Maricopa High teacher mocks student for Pledge of Allegiance

Darla Dawald of Patriot Action Network reports, March 30, 2012, that a teacher at Arizona’s Maricopa High School mocked a female student for standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance.
The student’s dad, Greg, posted the incident on Facebook. This is what he wrote:

So if your kids go to school at Maricopa High do they stand for the Pledge? I think you might be surprised. My daughter is the only one in her class to stand and the teacher joined in with the class to mock her about it. I am so angry right now!!!!

I am so upset about it. The teacher then asked her to stay after class to talk about it and it embarrassed her even more. She wrote her feelings, her precious heart could not say what she felt, and she hated the feeling of the class and now he wants to try to take her to the counselor to ‘talk’ about it.

I am very proud of my daughters. They have had many experiences to be one of the few or the only one to stand in many situations for honorable values and standards.  

Please join me in calling Maricopa High School at (520)568-5100 to let them know what you think. Remember to be courteous and polite but firm. The Teachers name is Mr. Almond.

I went onto Maricopa High School’s website. Here’s contact info for the school:

  • Address: 45012 W. Honeycutt Ave., Maricopa, AZ 85139
  • Phone: (520) 568-8100
  • Fax: (520) 568-8119

The school’s principal is June Celaya, (520) 568-8100 ext. 4017, email:
I cannot find a Mr. Almond among the school’s staff, but there is a male teacher named Charles Allman, (520) 568-8100 ext. 4087, e-mail:
The Superintendent is Jeff Kleck.  You may send emails to the Governing Board which is made up of 5 community members who “work hard to ensure that the children in our community receive the best educational opportunities possible” by clicking on this link:


Less than an hour after I posted this, Fellowship of the Minds received an e-mail from a public relations firm on behalf of Maricopa High School, containing a statement from the school’s principal:

MARCH 30, 2012

(Maricopa, Ariz.) – Following is statement from June Celaya, principal of Maricopa High School, regarding a student who recently observed the pledge of allegiance.

“On Wednesday, March 28, 2012, a student stood to take part in observing the pledge of allegiance, while others in the classroom chose to remain seated – a right, and a choice, given to every student per our MUSD School Board Policy regarding ceremonies and observances. Those who choose not to participate are expected to observe the courtesy of not disturbing others.

Unfortunately the student who stood to observe this patriotic right, returned to her seat prior to finishing the pledge and indicated that she felt mocked and embarrassed by other students in the room via written communication to the teacher, Mr. Charles Allman. Mr. Allman then asked to speak to the student privately to clarify her concerns. Upon determining her feelings, Mr. Allman followed protocol and reported the incident to the counselor, with whom the student was given the option to speak. It was Mr. Allman’s first priority to ensure the student felt safe in her learning environment, which is truly a second home for all students.

Maricopa High School, and the entire District, cultivate a supportive learning environment and a community in which our students, staff and parents feel safe. It was Mr. Allman’s first and only concern to ensure the student in question did not feel embarrassed or hurt in any way, by practicing in this patriotic observance, which is a point of pride for our great nation and those who serve the country to sustain our freedom.”

— June Celaya, Principal of Maricopa High School
For more information on the Maricopa Unified School District visit or call (520) 568-5100.
CELL: 480.220.6051

You can also read MHS’s Pledge of Allegiance Statement in PDF format, here.

Update (March 31):

Last night, this post attracted a flood of comments by individuals claiming to be Maricopa High students and parents, all defending Allman as “an exceptional teacher.”
According to Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 4, of the U.S. Code, the Pledge “should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present and not in uniform may render the military salute. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute.”
If Mr. Allman is such “an exceptional teacher,” why did he not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance? Not only is that the proper etiquette, when he saw that out of an entire class of students, only one student (Greg’s daughter) stood up, as the teacher he should have stood up himself, as well as urge the other students also to stand — if only to spare the girl embarrassment. I was a teacher — a university professor — for 25+ years. I would have done that, for the sake of the girl, even if I didn’t believe in standing at attention for the Pledge.
By allowing a situation in his classroom where a lone student stood alone for the Pledge, this “exceptional teacher” not only was insensitive to the feelings of one of his students, he also set a very poor example to the other students by violating the U.S. Code.

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0 responses to “Maricopa High teacher mocks student for Pledge of Allegiance

  1. They’ll be hearing from me! Jerks!

  2. Patriots need to organize and be ready (as the Al Sharptons of this world are) to swarm schools or businesses or courts when these ridiculously unamerican acts occur. Hopefully, the media starts to cover some of it if there are enough people involved. Bet the teacher voted Domocrat.
    Bless that student and her father who obviously has raised her to be a real American.
    Go Sheriff Joe!!!

  3. This has me so upset. The teacher should be ashamed and sent packing. But this is what kids are subjected to on a daily basis by some psychotic teachers who have a left wing agenda.. It’s happening in the schools at all grade levels and of course at the college level. I hope they make a big a””” stink about this guy. The school should be admonished as well.
    By the way, I went to the school’s website, and they list all the teachers there. The only name close to the one listed above is Allmon. So I don’t think it is Almond, I think it is Allmon.

  4. Wow. the stuff students have to contend with. With liberal and or ignorant teachers in Grade Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, especially University’s (were liberal ideology likes to just hang out). Cheers for this Student. Stay strong doing the right thing and I Guarantee you will be going very far in life, heads and tails aead of everyone else. GREAT CHARACTER.
    Since liberal ideology can’t actually produce anything, it hangs out in Universities or does damage to a great country. If you want to contribute to a great country then produce. Create, build, invent, contribute……These are what conservatives are busy doing.

  5. That’s OK sweetie…Just tell Mr. Allman that Uncle Dan
    and his Viet Nam biker buddies are planning a little visit
    and we’ll ALL discuss it then.

  6. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed.

  7. Public schools today are Marxists indoctrination camps period.

    • Please elaborate.

      • Please do your homework. Suggest you research the teachers that pull kids out of school to protest Walker, attend immigrant rallies, pride parades; schools removing “offensive” language; schools pushing homosexual agendas; schools pushing a socialist utopia where everyone has the same size house and uses public transportation; teachers that promote liberal politicians and socialist agendas; etc. There are thousands of examples if you look hard enough.

      • Please pull your head out of your ass and pay atention.
        Seriously, do you even know what Marxism is?

      • Well, Ryan, the below clip is from the 1987 miniseries “Amerika” depicting life after a Soviet takeover… what was meant to be extreme and oppressively Marxist-Leninist there is, actually, realistic of what left/liberal educators expect children to learn today. But don’t take my (or ABC’s) word for it, go copmare what you see below with wha they teach in school now for yourself.

