Marines Pee on Dead Talibastards

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Video appears to show marines urinating on bodies, sparking military investigation
Published January 11, 2012
The U.S. Marine Corps is launching an investigation into a video that recently surfaced online showing what appears to be several Marines in uniform urinating on corpses.
The video, which started Wednesday morning making the rounds on the Web, shows four men in full Marine combat gear standing over the bodies of what appear to be dead Taliban fighters. They look around before proceeding to urinate over the corpses. One of the men can be heard saying, “Have a great day, buddy.”
According to TMZ, the unnamed person responsible for posting the video included a caption reading, “scout sniper team 4 with 3rd battalion 2nd marines out of camp lejeune peeing on dead talibans,” though it wasn’t immediately clear if any of that information was accurate.
The Marine Corps issued a statement immediately after learning of the video, saying a full investigation is under way.
“While we have not yet verified the origin or authenticity of this video, the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps,” the statement read.
As the son of a Marine who fought in Korea, I only have one thing to say:
Piss on every last one of ’em. 😀
Semper Fi, Marines.
See also “Americans cheered when Gen. Patton urinated on the enemy“.

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0 responses to “Marines Pee on Dead Talibastards

  1. This jewel should keep the hate wagon rolling. Some people are not happy until everyone is miserable.

  2. Dead Taliban? Fork ’em I say…

    • DCG,
      Sadly, in these insane PC times, they will probably all get court martialed.
      After all, we certainly don’t want to offffffffend the 7th Century illiterate camel-washers that want to kill us.

      • What part of the following don’t you understand?
        “the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps”

        • So we just bring ourselves down to the level of the Taliban and then in your mind that makes it all okay?
          You avoided my question: what part of the following don’t you understand? Be a man and answer why it’s okay to ignore the core value of the Marine Corps.
          “the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps”

          • Bonnie, the Taliban and company routinely decapitate our guys they take prisoner (look at what happened to Nick Berg on video) but a couple of our guys pee on some of their combat dead once (which, of course, they shouldn’t do) and everyone gets upset. Only in Moral-Relativism Land is that “down to the level of the Taliban” though it’s still not as we should be. Of course, Nick Berg’s left/liberal father blamed Bush for his son’s death (not Al Qaeda in Iraq) just like Cindy Sheehan did, but whatever bad we or the enemy do is always our fault– should our guys cut off their heads alive on video (or just take a few ears for sovenirs) instead then?

            • According to the official Marine press release these US Marines , who represent my country at home and abroad, appear to have violated the core values of the Marine Corps.
              Do you agree that a Marine should uphold the expectations and core values of what it is to be a Marine as defined by the US Marine Corps, or is it best that they only meet those expectations which YOU deem appropriate?

              • You only need to post your comment once. We get the picture…
                See my answer above.

              • So what is the point(s) that you are attempting to make?
                Anyway, the video appears to be legitimate and the soldiers have apparently been identified as being part of 3rd Battallion, 2nd Marines, based out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

              • I understand. You embrace your immaturity. I know the type. You’re a closet Liberal.

                • And I fully understand, Bonnie, that you — while you’re sitting on your moral high horse — are without a heart for our troops, who are experiencing unprecedented rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and suicides. Muslim jihadists commit grotesqueries as decapitation, which violate not just the Geneva War Convention but the moral code of every civilized society, but you reserve your moral outrage for a few U.S. Marines who pissed on an insentient corpse. Other peoples can wildly misbehave, but you insist that America and American soldiers be models of spotless perfection. (As if you yourself are perfect.) God save us from ice-hearted perfectionists such as you.

              • Perhaps if you had had the pleasure of holding a shot-up buddy’s guts in place on a battlefield waiting for a medic, you might feel differently.
                I know people that have had to do exactly that.

              • you picked the wrong battle on this one Bonnie. War is war. There are some things people (the public) really don’t need to hear about. This one happened to slip. These men have been put under INSANE ROE and expected to fight and win a war,not to mention with satanic evil inbred germs from HELL. God Bless our Military! God Bless America!

              • Marines’ core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment don’t include a whole lot about not peeing on dead Taliban specifically. I suppose Honor (or the “penumbra” thereof) could include being nicer to them under “respect for others is essential” but that’s best if mutual and folk usually have to earn it. Note that they weren’t peeing on live Taliban, nor did they shoot anyone to go pee on them, nor did they cut anybody’s head/ears/finger off living or dead. Dumb kids doing dumb things, that’s what we’ve got… an Article 134 “conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces” change that would probably be handled administratively and/or bring less punishment than being caught AWOL or smoking dope (at least before all the press) at best– doubt it would even be “mistreatment of a corpse” because it was far less damaging than what they did to them in combat and not sexual. I’d rather our guys didn’t do stuff like that, but just punish appropriate people for the sake of good order/discipline and be done with it.

