Manufactured controversy: Actor Will Smith not black enough to portray Serena William’s father in a movie

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Williams (l) and Will Smith (r)

Libtard/SJW butt hurt knows no boundaries…

From Yahoo (via Oprah magazine): Will Smith has reportedly signed on to portray Richard Williams, 77-the father of Venus and Serena Williams-in an upcoming biopic titled King Richard. But despite Smith’s incredible range as an actor, the recent casting news has been met online with an unusual combination of praise, derision, and plain outrage from fans.

The controversy doesn’t have anything to do with the 50-year-old star not having a background in tennis, his athletic ability, or lack thereof. Instead, many are questioning whether Smith’s skin tone, as an African-American man, is dark enough to play the father to Serena, 37, and Venus Williams, 38.

On Monday, Deadline announced that Smith was in talks to take on the Williams family’s patriarchal role.

Williams is a Tennis Association Hall of Fame inductee who, in spite of his unfamiliarity with tennis and shortcomings growing up poor in Shreveport, Louisiana, helped mold his two daughters into the Grand Slam champions they are today. He’s also the accomplished author of the 2017 memoir, Black and White: The Way I See It, which could serve as the source material for the King Richard biographical film.

Neither Smith nor the Williams family have yet to confirm the casting, but fans have been vocal that the part should go to an actor with a darker complexion closer to Williams’, such as Idris Elba or Academy Award-winner Mahershala Ali.

Smith’s ties to this potential starring role have stirred up the ongoing conversation about colorism in Hollywood.

Not to be confused with racism, colorism refers to discrimination based on an individual’s skin tone.

Or, as TIME reported about an inscription that beloved author Alice Walker once wrote in her 1983 novel, In Search of our Mothers’ Gardens, colorism is “prejudicial or preferential treatment of same-race people based solely on their color.”

But colorism isn’t just an omnipresent threat that exists solely in corporate America, the Black community, or Hollywood. The roots of racial discrimination and colorism date back to slavery, when light-skinned slaves were often reduced to domestic chores inside their slaveowner’s home, as opposed to those of a darker complexion who were forced to work outside in the fields.

Read the whole story here.


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20 responses to “Manufactured controversy: Actor Will Smith not black enough to portray Serena William’s father in a movie

  1. Is there anything in life that escapes the Left’s perpetual state of manufactured outrage?

    • I can think of one, like Al Jolson in the borscht circuit’s signature blackface routine singing My Mammy to howls of laughter.

  2. Is the film portraying Mr. Williams or is it about his skin color?

  3. I think there is validity in wanting a darker man to play the role, more believable if you know what the father looks like to see a darker skinned actor perform. It can come down to acting ability over tone though, Smith might be able to play the part like no other so they might just go with him over choosing someone who might not do as good a job. More important, imagine how many tiny homes could be built for all the people of the world if people stopped spending so much time online with all this trivial nonsense.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson

    I don’t like leftist Serena Williams and her crybaby acts when she loses making the winner feel rotten…wouldn’t watch any movie about her anyway

  5. What a bunch of disingenuous hypocritical whiners. No Blacks had a problem with the musical ” Hamilton” where Blacks have been playing White historical figures which strikes me as pretty outrageous in light of the present trend in Hollywood to try to rewrite history i.e., the film that claimed it was Black women who got us to the moon. I can imagine a day in the not too distant future where all of history ( if not erased completely) will be re written by Jews to say that Blacks were responsible for all the great inventions of White people the same way they have pinned Jewish crimes on White people like the transatlantic slave trade, and Bolshevism.

    • Yes, the search for victimhood is getting harder. It’s all about division, don’t ya’ know. And us eaters are supposed to care so very much about every little nuance of this manufactured bullshit.

      This must really BE Neverland when we have a $500m building dedicated to a make-believe, totally manufactured, queer mulatto from Central Casting. This former beach hustler now lectures us on how we need a million more just like him and his tranny “wife”. This is just sports “celebrities” and their companion overpaid, overrated second rate actor friends.