  8. First of all, this America-hating “teacher” needs to be fired immediately.
    Secondly, I hope this child’s father is currently looking up lawyers in Arrogant A$$hole Barristers ‘R’ Us, and then sets about litigating the county school system into abject bankruptcy.
    That is the only thing these freedom-hating commie pukes understand.
    Government schools = child abuse.

  9. While I have no doubt this girl felt embarrassed by the lack of student participation it would be prudent to not jump to the conclusion that the teacher did something to mock her. Before we begin the hate mongering and name calling perhaps we should make sure all the facts are in. I know it may be difficult for some to believe but not all maricopa teachers are democrats or political and there are those like Mr. Allman who are good teachers and take the safety of their students seriously. I am a mother of four adult children and more than once I had to stand up for my kids against unjust and foolish teachers. I also had to take them back to school to appologize a few times when they were wrong. Don’t jump to convlusions unless u have all the facts.

    • Thelma,
      Please point to where in my post I engaged in “hate mongering and name calling.”
      Do u have all the facts?

      • Please point to where she said your name. If she replied to your post it could be a statment meant for you.

      • I was not responding to any one person but to the whole mess this has turned into. Just to clarify I am a veteran of the United States Navy, always stand for the Pledge of Allegence and The National Anthem. I have fought to protect the rights of the American people, I love my country and I am a libertarian. I am as far right as one can get, and I would never assume a persons guilt without all the facts. I am appalled by the hateful responses this has provoked. We as a people need to stop letting hate rule our thoughts and actions. Her rights were given full attention. The rights I’d the others to not participate were honored as well. I don’t agree with their lack of participation but it isn’t one teachers fault. He was doing his job. Take a breath. Remember we are on the same side. I just happen to know the facts from both sides. This has been blown totally out of proportion.

        • You are absolutely correct Thelma. Thank you for your selfless dedication to fight for our Freedom! I was upset that the Flag is not honored anymore, in any public school system, ours included.

        • Thank you Thelma for your service as well.
          Curious, were you in the classroom when this happened? If not, who was you source for the facts?

          • Wow, this young lady is going to have a tough Monday morning. After reading some of these comments…Well, I hope that she and her family knows that we will be praying for her.

        • Thelma,
          Thank you for your service in the U.S. Navy.
          All I did in my post is convey the girl’s father, Greg’s distress at how his daughter had been mocked for standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance. I then found contact info on the school so that readers can communicate with and ask questions directly to Mr. Allman, the teacher in question, and the school’s principal. When I received the principal’s Statement from the public relations firm, I immediately posted the Statement, which, in my opinion, didn’t really give us a clear picture of what actually happened.
          Some of this blog’s readers believed Greg the father’s account of what happened and, understandably, were upset. It is now up to Greg and Allman to come forth and relate what actually happened, without the mumbo jumbo obfuscating language of a public relations spinner. But they haven’t done that, as of this morning.
          Since you say you “know the facts from both sides,” it’d sure be good if you would be so good as to tell us what they are, and how exactly the facts from “the other side” differ from Greg’s version.

    • Well that would be good advice for the Martin shooting case as well…
      I have nieces going thru public schools. Both were called out in front of classes for reasons that shouldn’t have happened. I have a friend that pulled her son into Catholic school after a teacher announced something about him in front of the class, which she shouldn’t have done. On all cases, there was nothing parents could do. Teachers are protected by unions, period. The majority have an agenda to push by the unions. You can’t be better, patriotic, richer, prettier, etc. Too many instances to not believe they follow their own union/socialist rules.

  10. No wonder teachers have no control anymore. There are those like this scumbag that do not command respect and b/c of teachers like him the great ones suffer. We do not even demand the kids to stand up and show their respect, especially to the symbol of Freedom. The People of this Great Nation were once proud to be Americans. The porous ones are now a minority. What have we done to our youth? ONE Nation Under God….we need to remember that.
    Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation. (Joel 1:3 KJV)

    • I can’t believe that she was the only one standing…just unbelievable and sad that kids are so disrespectful and can’t acknowledge the free country that they live in.

      • Exactly DCG-
        They should stand and say it everyday! Even though his child was hurting and as a parent you hurt when your child hurts, don’t you know that her Dad is so proud of her though. That is one of those moments as a parent that you hit your knees and Thank The LORD that b/c of Him, all of those years you did something right! I pray that my children will never be part of the majority, b/c nowadays the majority hardly ever stands for anything. This young lady represents hope for our nation’s future!

      • DCG-
        Have you looked this teacher up? I searched “Maricopa School Mr. Allman” His “Quote of the Day” on Facebook link popped up. He has drawings from the students, (I am assuming the drawings are from students) one drawing, on Mr. Allman’s own Facebook Page, is of “Mr. Allman” hanging out of the window shooting a gun with one hand and flipping someone off with the other while smiling. Is it not a tad bit disturbing that students have the type of relationship that they can give their teacher a hand drawn picture like? Something about this whole thing stinks, IMO.

        • If he wasn’t a teacher he’d be fired for having a drawing of holding a gun. Remember the Canadian dad who
          Was held when his son drew a pic of him holding a gun? And the kid on Fix News that was suspended for same thing?
          Dang, all this talk of guns now….good thing I’m going to gun range again today! Take that Second Amendment haters 🙂

  11. We’re in Pinal County. He is not our Sheriff. You might want to research things before you reply with such ignorant comments.

  12. To the so called ‘adults’ in the comment section at the moment:
    First of all, I currently attend Maricopa high school, and in my class EVERY students rises and says the pledge. We have our JROTC raise’s the flag every morning and takes it down at the end of the day. It is not the school that caused the ruckus and we are just as patriotic as every other school.
    Second, The student that reported the incident had every right to tell the councilors but then she did not let the administration handle it. Also, the fact that she felt mocked and sat down before the completion of the pledge because she was the only student standing shows her LACK of patriotism. If she was a true patriot she would have finished the pledge. PROUDLY.
    Thirdly, Mr. Almond is an AMAZING teacher. He might not stand for the pledge but that is his American given right and to slander him for his beliefs is just as bad as this so called ‘mocking’.
    I believe this whole thing was blown out of proportion and I will go to school on Monday like nothing happened, because I will not let people like you hinder my education.

    • Well glad you and other students stand.
      If the teacher doesn’t want to stand, his right. Just sad an educator can’t set a good example.
      As for the student not finishing, not everyone is comfortable standing alone speaking in front of others. Her right to be embarrassed.
      And I stand by my comments. Teachers are controlled by unions and agendas. You’ll learn that once you get out of the public indoctrination system. With age comes wisdom 🙂

      • With age should come wisdom, but, you see in Arizona it is a right to work state. That means that teachers do not have a union. You’d learn that if you knew your facts.

