March Madness Update: Obama's Starting Line

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In honor of our fearless president intrepidly taking a stand on who will win the NCAA tournament this year, the White House published this rare sighting of him in action (click on image to enlarge):

Our brilliant photo expert Bob Keyser was able to identify each of his reclusive teammates. See if you are able to list them all yourself.

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0 responses to “March Madness Update: Obama's Starting Line

  1. priorities!
    Let’s see, Amelia Earhart, Bigfoot and Waldo. Not sure who the lady in red is…

  2. Hey is that the Marx brothers descendents? lol

  3. Damn. I got two of them wrong.

  4. Carmen Sandiego, Waldo, Amelia Earhart, Bigfoot… Elvis and Jim Morrison are riding the bench this game.

  5. Dave sees President Ears about to have the ball stolen from him by Moochelle.


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