Marine Kid Shows What He Thinks of Obama

On Christmas Day, Obama and Michelle Antoinette dropped by a Marine Corps base in Honolulu during their Christmas dinner for a photo op.
One young boy greeted Obama by sticking his tongue out at the “commander-in-chief” while the two posed for a picture.

HaHaHaHaHa. Give the boy a medal!
This is how the First Lady was dressed, sans wig, for the occasion — she who cost taxpayers an extra $63,000 (at a minimum) because she refused to wait a couple of days to fly with Barack to Hawaii for their vacation.

[Source: Daily Mail]
For all of Obama’s faux concern for our military men and women, do not forget that this is the same man who let a Bronze Star-decorated U.S. Army surgeon, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, to be court martialed, sentenced to prison, and tossed out of the military–his reputation and career in tatters. All Obama had to do to stop the court martial from taking place is to produce his original long-form birth certificate.
If I were in his place, and I indeed was born in the United States as claimed, I would — in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you?
A Daily Mail reader left this most interesting comment:

My son is a Marine stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, where Obama is visiting. What’s not being reported is that His presence has made the gym and other facilities “off limits” to everyone else. If the Marines want to work out, the must now use the Navy gym on the other side of the island at Pearl Harbor! A two hour round trip drive, easily. This has been mandated just in case the president might want to shoot a few hoops.
So much for genuine concern for our guys returning from Afghanistan! All the Marines are to him is a convenient photo op. Bah. Humbug.
– Tigerized, Livermore, CA, USA, 26/12/2010 11:15


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Everyday people are ” sick and tired” of being told how fashionable, fit and glamorous Michelle is by the MSM. Her overexposed flesh in a tank top (with left strap falling down) has broken the “tacky ceiling”.
Question of the day to Mrs. O: Do you have functioning mirrors in the home?


Kid’s too funny!


I’m with DCG on the kid.
The response to the kid and the whining about a presidential visit causing problems is just rude. I was first going to say would people be as rude if it were a white president with the same ideas and I had to stop and say yes there are people that would be that rude just because they have different opionions. We used to have great cartoons about presidents and their leanings but your run of the mill rudness is a change. Part of our national decline I think.