      • Actually Arizona is a right to work state, we do not have Unions. Unfortunately if she is the only student that wants to stand for the pledge she will have to outgrow that discomfort and making a huge deal about this creates discomfort for the students exercising their right not to.

        • No unions? Baloney.

          • David Westermayer

            AEA in technical terms is not an union. No teacher can join the AEA, it may be a governing board for equal pay or rights to teachers but it’s similar to saying that the MUSD board which regulates the high school, middle schools, and elementary schools within district 20 is a union. I am currently a senior in maricopa high school and have had Mr. Allman as a teacher. He is a great teacher and I would enjoy having him again.

            • Suggest you google AZ teachers’s union for some clarification on what the “association” does. Call it what you want, they still fight for an agenda. It’s the same one across America that infects our public schools.
              And there are good teachers. But the majority, unions, and their tactics give us cons a really bad taste in our mouths.

        • It’s the AZ Education Association, a union, that represents employees and fights for their benes, etc.

        • “AEA affiliates negotiate with districts on issues like salary, benefits, working conditions, etc.” Hope they teach you about unions and their roles in that non-unionized public indoctrination system.

        • But, but…if she is a minority in this instance, shouldn’t she receive special treatment? Liberals love dispersing special treatment to those in the minority.

      • Not when It is people like you doing the “teaching”

        • No worries Josh, who is now posting from another email address other than the AZ education system email address you posted from previously. I’m a “right-wing terrorist” that would never be allowed to teach. Hope you don’t teach Debate 101.

      • He did nothing wrong. Get the facts before u slander someone.

    • “Mr. Almond is an AMAZING teacher.”
      Good grief, Jen. If you really are a student at not just Maricopa High, but a student of the teacher in question, then you would/should most definitely know that his name is Charles ALLMAN, not Almond!!!!!!!!!
      Before you lie, at least try to get the right facts so you can at least be just a tad convincing when you prevaricate.

      • Hahaha, you’re right, I’m not a student of him. The WHOLE school knows he’s a great teacher.

  13. So, reading this on here surprised me. First off, I am sure she was not the ONLY one. I mean COME ON! Students stand up for the pledge absent-mindedy. I talked to my daughter today about this when I read it. She is a sophomore and she said she does not even think about it. How can we patronize ONE MAN for all this? He followed protocol and I highly doubt he made fun of her. He is a teacher and I am not sure how many of you went to public schools. I did. I never has a bad teacher like this. Teachers know how to conduct themselves. You do not know this teacher personally you do not know if he said it. This is ridiculous.

    • Schoolmom,
      Your entire comment is pure speculation, with not a dollop of fact about this case. Nor does your personal experience matter, nor does your daughter’s experience matter (unless she was in Allman’s class), just as the personal experience of others who’ve had bad teachers also have NOTHING to do with this particular teacher (Allman) and this particular school (Maricopa Hi) and this particular girl (Greg’s daughter).
      Finally, since you proudly proclaim yourself to be a “schoolmom,” you really should better acquaint yourself with the English vocabulary. Your sentence “How can we patronize ONE MAN for all this?” makes no sense. The word “patronize” means “to act as a patron to; to support or sponsor” — and that most definitely isn’t what you mean.

    • Perhaps it’s not too late for you to sue your parents for child abuse.
      After all, they packed you off to the clutches of government goonion morons to be “educated.”
      If it had been me (and thank God it wasn’t) I’d be seriously pissed off.

  14. adolfo franco

    Most of the people who are commenting on this are ridiculous.. half of them can’t even spell properly.. secondly, mr.allman is an exceptional teacher. If you’re looking for a smart man, he’s your guy.. though he has a sense of humor, I Doubt he would mock someone who sayd the pledge.. and the name calling is absurd, especially considering that most people who are commenting are supposed to be “open minded adults who can make cognitive judgements based on the situation.” The majority of the “adults” on this forum need to grow up a little. Not to mention a good 1/4 of them have NO idea what they’re talking about.. (I.e sheriff joe arpaio being the sheriff of pinal county and the ignorance that’s being expressed by the “right wing” assholes who think that being a liberal Determines the quality of a person)

    • Actually being a liberal is quite revealing of one’s character. See the “left wing pathology” page. And calling someone profane names speaks to your character as well.

    • Wow! We must be talking to parents…if yall are not actually students. If that is the case then I feel sorry for the future of your children’s school system. The kids learn from the example their parents set for them. Obviously showing respect is not something they understand. I would be furious if my child was to lazy to get out of a chair and stand during the Pledge.
      Freedom is NOT Free, it comes with a huge cost! Many soldiers have given their lives for this Great Nation. Our Flag is a symbol of that Freedom, which is taken for granted to often. You do not realize how privileged you are to live in a Free country and if God forbid, something happens and that Freedom is stripped away, you will wish that we had a symbol of Freedom to Respect and HONOR by standing! Maybe this is one of the reasons our Nation is facing so many uphill battles. No one fights, respects, or honors something far greater than themselves anymore.

      • Trust me, we are students. We take pride in our school and to have it and it’s faculty slandered upon is something I don’t tolerate and will stand up for. Next time you write a biased article, you should try interviewing people OTHER than the person making the complaint… I mean come on, that’s just good journalism. I cherish the fact that we live in a free country and say the pledge every morning but I also cherish the fact that other students don’t have to. Just like I believe people should be able to worship what every god how they want. Our ‘school system’ Is fantastic, I bet you didn’t read about how last night we have the grand opening for our brand new PAC and the color guard did a performance and the choir sang the nation anthem, and you know what? EVERY person in the auditorium stood and put their hands over their hearts. So do judge our school system, parents, and teachers for you stereotypes.

        • *do not.
          Holy cow guys, I’m going to bed. -.-

        • Miranda didn’t write this post, so don’t blame her for any bias. And Doc didn’t report any bias, she posted what was stated on FB.
          You want journalism? Don’t expect it from ABC, MSNBC, et al. Everyone has an opinion.

        • Stereotypes? You mean beliefs, correct? Liberal logic after all.

    • adolfo franco

      When typing on a phone keyboard, its not hard to accidentally hit the wrong button, not to mention I’m not gonna sit here and hit the SHIFT key on my phone every time a proper noun comes up. I’ll give credit where its due. I’m a lazy texter..sorry? Some words are capitalized unnecessarily because I accidentally also hit the period which automatically capitalized the next word. And to clarify (in case you didn’t know this either) maricopa is a small town in pinal county and not maricopa county, ergo it’s out of señor arpaio’s jurisdiction. Him coming up in this conversation is useless. When I think of people who I’m supposed to look up to as a young adult (though your rebuttal was very thought out, which we can all appreciate) I don’t think you people are the right advice. Clearly, some of these people are as ignorant as any other child.. most (mature) people would look at it from multiple angles and assess the situation. Yet, on here it’s all “fire allman” because of an article on a clearly biased website.