          • Let’s go back to the basics, because all else is bullshit.
            According to the official Marine press release these US Marines , who represent my country at home and abroad, appear to have violated the core values of the Marine Corps.
            It doesn’t matter whether I have served in a branch of the military or am currently serving or that I have never served. That is irrelevant, as is all your other bullshit.
            Do you agree that a Marine should uphold the expectations and core values of what it is to be a Marine as defined by the US Marine Corps, or is it best that they only meet those expectations which YOU deem appropriate?
            Answer that question. That’s all there is to it.

            • Yep, Marines should uphold core values. Yet you do realize they are human? Fighting evil that must remain de-humanized in order to kill another human being. Out in the sandbox for days on end, not knowing where that next gunfire is coming from or if you might get your leg (or worse) blown off by a EID.
              Here’s what you call BS: These are DEAD TALIBAN. Bast*ards that killed OUR TROOPS. You think they had any respect for our dead (or live US citizens) when they slit their throats, decapitated them, or drug them out in the streets and hung them on a bridge? THAT’S BS.
              Piss’n on dead Taliban means nothing to me. Piss on all of ’em for all I care. That’s all there is to it.

        • Bonnie, do you know what the Marine Corps. core values are? Honor, Courage and Commitment. I dont see anything in there about not de-humanizing the enemy that has killed many of your friends. Also, have you ever had to kill an enemy fighter??? For a lot of guys the only way they can pull that trigger is to view the enemy as less then human and more like pest (rats or insects). It is a lot easier to kill a pest then it is to kill someone with a wife and kid.
          Do I agree with their actions? No. But I also see the mindset they are in and dont feel they need to be hunted down for this either. Bonnie it is easy to judge someones actions when you have never been in their situation, it is much harder to past judgement after you have experienced their nightmares and what they have had to do in your name.
          FYI….. I served in the Corps. for 3 years and served in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004.

          • First of all, thanks for your service. It is deeply appreciated!
            Even though I find pissing on corpses of our enemies childish at best, it’s not my judgement that necessarily matters here — according to the official Marine Corps press release these US Marines, who represent my country at home and abroad, appear to have violated the core values of the Marine Corps, and it’s the military who will be judging them.
            Also, where is the Honor in pissing on a human corpse, regardless of whether or not it is the enemy?
            I do understand your argument that our soldiers might need to see the enemy as less than human before they can pull the trigger, but I suspect what they really need to understand is that the Taliban are our collective enemy and that it is their DUTY to kill the enemy in order to protect our country, but that it also ends there. No pissing on corpses, no cutting off ears, no taking scalps, etc.
            We expect the impossible of our troops but, regardless of the horrors of war and the circumstances, we also have to draw some lines in regard to their behavior.
            These Marines acted in an immature fashion, just like I would expect young kids (which, literally, they probably are for the most part) rather than professional soldiers when they pissed on those corpses, and that’s my biggest problem with their actions. They can kill all the Taliban they want, but they need to also appreciate the gravity of their undertaking and why they are in another country, and not trivialize it by acting so immaturely.
            Should they be disciplined? Of course they should.
            Should the military make examples of them and levy overly harsh punishment? I don’t think so.
            Take care.

        • Bonnie,
          I come from a sizable military family – many members of which saw for-real combat up close and personal, unlike the brass-wearing desk drivers who have never seen combat, but are probably going to ruin the military careers of these young Marines for no other reason than political correctness.
          I have never experienced actual combat myself, although I have been shot at on two separate occasions.
          I can tell you now that if I were one of those young Marines (we’re talking about kids in their late teens and early twenties) that had just survived a firefight with these people, I would have probably done the same thing.
          Those bass-ackward taliban pukes would have killed those Marines if they had had their way.
          War is a dirty, nasty business, and I don’t blame those young Marines for carrying out their frustrations on dead enemy combatants.
          What they did was relatively mild compared to what many warriors have done to their vanquished enemies throughout recorded history.

    • Yep, and feed ’em Couscous. 🙂

  3. he’s washing him,getting him ready for the 72 yr old virgin-ha. Let’s see it’s ok for them to drag our soldiers through the streets,murder christians,and I could go on forever….try an takeover the U.S.A.-I say,U.S.A-1 aka obama’s muzzies-0.

  4. There’s a problem?

  5. URRAH!!

  6. The guys with the camera needs a good butt kicking, he should have known what would happen, screw him… I wouldnt piss in thier ear if thier brains were on fire, damn cavemen, not much better than bugs

  7. I agree with Bonnie that we shouldn’t descend to their level. Of course the Taliban and their ilk are not squeamish, but I was brought up to believe that Americans have certain codes of ethics that lift us above barbarism. This will just be water on the mills of those who want to show that the US is just a violent bully with no sense of decency.
    Just in case you were wondering, I am not at all sure that this video is legitimate – I know that there are plenty of mainly Islamic groups that manufacture things like this solely for thee purpose of libeling the US. I certainly hope that that’s the case here and can be proven – although people will always believe what they want to.

