Marine meets daughter for first time

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0 responses to “Marine meets daughter for first time

  1. What a precious baby girl! I like her head-bow and pink booties! 😀
    Please God, keep her dad safe.

  2. You should have done a little bit of research before publishing this story…. This guy is NOT a US Marine, nor has he ever served in any branch of the armed forces ever. He is a civilian contractor mechanic that fixes vehicles. Claiming false accolade should be illegal. This guy is taking credit for something men and women have died for, and he shamelessly strolls around telling people he is a Marine??? Dude should be ashamed of himself. Am I the only one who finds this completely insulting???

    • I posted what a news station reported. Where’s your proof he’s not military?

      • I know him personally. He’s a civilian contractor for D.O.D. He fixes armored personnel carriers, and at no time in any of his 4 trips over seas has he ever been in any kind of danger. ever.

        • Link to your claim?

          • its not my job to justify HIS claim of Military service, nor is it my job to justify my comments calling him out for lying. I wouldn’t publicly blast this guy if it wasn’t the truth… think about it? what would I gain by making this up???

            • “I wouldn’t publicly blast this guy if it wasn’t the truth”

              Yeah, right. You make an accusation, refuse to back it up with even one scintilla of source or evidence (“its [sic]not my job to justify my comments”), but you expect us to just believe you.

            • CNN says he’s a Marine Contract Comm Field Specialist. Every site reports this so I have no idea of his exact standing in military.

              What I do know is he has been in that hell hole of Afghanistan doing a job that the majority of the population would never sign up to do.To think any one serving in Afghanistan is never in danger is completely absurd.

              This still doesn’t ruin my joy of seeing a father, away in a combative war zone, seeing his daughter for the first time.

              • Like I said… Contractor…. NOT armed forces. I’m not taking away from his separation from his newborn. There is no shame in sacrificing valuable time with your family to work a job overseas in order to provide for your family. As a man, and a provider for his family, i salute his commitment…. But there is shame in lying about the level of that commitment and claiming to be a US Marine.. a title thousands have proudly died protecting. I cant imagine leaving my children for over a year…. don’t get it twisted, I understand that portion of sacrifice… but claiming to have served in our US armed forces when you haven’t… washes out all the good in this story. And the fact that hes been confronted about this by family and friends and stubbornly holds strong to the lie is the worst part.

                • He didn’t say in the vid he was a Marine. I have no idea what he is saying and have no proof of your claim he’s running around lying about his military background. I’m done with this portion unless you want to prove your statement.

                  What I do know is even if he’s a contractor he’s still in that hell hole. Anyone in a combat war zone deserves respect for possibly sacrificing their life to assist our troops.


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