  15. Love the passive voice commentary that denies personal responsiblity and that the protocol for this was to have the student speak with the counselor like she was bulimic… how mighty liberal of them.

  16. It scares me, that in today’s battle of fuel prices, foreign policy, terrorism and our global economic standing there are still people out there who have chosen to fight battles on topics that have no relevance to life outside of ones own mind. Today Maricopa High School is yet again under the magnifying glass, and man do I feel bad for their principle, June Celaya. Today the US is rocketing towards a presidential election that is going to be one of the hardest in the history of the United States, and it is people like those at “fellowshipofminds” ( That make is so important that all people pay attention to what is ALWAYS going on around them.
    I do not care what a wanna-be presidential nut case says, education is a driving factor in success in life, and college is the only way to get there. People who front arguments on logic that is both uneducated and biased do not come across as wise or noble. They come across as dumb. Today I say the same thing I said a year ago and the same thing I will say the rest of my educated life:
    I do not care what political party you are in, what color your skin is, your sexual orientation or which state you claim home. If you do not vote for the betterment of this country you are letting your fellow countrymen down, as well as risking a violent and dramatic end to the democracy we all hold so dear.
    The pledge is something that you have the right to do, and no matter how “patriotic” you are, you dont have to do it. I am the son of military men, the brother of men at arms and a friend of many over seas and I am sure that they would be disheartened to think that they are fighting for students rights to freedom, only to be told what to do.

    • Josh, we here at FOTM post on the important issues facing our country everyday. But I gather you didn’t take much time to read our thousands of posts during the past three years.
      Seeing that your address is from an AZ education system, I gather you came here to make some sort of point.
      What, all you guys in AZ can’t spend more time focusing on the really important issues?

    • Josh, you say, “…education is a driving factor in success in life, and college is the only way to get there.” I’m sorry to disagree with you, but a college education does not necessarily mean a successful life. Depending on your criteria, success can mean quite a few things. But, if we go by monetary success, Bill Gates (I hope you have heard of him) did not graduate from college and is one of the wealthiest men in the world.

      • Steve Jobs didn’t graduate from college either. Nor did Rush Limbaugh. All were/are highly successful, by whatever criteria.

      • Dude, I’d have paid real $$$ to earn a College Equivalency Degree instead of having to sit through the “college experience” for its own sake.

    • You need to pull your head out of your ass, too.
      Government “education” is a big reason why we are about to go over the cliff as a nation, as for the last ten decades, these so-called “skools” have been churning out dumbMass sheeple.
      If you doubt this, just look at the Dear Ruler’s current approval ratings, which are still well over 40%.

  17. Well…I see that the Mr. Allman support group is out tonite! Kinda reminds me of Ron Paul commenters…you don’t know if there is one w/many names or if all are actually different. 😀

  18. No Matter the intelligence, “stupid is as stupid does”. At 7 years of age in the class room, I was falsely accused for some missing yarn, I was directed to the front of the class, instructed to grab my ankles and paddled with ping pong paddle. When completed I was then instructed to adorn the “Dunce Hat” and sit on the “Dunce Chair” for the duration of the class. Already been bashful in nature, I was ruined. Never forgiving Teachers, and succumbed to “stage fright”, I never completed High School beyound 10th grade.
    I went on to enlist in the Marine Corps and was honored with the privilege to fight for freedom in Viet Nam. Now 62 years of age, married 40 yrs 1 wife, 37yrs in business with the same including 3 children. I fly my flag every day, I honor it and my country with a salute as often.
    I will never be so ignorant as to not recognize that Teachers and Professors are destroying our children with their ideologies, liberalisims and quest to destroy the very constitution that provided there freedom to destroy our children, without consequence. Go figure.

    • Amen Rodjo!
      Thank you for your selfless dedication to fight for OUR FREEDOM! I gladly stand with my hand over my heart for the Flag! I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN and I pray that I will succeed in teaching my own children to believe in something far greater than themselves. Freedom is taken for granted and the cost is high. ❤Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!❤ We are so undeserving! (This is a perfect example of why.)

    • Thank you rodjo for your service. Much appreciated!

  19. I’ve been directed to this site by a few of my high school peers who are disturbed by the injustice of this whole ordeal. I am both a born-again Jesus Freak and an academic enthusiast, and I have two major concerns I would like to put across.
    First of all, knowing several students in this class, I can tell you that the incident you posted about simply isn’t true as stated. I don’t understand why you would like to risk the reputation of your blog on pathos-ridden, conveniently-ethos-free articles with the simple effect of stirring up controversy. If you are so hungry for content for your blog, by all means, cover an issue as petty as this one, but don’t use angry-parent-hearsay. Please?
    Second of all, I am taken aback by the posting of this article because I do not understand the intent behind it. Something tells me the poster of this article wasn’t niave enough to actually believe the content of it, but even if you were, what purpose could posting it have served? If you knew it wasn’t true, then you would have known that it was just contributing to rumors and bad publicity for a high school which truly needs neither. If you did believe it, then you would simply be bombarding a high school administration that has already followed all procedures, arranged for a meeting and issued a statement with worthless messages and phone calls. In other words, you’d simply be delaying the process of justice which you seek.
    Please use a little more thought before posting articles in the future – especially when they involve a high school. The education of 1600 students is riding on this institution, and battering its administration with ill-informed phone calls certainly isn’t going to help you, them, or any of the students.
    Thank you for your time,

    • TJ,
      I appreciate your civility and courtesy, which reflect well on you and Maricopa High.
      But please re-read my article. What I did was the following:
      (1) Conveyed the words of a student’s father and his distress;
      (2) Provided readers with contact info to find out what happened;
      (3) Gave an update immediately after I received the school principal’s Statement (which, alas, didn’t really clarify what happened).
      That’s what blogs of the alternative media do, just as we’ve done with countless other incidents, such as the Olive Garden that refused to let a citizens group bring an American flag, or an apartment complex run by St. Vincent’s taking down the American flag put up by a veteran. Please be so good as to specify what exactly it was that I did wrong? Did I write lies? Did I twist anyone’s words to suit an agenda? Should I have just remained silent in the face of a seeming injustice?
      That’s what the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA do: We do what the partisan, ideologically-compromised, and gutless Main Stream Media don’t do.
      Get used to it.

