things are just going to get worse for you come November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…take that Obama, et al! Your time has come!!


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