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  1. As far as we know, to this date, they haven’t had to make use of this huge stash of coffins. Think about FEMA. We have had plenty of weather related emergencies since 1978, when FEMA began under Jimmy Carter. Where was any significant help applied after hurricanes, blizzards and tornados. FEMA is notable for its uselessness in real disasters.

  2. God has other plans and those coffins may be for “Them” not us . God has plans for the wicked. But they have no fear. Not yet anyhow.
    Even the demons tremble. James 2 :19 and If God spared NOT the angels that sinned well then they should be trembling as they make plans for us , It will come back to bite them.

  3. That is not a Masonic truck. It is a private truck with both a Masonic symbol and an Army symbol on it, as well as several other symbols put there by its owner/driver. Carrying a load for FEMA or some other government organization is something that the Masonic fraternity would not do – but a member of a Masonic Lodge is free to conduct his own legal business as he sees fit. Also, the Masonic fraternity is not a secret society. If it were a secret society, members (including me) would not acknowledge their membership and our Lodges would not be openly marked.

    • “the Masonic fraternity is not a secret society.”
      From Wikipedia:
      “Masons swear at each degree to keep the contents of that degree secret…. In the course of three degrees, new masons will promise to keep the secrets of their degree from lower degrees and outsiders”
      Henry Makow has many articles about Free Masonry, including this one:

    • Mr. Durham, I would encourage you to look at https://ephesians5-11.org/ as it seems like something that would be relevant to you. Know that people aren’t lying or being deceived when they tell you that freemasonry is a secret society, indeed it can be demonstrated by connections to various occult groups through history, including rosicrucian societies (SRIS, SRIA etc.), which most would argue are the archetype for secret societies. Please do give it some consideration. (What do you think is a good example of a secret society?)
      Dr. Eowyn, as I have understood trucking, Mr. Durham may be correct in that the person driving the Tractor/Cab is likely an independent contracted person hauling the load, likely with freemasonic and military background that they feel comfortable advertising, they may, or may not, be “in” on what they are hauling. (Some truckers ask questions about their loads, others don’t, and those that ask may just shrug and be complicit anyway, or may be given a “sedative” answer as opposed to a truthful answer, he may even think he’s hauling big ugly planter pots/beds.) Granted this could all be wrong and he could be of some rank and giving his services to a “brother” who hired him, its hard to say.
      However if someone can learn what Unique Identifier the truck in question has, one could reasonably get data as to where he picked up the load and where he hauled it to, as that data is required as part of the job (Shipping info/load tracking etc.)… Although given this is 3 years on that data may have been discarded/deleted, especially if it is sensitive. Now I’m not encouraging violating someones privacy, but rather just getting as far as a Unique Identifier for the truck to determine where it picked up that particular load, and where it was dropped off, which would provide good additional data for figuring out where the things came from and where they went, and what company (if any) hired the fellow to do the job.
      If a reader or someone else here is someone who gets on HAM or CB radio and knows anyone in the Wisconsin area, they might be able to pull some relevant data, especially if the man in question happens to be part of a “trucker army masons” or somesuch sub-group. Just some suggestions.

  4. Good catch! Don’t worry, the CDC has us covered.

  5. How do we know that’s what the containers are for? Do they have tags or labels on them indicating they’re coffins or casket liners? Scare tactics anyone?

    • We don’t do scare tactics here. (Others have that market cornered.). We report facts and ask questions.

    • Did you not watch the video of Dale Bohannon?
      As for “scare tactics,” I really don’t appreciate your insinuation. I don’t need to resort to “scare tactics.” This administration is providing plenty of that without my help.

      • I’m not insinuating anything towards you,Dr. The scare tactics comment is directed more towards the maker of the video. Until I see some proof that’s what these actually are,though,and there MAY BE proof I haven’t seen yet,I’m a little reluctant to buy into the story.
        I watched the video a while back,and had my doubts even then. And I think the Masonic and Army markings on the same truck are a “red flag”,too.
        The questions are stacking up faster than the facts can tear ’em down!!

        • Thanks for the clarification, truck.
          I don’t know what those huge plastic bins are for. They’re certainly not to store bunnies, puppies, and lollipops. 😀
          And if those really are FEMA coffins, that doesn’t necessarily mean “they” are planning mass extermination. The bins may be the feds planning for natural disasters or a devastating epidemic. In other words, I have no idea what they really are, even less their purpose. However, from my experience of 6 years blogging and becoming necessarily very well informed, many of what I (when I wasn’t as plugged in as I am nowadays) once took to be woowoo conspiracy theories turn out to be true. 🙁

  6. Sorry, I’m not buying the rah, rah Mason stuff, they are weird group with weird things that they hope to accomplish, and they are against the Church.

  7. Did you hear about the undertaker who liked his job? He enjoyed working with people!
    Madison, GA, is less than fifty miles from Elberton, GA, site of Stonehenge of America, the Georgia Guidestones. If anyone goes to see Ted Turner’s nearby Atlanta Braves, visit CDC and the GG. Send us a postcard.

  8. New they’re not coffins but deluxe micro apartments like the ones they’re building in Japan and NYC, 50-75 square feet of luxury living, rents starting as low as $1600 per month.
    Back to the real world, I had not heard anything during the past couple of years regarding the plastic disposable coffins.
    A small, but semi related aside, during Barry’s first term as antichrist in chief a Christian penpal sent me a nooze item about the gubmint ordering something like 2500 guillotines.
    Maybe they’re on order to handle the high volume of beheadings that may take place when all the non believers in Islam/Allah are beheaded for not converting

    • Art, I’ve actually been doing ongoing research into this whole thing, guillotines/coffins/fema camps/boxcars with guillotines, without guillotines but with shackles, or just boxcars, etc. and thusfar I haven’t actually been able to turn up any hard evidence of most of these, and I can confirm that one (there are more than one list apparently) “fema camp” on the “fema camp list” that circulates the internet every now and then is false for a certain sector because of my close proximity to that region.
      In looking back through the info I found the story seldom seems to produce credible evidence which is unusual, especially with everyone and their 5 year old child having cameraphones now. Take a look here: https://www.budgetcamerareview.com/forum/discussion/534/why-does-the-us-government-need-guillotines/p1
      As you can see, the info circulates the ‘net periodically, and without any confirmable info, and the rumors go back to ’93 at least, which is where that dead-ended with mention of “Linda D. Thompson, Esq” (I would also ask that Dr. Eowyn take a look through this thread too, maybe there is information that might be useful?) In any case, people have been trying to trace back the info on the fema-related stuff, but it doesn’t look like there has been much to show for it, except for dubious dead-ends in the 90’s.

  9. The story and video are a couple of years old but the truth remains. There is a plan to depopulate and the elites in charge are on a timeline. And Thank You for posting re.: Henry Makow. We are in his debt for his investigative work.
    As I’ve shared before, I drive a cab here in New York. Off the top of my head, I’d say about three percent of people are awake; Everyone else is in dreamland.
    We must never give up our guns!


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