  20. If you go back to the american revolution and took time to study our forefathers you would understand that before our constitution was written Americans demonstrated their patriotism was by their actions, and what they did to contribute to their cause. I believe it was George Washington who wrote about how people create sayings and form groups to feel that they belong to something. He also disapproved in making a flag for our country because he felt there wasn’t a need for one. Later president johnson came out and exclaimed that a pledge does nothing to help our country, it is merely words that unless taken action has no meaning. I believe he is right. It is the right of every american to either stand or sit during the pledge and just because you do doesn’t mean every does. You saying that he is socialist is like saying you don’t like peanutbutter without ever tasting it. Yeah, sure you might talk about the problems that have been going on but what have you done that has completely changed anything? I am a student a Maricopa High School and am proud to call myself a student from there. I am not going to defend Mr Allmon, I am going to defend the right every american has based on the constitution that not even you can debate and if you want to, then go right ahead because many of our presidents of old spoke against it. I wouldn’t doubt that if one of them were in there they wouldn’t stand because they are just empty words. And no one knows except for the students in that classroom know if she were mocked. If she was the only person who said that she was mocked its like a girl telling her parents she was raped to get out of the consequences of being punished. People like this are what you call attention-getters. They just love to have all the attention on them. It’s sad but many times its true. But truth is none of know the truth so stop acting like you actually know what happened that day.

    • jtan,
      You really should read what you yourself wrote and take the advice that you yourself dispensed. Here’s what you wrote:
      “And no one knows except for the students in that classroom know if she were mocked. If she was the only person who said that she was mocked its like a girl telling her parents she was raped to get out of the consequences of being punished. People like this are what you call attention-getters. They just love to have all the attention on them. It’s sad but many times its true. But truth is none of know the truth so stop acting like you actually know what happened that day.”

  21. Hold the phone…Jtan!
    “If she was the only person who said that she was mocked its like a girl telling her parents she was raped to get out of the consequences of being punished.”
    What? I’m sorry, but would you mind explaining that comparison for me? I just cannot see how the first situation compares to the second situation. I’m praying that there is a chance that I misunderstood your point.

  22. Nevermind! I’m going to bed!

  23. Hey, ryan,
    You do realize that your vicious vile comment to lindarm not only entirely defeats the legitimacy of your criticism of lindarm, you’ve also exposed your true face to our readers. I sure hope not all Maricopa High students (or faculty) are like you.

  24. Mr. Allman is a phenomenal teacher and I have heard him state what he said to the student once before; that he believes we should pledge to the CONSTITUTION, not the flag. He was only making an educational comment and being one of his students, I KNOW that he would never intend to offend a student for their patriotism. Students just need to pay attention to the message the teacher is intending to convey, because it is not the first time a history teacher’s words have been MISUNDERSTOOD. This is unfair towards Allman, not the student herself.

  25. Mr. Almond, he must be some kind of nut.

  26. His name is Mr. Allman and he is an exceptional teacher. This whole thing is being made a bigger deal than it needs to be. It’s sad that people use things like this to make our school look like a horrible place. Maricopa High School has grown so much and gotten so far in these past few years and I will not sit and listen to adults trash my high school, or any of the teachers who work there. Nobody is perfect, but I know that our administrators and teachers work hard to make our school a place where people want to be. So stop criticizing and go bake cookies for your neighbor, or something that helps make this world a better place.

    • Quincee,
      Yes, we know his name is Charles Allman. I found that out by going on your school’s website.
      According to Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 4, of the U.S. Code, the Pledge “should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present and not in uniform may render the military salute. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag, and render the military salute.”
      If Mr. Allman is such “an exceptional teacher,” why did he not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance? Not only is that the proper etiquette, when he saw that out of an entire class of students, only one student (Greg’s daughter) stood up, as the teacher he should not only have stood up himself, but urged the other students also to stand — if only to spare the girl of embarrassment. I was a teacher — a university professor — for 25+ years. I would have done that, for the sake of the girl, even if I didn’t believe in standing at attention for the Pledge.
      By allowing a situation in his classroom where a lone student stood alone for the Pledge, your “exceptional teacher” not only was insensitive to her feelings, he also set a very poor example to the other students by violating the U.S. Code.

    • Ain’t free speech a beautiful thing? Wait until you are a father/mother. If that was your child you might feel differently about their situation.
      In case you didn’t notice, this is a conservative blog, not liberal. There are many vets here, children of vets, and others that fought/fight hard for our freedoms. We get a little irked when this kind of thing happens.
      My last comment on this thread. I need to go bake some cookies 😉

  27. He is a great teacher but he has no right no mock the girl. It’s her right and she can do what she wants. Mr. Almond is amazing but he does have problems with keeping his mouth shut at times. But everyone should embrace their rights.

  28. Wow. Just. Wow. This whole ordeal is blown out of proportion. I was in that class, at the time of the incident. The student wasn’t mocked by Mr. Allman. And another thing: teachers are by no means required to say the pledge. Everyone in the room knew why he didn’t stand, as is everyone’s right to stand or not for the pledge. We (including Mr. Allman) did not stand, however, we all observed in silence and respect for the pledge.

    • I have to ask Alex, if you “all observed in silence and respect for the pledge” why not go ahead and stand and say it? I am being sincere, I truly am trying to see where your side is coming from. can you help?

      • Not many of us stand because we rather be doing our classwork, that option may sound bad but it is our choice.

        • Actually in our school, every class has an assigned bellwork for the first 10 minutes of class. It get our minds going and tests what we learned the day before. In our first hour the pledge starts about 7 minutes into class so we’re all finishing up our thoughts or getting ready to start class, so some students choose to stay seated to finish this. It’s not purposefully assigned to keep up from saying the pledge.

    • According to Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 4, of the U.S. Code, the Pledge “should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.
      But for pathological narcissists, it’s “rules don’t apply to me”, because narcissists make up their own rules, because they think they’re so much better than — superior — to the rest of us.

  29. Benjamin Brookman

    (I wrote this to the Maricopa Unified School District’s Governing Board)
    I am an OIF veteran, and I have been informed of an incident that happened at this high school about a young woman being ridiculed by her class and teacher for standing during the Pledge of Allegiance. To make things worse- if the information is accurate- the teacher made the student stay after class to “talk about it”. Why? For doing the honorable thing that every American should do? Was the teacher going to scold her for being a patriot? This would not bother me so much if it was just the other students hazing her, but for the teacher to be involved in the ridiculing of this up-standing young American is utterly gut wrenching.
    I believe that a person has the right to free speech, but I do not like the total disregard of honoring this country with something that takes only 15 second to say. 15 SECONDS. Only by the grace of God did I survive Iraq, but a lot of my friends did not. Next time you say the Pledge think of this (I do now), instead of saying a pledge to a flag or nation, say it to the dead men and women of our armed forces who WANT you to be proud to be American.
    Ret. Sergeant Benjamin Brookman
    U.S. Army OIF 3

    • Thank you, Sgt Brookman, for your valiant service to our country! I appreciate you and I am grateful for your service. As a naturalized U.S. citizen, I have to struggle not to break down in tears when I recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing “America the Beautiful.” For I know what it was like not having a country to call my own, and to live in tyranny (as my parents did).