      I note with horror that the “real” Serena resembles. Coco, (rest her soul) although a lot less likable. Why do we need a film about a man who perverted his sons into girls to play tennis? Oh……..I get it.

      • Why do we need a film about a man who perverted his sons into girls to play tennis? Oh……..I get it.

        Yeah duh.

        BTW since many including moi think Serena and Venus are indeed men,
        I guess we have to assume that stories like the following story below about Serena’s C section and complications is a total yarn? It boggles my mind that they would, and could go through this much elaboration to prove he’s a she. There have to be oodles of people behind the scenes that could certainly could spill the beans. Even Beyonce was purported to have faked her pregnancy because she didn’t want to ruin her figure. She was caught in a photo with the “baby” bending in two as she bent over. There are sooooo many out there who are willing to go along with all the lies and deception and provide cover. It really is starting to feel like this whole world is the twilight zone.

        “Williams experienced serious complications after giving birth, and needed two more surgeries after the C-section.

        As SELF reported previously, Williams developed a pulmonary embolism after her surgery, meaning that a blood clot had made its way to her lungs. “I just remember getting up and I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t take a deep breath,” Williams recalls in the second episode. She told a nurse she needed an oxygen mask on, but when she put it on, she started coughing and her C-section stitches came undone.

        She was wheeled back into the operating room so they could re-stitch up her C-section wound and run tests for blood clots, which all came back negative. But Williams, who had previously dealt with a pulmonary embolism in 2011, told the team that she needed a CT scan with dye. “I’m not someone who takes their health for granted,” Williams says. “With as many issues and scares as I’ve had, I think I’ve learned pretty well how to listen to my body….
        Unfortunately, even after identifying her pulmonary embolism, the complications didn’t end there.

        Williams says she developed other clots, including one in her leg. Eventually, she needed a third surgery to temporarily place a filter that blocked blood clots from reaching her heart. “Every day I was in the operating room for something different,” she says.”

        • I’m even more sure of that than I am of Big Mike. I think that’s the idea. Float a movie, if it’s well received, start playing with the tranny angle. It’s a way to sort of “slide it in” and nobody will notice.

          Evil scum! That’s all I can say. The film industry is at the service of The Odor, as is the MSM. They write their own justifications and “realities” to suit their agenda.

          • How do they manage to play the tranny angle when they have just gone out of their way to convince everyone she actually gave birth through a c- section, and poor thing almost died from complications?
            If they really do that even the numbskulls might start to doubt what they are told on CNN and other fake news.

            • I don’t know. I could probably provide a few dozen examples of things that make absolutely NO sense to me that they routinely allude to.

              You’re probably right. If you are then WHY are they doing this at all? Personally, I think its a HE. I don’t think he gave birth even if they extracted it from his ear.

              On the other hand, I’m not one of those who sees trannies everywhere. But, this one is pretty easy to spot. So is Big Mike.

              I suppose I was thinking that they would see how this played in the theater and, if people liked it, they would imply that “Serena” was really Jamal. Then all the airheads would jump with glee and yell “we don’t care, gender is a decision”.

  6. Richard C Youghn

    Who cares? Sounds like a losers option so who’s going to invest in a film almost guaranteed to make nothing upon returns?
    (you didn’t think studios risk all their capital in these movies? They seek investers like any enterprise).

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      On the contrary, I think Blacks will flock to see it in droves, the way they did with “Black Panther” (in part, perhaps, thinking it was a bio-pic about the radical ’60s group).

  7. “Color” is the least of it. He has the right plumbing to play “Serena” himself. Maybe they could get Big Mike to do it. Al Sharpton could plan “dad”.

  8. Kevin J Lankford

    If they don’t have a problem with a black Alexander Hamilton mouthing rap-crap…???


    From back when Saturday Night Live was about making us laugh.

  10. Jackie Puppet

    If Will would just just wear blackface, everything would work out fine… 🤣🐵

  11. A nothing burger story… Really need to stay with stories that help folks understand what is going on right now..


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