Massachusetts, 1st Shot in 2nd American Revolution

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This is a POWERFUL awesome video in support of Scott Brown (R) for the U. S. Senate from Massachusetts.
Watch it. Send this to all your contacts. Volunteer for the Brown campaign. Donate HERE. Let’s make Massachusetts the first shot of the Second American Revolution!
H/t U.S. Army Major Matthew!
P.S. Intrade, the Prediction Market, has Scott Brown at 56 vs. Martha Coakley (D) at 46! UPDATE: It’s now Brown at 64 vs. Coakley at 36! (Monday 6am West coast)

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9 responses to “Massachusetts, 1st Shot in 2nd American Revolution

  1. Intrade is still moving. 60-40 as of this comment.
    Oh, and Eo- how do you feel about Change?

  2. Hi, everyone. Been taking a much needed break from politics for awhile (nerves were shot.) Anyway, the mayor (democrat) of Quincy MA has just endorsed Scott Brown! Woo Hoo!!

  3. I’ve got a couple more:
    Welcome Home, and
    Lame Duck

  4. bkeyser, I saw these at redstate. Amazing art. You should put all your art in a book and market it because you are extremely talented!

  5. Intrade is at 79.6/28.0 in Brown’s favor right now.


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