  30. This has gone way out of probrotion. Mr. Allman is a great teacher and has the right to say the pledge or not, as for the students have that same right. The girl is also not THE ONLY one to same the pledge, I’m also in the same class, there are a few others who stand as well. And I’m pretty sure he did not scold her for being patroit, but asking if she did not feel comfortable.
    And for those who believe they are trying to make our education better by firing Mr. Allman, hateful comment and rude judgements is not the best way. It’s people like you who start these uneccarssy fights and arguments.
    Also the U.S. code pledge does not state that people MUST STAND but SHOULD, written as ti say you have the option.

  31. Lauren Bentley

    Mr. Allman is the single most patriotic person I know of personally. Patriotism is by definition a great devotion to one’s country, and that includes a strict devotion to law and an understanding of the freedoms one is entitled to. As an instructor of both European and United States history, he has developed his own, rather educated and advanced opinions of government and law, and honestly hides them extremely well from his students. With great encouragement and humor, he teaches in all different perspectives, forcing an open and unhindered learning experience, I believe all should be exposed to. The only supposed “crime” Mr. Allman can be accused of is allowing his students, myself included, to think and feel freely as they please and exercise their rights. As Americans, we do not live in a dictatorship where we have to compromise our precious principals by standing up for something we do not believe in. To force one to do so is simply inhumane and unpatriotic to say the least. The best teacher of my high school career should not be slandered for his loyalty to American freedoms and unbiased, ideal way of educating. To suggest otherwise is pure ignorance. I would never be taught anything meaningful from a professor who would regurgitate information from a book blindly without providing his students every side possible to the conflicts in history, and granting them the opportunity to concoct their own opinions on the matter. Our founding fathers were much like my teacher Mr. Allman- with the decency and intelligence to stand up for their beliefs and not sheepishly follow the mainstream. Without them, American would not be.

    • “Patriotism is by definition a great devotion to one’s country, and that includes a strict devotion to law”
      Mr. Allman’s “strict devotion to law” evidently does not extend to Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 4, of the U.S. Code, which specifies the Pledge of Allegiance “should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.”
      “As Americans, we do not live in a dictatorship where we have to compromise our precious principals by standing up for something we do not believe in.”
      principals is mis-spelt. The correct spelling is principles.
      I truly feel sorry for you — and Allman, your teacher — that (1) you don’t believe in the Pledge of Allegiance; and (2) you are so narcissistic, so full of yourself, that you imagine standing up for the Pledge compromises your “precious principals [sic].”
      “and granting them the opportunity to concoct their own opinions on the matter.”
      And “concoct” you do, indeed. To concoct = to invent out of whole cloth.
      “Our founding fathers were much like my teacher Mr. Allman- with the decency and intelligence to stand up for their beliefs and not sheepishly follow the mainstream.”
      You compare Charles Allman to the Founding Fathers?! HaHaHaHaHa. Do you even know who the Founding Fathers were and what they believed in and what they wrote and the polity and institutions they brilliantly crafted?
      “Without them, American would not be.”
      It’s America, not American.

    • “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”
      George Brock Chisholm, in a Speech given at the, Conference on Education, Asilomar, California, September 11, 1954
      George Brock Chisholm said that 4 things must take place before The NWO could succeed:
      1). Destruction of the Monetary System
      2). Destruction of NATIONALISM & PATRIOTISM
      3). Destruction of the Christian Faith
      4). Destruction of the Family
      *IMO, if students are choosing to do homework during the Pledge of Allegiance instead of standing in Honor and Respect, they are succeeding in the destruction of Nationalism & Patriotism. Wouldn’t you agree?

  32. Lauren Bentley

    P.S.) If Mr. Allman is such a terrible, belittling instructor, why are so many of his students willing to expose the injustice against him for what it truly is?

    • If Mr. Allman is such an exemplary instructor, why did Greg’s daughter feel mocked and humiliated?
      The man known variously as Barry Soetoro Stephen Dunham Barack Hussein Obama was voted into power by 96% of blacks, two-thirds of Hispanics, 70% of unmarried women, and 66% of those age 30 or younger. That simply tells me many Americans are duped fools.

      • Sad but true! I don’t think that you understand why so many of us are upset. The fact that you think it is Patriotic to sit in a chair and do homework says more than you will ever know.

  33. Just the fact that all of you judge everyone around you so blindly proves you dont have a right to speak on behalf of this matter concerning Mr.Allman….very wrong of you…so judgemental, its sad..

    • Hey, AP Euro,
      You do realize that by chastising us for being “judgmental,” you are being judgmental yourself. You’ve committed Mannheim’s (logical) Paradox. So sad.

  34. My child is a student in this very class. I am told that there are generally 3 students who stand for the pledge — not just her. She isn’t alone. She may feel that way but it isn’t the case. So the premise of her Dad’s Facebook post is off. We don’t force students to stand and so nothing can be said about the ones who choose to sit. It kills me that this student claims she is being MADE to feel uncomfortable in her class. Remember Eleanor Roosevelt said “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”? Where does the responsibility for her feeling lie, with her or with the teacher?
    The teacher is excellent and does an excellent job of engaging the students. I personally will do my best to support great teachers who actually teach thinking instead of regurgitation!

    • Heidi,
      You wrote: “I am told that there are generally 3 students who stand for the pledge”
      “Generally” is not “specifically”. Your statement therefore is irrelevant to that specific day when — according to both the girl’s father, Greg, as well as the principal’s Statement — only one girl stood alone for the Pledge.
      You also wrote: “It kills me that this student claims she is being MADE to feel uncomfortable in her class.”

      It just kills me how very lacking in compassion and empathy you are for a young girl. The next time you — a mature grown woman many years older than Greg’s daughter — feel insulted, I suggest you remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said.
      Yes. I just insulted you. Now, did Eleanor Roosevelt’s lofty words make you feel less insulted?

  35. I agree with everything that Dr. Eowyn has said and especially, her purposes for communicating this post as set forth above. I also sympathize with the student’s father, who felt distressed because of his daughter’s feelings and how she believed she was treated with great insensitivity. No one said that Mr. Allman was a bad teacher. That is not the point. If this high school stands for the pledge of allegiance and the students put their hands over their hearts, why did not this same behavior exist regarding the incident in question? Nevertheless, in my opinion, the teacher should have also stood up to show respect and care for the proclamation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Perhaps his example would have spurred the other students to stand up as well. This is how teachers really teach and how parents reallly teach – by EXAMPLE. If I was the teacher and saw a student standing by herself alone, I would have immediately stood up for purposes of sensitivity and empathy alone!