    • nah, we should cut their heads off slowly with a knife….
      just like they’ll do to you if they get a chance…

    • War is nothing more then hell and barbarism, sorry to burst your bubble. It will never be anything more then that. How can you show respect to someone you have to kill? How can you honor them when they are trying to kill you?
      Also as for the view that the world has of the USA, screw them!!!! I believe we need to start taking care of ourselves and stop fearing what the world thinks about us and our actions.

  8. Ethics? Sure the Marines and all military have them. Barbarism to pee on dead Taliban? Hardly…
    Decapitating, rape, and hanging Americans, now that’s truly barbaric. Proggies getting their panties in a wad over this is insane. You try being in the fight against evil and not paying due “respect” to the bast*rds that blow up your fellow soldiers. War ain’t pretty and, these men did nothing near as bad, or low, as the Taliban do on a daily basis.

  9. Hello…. I was a Marine sniper, when in the battle field, it is very diificult to control your aggression. These are the hardest people you ever want meet, they are elite without exception. It’s funny, they all had to pee at the time, I have not seen the utube, but heard about it. We had 5 teams, were given orders, we go and don’t come back for days, we don’t cook and we lay and wait, that’s all we do, we do nothing. It’s different from the front line personal, we were different.
    It was not right, for me, I would have been looking for an enemy, or watching my back… we were hunting killer teams, if we were erased, an another squad would come in (the shadows), the bad crew.
    As a former Marine, I have to say…. but the taliban are bad people to the women, and our society, as a boy I was raised in africa and the middle east my whole, I learned of many things….. I saw as a boy many beheading in the public square, many hands being cut off….for no reason…I heard the screams..
    I’m irish and Polish, we make the best snipers

  10. How the Taliban treat their women is irrelevant.
    Whether or not the Taliban cut people’s heads off, including those of captive US troops, is irrelevant.
    Whether or not the Taliban piss on our dead soldiers is irrelevant.
    What matters is whether US Marines act like professional soldiers rather than act like immature playground brats, and whether they uphold the core values to which they have sworn.
    That’s it. All else is people making bullshit excuses for other people’s inappropriate behavior. And you call yourselves conservatives! You sound more like liberals to me.
    And by the way, two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because an enemy mistreats the corpse of one of our soldiers doesn’t mean it’s okay to turn around and do the same thing.

    • Decapitating US citizens irrelevant? Tell that to the parents of Pearl, Berg, and all the parents of others so brutually murdered by these monsters.
      Playground brats? Guess you haven’t spent anytime in combat or lived with someone that survived through it. It’s hardly a playground. Can you imagine the mindset it takes to survive out there? The raw anguish of watching Taliban kill your brothers? Holding the hand of a fellow soldier killed by Taliban and having them die in your arms?
      Considering what these men must experience I can’t blame them for “mistreating” the corpse of Taliban. Pick up a gun, take some gunfire, watch a brother die in combat and get back to me as to what you deem appropiate in combat.

    • We shouldn’t “sink to their level” but then we can’t compare ourselves to them? Please pick one.
      No one’s saying our guys didn’t behave badly. As crude Carlos Mencia said about Abu Ghraib: “Hey, listen, if you tell me I’m an American and I’m a piece of s*** because I torture people, when you finally show me the pictures it better not look like s*** that I did at college. … It was not torture. Torture is something different. … Don’t mix torture with ‘eh, we f*****-up,’ don’t ever mix the two.” Same applies here.


  12. Amen to that!

  13. The Marine Corp official statement was full of it, the actions taken were exactly in line with the Marine Corp, be proud Marines, those guys did nothing wrong.

  14. I served 1463 days 1965/1969 & would like to explain Bonnies plight to others here who may be confused as to her continued belligerence when confronting the truth of any situation. Bonnie is a C.U.N.T., an acronym meaning Cannot Understand Normal Thinking. .. sadly she is not alone in this world of selfish, self absorbed hooray for me generation Y’s who think only of themselves & parrot the platitudes that were fed them by liberal progressive professors of The Great Society. Speaking of LBJ, don’t waste time going to pee on his grave as he is buried on private property & you won’t get away with it. When he died they couldn’t find a coffin large enough to bury him & his ego in so they gave him an enema & buried him in a shoebox……

  15. If it was the other way round, the Tallies peeing on dead Americans, the loony left would have nothing to say. It would make the liberal loony lefts day!


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