Maryland Abortionists Murder Case – TV Coverage

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    “Physicians at Union Hospital determined that during the failed abortion, the Respondent [Dr Nicola Riley]…ruptured Patient A’s uterus and possibly her bowel. Physicians observed blood and retained fetal tissue in Patient A’s abdomen…. The Respondent then left Union Hospital and returned to [the abortion clinic] to perform another abortion.”
    Riley’s license to practice medicine in Maryland is revoked. She was licensed to practice medicine in Maryland, Utah and Wyoming. Her primary medical practice is in Utah: St. Mark’s Hospital, 1220 East 3900 South, Suite 4A, Salt ake City, UT 84124.
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  2. Dennis H. Bennett

    I never could “get it”. How a human being could emotionally distance themselves so far away from their very own existence, as Riley has done.
    This is a tragedy for everyone involved, the unborn, abortionist, Maryland, family connections….the ripple just keeps going. Its hard enough to bear a the loss, whatever the cause. But for an interstate commerce laxity? Restore us, O Lord….


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