  36. You people who believe in the Pledge, including the Maricopa girl, now you know how my daughter feels as the lone “sitter” in her class.
    It requires the courage of your convictions. She doesn’t complain and takes jibs in stride, answering prodding questions from students like, “Why aren’t you standing?” with composure. Her reply is with the most non-contentious words she can find at age 12, “Because I don’t have to. No one does.”

    • Hifi,
      Your daughter must have learnt that ingratitude from you. I sure hope, for you and her sake, that should you find yourself in parlous circumstance, a fireman, police officer, or — HORRORS! — a soldier would not say to you: “Because I don’t have to help you. No one does.”

    • If you don’t believe in the Pledge, then why do you live in this great country? Maybe because you can practice your free will due to the fact so many soldiers fought so hard for our idependence and freedoms.
      Courage of convictions? You’ll never find a better example of that than in a soldier.

  37. To everyone who has spoken negatively of Mr. Allman: 1st and foremost you were not even there to know what happened so your opinion isn’t even considerable. Ask ANYONE that attends Maricopa High and they will tell you Allman is stupendous. All your ignorant comments are extremely unwelcome. The organization that posted this Is “Patriot Action”. They are naturally going to be biased in favor of the student who had no reason to feel offended because Allman is an intelligent man and he would KNOW not to mock a student. You people are making assumptions without proof and are just ridiculing yourselves before the people who actually know what occurred that day at 7 in the morning.


    The pledge is a pledge. Respect is respect. Insult is insult. The school protocol is wrong. This nation is our nation, not to be disrespected by individuals that hold our children hostage, and tell them the pledge is optional. If they don’t want the pledge get rid of it, or have the people that don’t like, get schooled elsewhere. If the teachers think they are above the parents and have more right then the parents sack em. Get the Unions out and return the schools to the parents. OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT THE PROPERTY OF THE STATE. NOT BY A LONG SHOT. REVOLUTION IS ALWAYS READY TO POP UP AND BITE. So liberals take heed to care for our children with out demeaning the REPUBLIC OR IT’S SYMBOLS..
    GF Good job. Elitist drive me nuts.

  39. I was going to leave an intellectual comment on here defending Mr. Allman. He is an absolutely incredible teacher and he was well within his rights. The parents blew this out of proportion and anybody who calls the man unpatriotic is not listening to both sides of the argument. If anyone disagrees with me, come visit me and I’ll be more than happy to show you why you’re incorrect in person. I’m a graduate of MHS one of the most highly regarded students now at Arizona State.

    • I have a Ph.D. and have singly authored 4 university press books and countless refereed journal articles, but although I’ve tried really really hard, I don’t see anything “intellectual” in or about your comment. I do, however, see a sense of superiority and presumptiousness. Being a student at a state university is a dime a dozen, and hardly a notable accomplishment. Before I took early retirement for family reasons, I was a Full Professor at a state university. A good 25% of any freshman class at U.S. colleges and universities shouldn’t even be there, not having the requisite writing or math skills.

    • If you are at ASU then how do you know the parents blew this out of proportion? Were you visiting the class that day? Or did your high school buds give you their side of the story?

    • Note: This morning, more than 4 years after this post was first published, I received an email from mooretolearn1192, asking that I delete his real name, which he had named in his comment above. He writes:
      “My name is xx. I am currently one year out of college and am in the midst of doing my best to make sure my online presence is as clean as possible. I am contacting you because I foolishly left a couple of narcissistic, illogical comments on one of your posts titled “Maricopa High School Teacher Mocks Student for Pledge of Allegiance” and I was hoping that you would be kind enough to delete them for me, as I can’t do that on my own. The reason for this is when I google my own name, this comment is the third link down and it is extremely embarrassing to have next to my name. I understand if this is something you cannot do against your own morals. After growing a bit, I have realized that the actions of our past have inevitable effects on our future and sometimes, that’s just something that we have to live with. However, if it is something you wouldn’t mind taking care of, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. My only plea is that I was somewhat of an insolent child at the time and I no longer have any desire to have a comment attached to my name on the internet that is completely inconsistent with my character. Regardless of your decision, I appreciate your time and hope you have a great day.”
      Because this young man asked politely, and because I believe in second chances, I have acceded to his request by removing the phrase “My name is ….” from his comment.
      ~Dr. Eowyn
      Founder & owner, FOTM

  40. It really isn’t worth my time. I’m a journalism student, so I hear about it all. Find my information and get in contact with me if you really care about my opinion.

  41. Don’t confuse todays journalism with real reporting. Journalism schools exist for one reason only, Marxists indoctrination.

  42. To those of you citing certain codes and what not look at the first and 14th amendment. To those of you saying that sheriff Joe needs to do something we are in Pinal County he has zero jurisdiction here. The student had every right to feel the way she did thats her right. Mr. Allman has every right to not stand to say the pledge that is his right under the constitution. I am a student at MHS and i feel that they handled it in the correct manner and it was blown out of proportion with people who do not even live in the city (the mesa teaparty) coming to the board meeting to discuss their opinions when they do not have a say in the matter because 1 they don’t live in maricopa and 2 they dont have children even going to our school distrcit

    • You certainly mention the word “right” plenty of times.
      Tell me, do those who don’t live in Maricopa or don’t have children in your school district forfeit their First Amendment right in this matter? Where do you draw the line in practicing your First Amendment right? Geographical boundaries? Knowledge of the issue? Actually witnessing an event? How/who defines when one gets to discuss their opinions and when it is guaranteed under the First Amendment?

    • Luke,
      What a strange criterion you have for who has the right to opine about the goings on at Maricopa High School. But even if we were to assume your premise, how do we know you are even who you claim to be — a student at Maricopa High? Your IP address says you’re in Phoenix, AZ, which is 35 miles or 44 minutes away from Maricopa where your supposed high school is. For all we know, you may be Mr. Allman himself or the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia.

  43. Believe me or don’t. Thats up to you. As for my IP adress my stepfather is a huge techy and handles all of the computer stuff. For all i know it could say im in canada. But im not. Im in Maricopa Arizona and i go to MHS. Soldiers fought for our right to say the pledge. They have also fought for our right not to. I have an uncle in the military and plenty of friends with family also in the military. Im not bashing the military in any such manner. And Dr. Ewoyn dude really? You think im Mr. Allman?? Thats just pathetic.

    • What’s pathetic is to claim some one has no say in the matter while defending the First Amendment. Pick a side…

    • No, I don’t think you’re Mr. Allman. I was making a point — which clearly went over your precious little head — that your curious criterion (that only Maricopa High people can comment on this issue) doesn’t even make sense because who’s to say you are even who you claim to be. You really need to take some courses on reading comprehension and logic.
      Finally, after all your many comments berating us, I still haven’t seen you offer even one iota of testimony as a percipient witness (which you claim to be) on what happened that day in class. You have not offered even one dissenting fact that differs from those presented by the girl’s father. All you’ve done is to whine and whine that “outsiders” don’t have the right to comment on what happened at your school.
      Now, that is pathetic.

  44. And i actually have math class with the girl in question. I sit like 5 seats behind her. Find a way to ask her if you don’t believe me.

  45. But does it really affect the people who live in mesa for what happens in Maricopa?

    • Did they teach you to apply qualifiers to the First Amendment in high school?

      • Oh i thought i wasn’t in high school and i was Mr. Allmon in disguise?

        • I see you’ve learned Alinsky 101.
          I didn’t say you weren’t in high school. Eowyn questioned you.
          Back to the First Amendment: support it as is or apply certain qualifiers?

    • I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you don’t like communism? OK well if everyone is MADE to say the pledge in the morning not because they want to but because someone is telling them to and if they don’t they will face consequences. Uhhh hello?? Communism is here and its knocking at your door.

    • If i were to be brainwashed i would say for everyone to say the pledge every morning regardless of what they beleive in. Ever since the first grade we are taught to say the pledge but not explained what it means so by now its almost like second nature. That is not right. To say the pledge you must have some understanding of what it means.

      • Here are the words, in black and white, of the Pledge of Allegiance:
        “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.”
        If you need it “explained” to you what it means, then Maricopa High School sure isn’t the great wonderful school you, Luke, and other alleged students insist it to be because it has failed to teach you the meaning of standard English. And even if your school failed you, there’s the Internet. Don’t you use it all the time to download music, for your Facebook, to look up celebrities and porn? Here’s one site that I found in ONE SECOND by googling “Pledge of Allegiance”:
        Your excuse is pathetic.

        • What’s pathetic is that you have Dr. in front of your name and is wasting your precious time argueing with someone who is 15.

          • I don’t believe Eowyn is arguing with you Luke, just trying to help educate you since your school and parents never taught you what the Pledge of Allegience means. Click on the link…educate yourself!!

          • Wasting my time? I own this blog and I wrote this post on the disgraceful incident in your high school.
            You came onto this blog with no substantive contribution to make — offering not even one dollop of fact that dissents from my account of what happened to Greg’s daughter in Allman’s class. Instead all you’ve been doing is, first, whine that only people of Maricopa High School has “the right” to comment about this incident, thereby demonstrating that neither Allman nor anyone at Maricopa High ever taught you about the U.S. Constitution, esp. the First Amendment’s right to free speech.
            Then, when you were rebutted, you blame others with the lame excuse that you didn’t recite or stand for the Pledge of Allegiance because no one had “explained” the pledge to you.
            Your latest comment is yet another ad hominem attack, addressing no substance but once again playing the victim.
            You decided to come onto Fellowship of the Minds. If you can’t play with adults, then get out of this blog.

            • I think i’ll stay here if its ok with you. 🙂

              • Only if you are interested in conducting a civil, adult conversation. Only if you stop scapegoating, playing the victim, and blaming other people for your ignorance and deficiencies.

          • Haha really must we result to name calling? I guess it was wrong of me to think that we could all act mature here.

            • There you go again — scapegoating, i.e., blaming other people.
              Grouchy is one of the kindest, most gracious men I know. Do be so good as to specify what name(s) he’s called you. Do be so good as to point out how Grouchy was “immature” with you.
              P.S. It’s “resort,” not “result.” You need a course on remedial English.

            • Luke, you are making a fool of yourself and your school. First, GF didn’t call you any names. Second, your remarks indicate your education doesn’t teach you about the Pledge, First Amendment, or English.
              If you want to converse here, please try to stick on point. Maybe even answer a direct question or provide some insight into what actually happened in the classroom.

              • I was called a “loser” while honestly it doesn’t matter to me i just felt like pointing it out.

                • GF said you “will be a loser” if you don’t start applying some critical thinking skills. He didn’t say you are a loser. Semantics, I know. Do they teach that in high school?
                  Have you learned what the Pledge stands for yet? Come to a conclusion about the First Amendment right and its application? Any details on the class incident?
                  It’s getting tiring trying to drag some answers out of you…

      • You are in high school and have never been taught what the Pledge means? Public school…pathetic.
        Course that public education might explain why you want to place qualifiers on the First Amendment.
        Luke, not trying to be mean. I get you are young and indoctrinated. Put that computer to good use and educate yourself!

        • Public school in general is pathetic. Students need to be taught in the first grade that first day when saying the pledge what it means. Not 8 years later in High School.

          • Concur about that public school statement!
            Course there is a little thing called parents…they could educate their children too!

  46. Like was used in that setence as a synonm for about.

    • Grouchy,
      Master Luke’s comments now go into our Spam folder as he has nothing new to say. In fact, from the first, he had nothing substantive to say. Terry is right: It is a waste of our time to continue responding to him.

  47. Is picking on a kid really neccasary? Putting him down for his beliefs and understandings of this event were not needing at all. And to those who simpathizes our generation should also feel sorry for themselves. People who are rude and still don’t get that we ALL HAVE a RIGHT to stand or not for the pledge. Did anyone of you even know that there is a communist saying in the pledge?
    Our generation in endanger because of people like you. We learn from you. Believe in your ideas. And yet here the three of you are, ignoring this young man’s explaination and not letting other prespectives inside. People like you are the reason why our generation is the way it is today…

    • If you freely come to our site to post a comment, don’t think we aren’t going to exercise our First Amendment right.
      I do feel sorry for your generation. Not only does the public indoctrination system teach you to not respect the free country you live in and honor those who fought for her, they don’t teach you proper English as well.

    • “neccasary”? “were not needing at all”? “those who simpathizes our generation”? “our generation in endanger”? “explaination”?
      “People like us” sure aren’t responsible for the sad fact that (a) you cannot spell or write; and (b) instead of taking responsibility for yourself, you play the victim card. For the responsible parties, you should look to your parents, your government school (Maricopa High?), and ultimately yourself. I learnt English as a foreign language, at a private school (paid for by scholarship, with no free govt-paid lunches), in a poor country. If I did it, there’s no excuse for your illiteracy.

    • “People who are rude and still don’t get that we ALL HAVE a RIGHT to stand or not for the pledge” That is true you can opt for home schooling or private schooling but don’t expect real Americans to pay for your anti American claptrap.