Manning interviews PI Susan Daniels on Obama's Social Security no.

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Susan Daniels is an experienced private investigator who has a PI license in Ohio since 1995. As such, she has access to certain data bases to which you and I don’t.
Two years ago, Daniels was hired to investigate Barack Obama. She entered Obama’s name into a data base in Illinois. Out popped that now-famous Connecticut Social Security number.
On February 13, 2012, Rev. James David Manning interviewed Ms. Daniels. Here are the audios of that interview, followed by my summary of what Daniels said.

On Obama’s Social Security (SS) number:

Daniels said that when she ran Obama’s name through a data base in Illinois, “out popped” a SS number with a Connecticut 3-digit prefix, although Obama had never lived in Connecticut.
Until June 2011, SS numbers were assigned by the state the applicant lived in. After June 2011, however, most likely because of the discovery of Obama’s Connecticut SS number, the system is changed to SS numbers now being randomly assigned, instead of by the applicant’s resident state.
Daniels also found other SS numbers for Barack Obama, but none of them is a complete number, that is, the last 4 digits are missing. However, that Connecticut SS number is “a slam dunk” because it is a complete number and it’s associated with addresses in Chicago and Washington, D.C. — all places in which Obama had resided — which means Obama had used that number in those states.
The Connecticut SS number belonged to a man who was born in 1890. When Daniels ran Obama’s date of birth (August 4, 1961), she found the  date also associated with the man born in 1890. Obama began using the Connecticut SS number in the mid-1980s when he was about 25 years old, which means he must have had a SS number before the Connecticut one.
Daniels has a list that shows Barack Obama being in Massachusetts with that Connecticut SS number. But Barack is not the only one with curious SS number(s). Daniels also found a second Social Security number for Michelle Obama.

The Atlanta hearing on Obama’s eligibility:

Daniels has many problems with Georgia state administrative law judge Michael Malihi’s ruling in favor of Obama. They include:

  • Malihi issued a ruling dismissing the relevance of Obama’s SS number.
  • Even before the hearing began, Malihi told the three plaintiff attorneys that he would give a default judgment in their favor, due to the failure of both Obama and his attorney, Michael Jablonski, to be present at the hearing. However, Malihi’s later ruling completely reversed that. Instead of issuing a default judgment against the defendant, Malihi “acted as a defense lawyer” and ruled in favor of Obama.
  • In his ruling, Malihi began by declaring that Obama indeed had been born in Hawaii, although nobody presented any evidence at the hearing as to where Obama had been born.
  • Daniels also finds it curious that Malihi’s ruling goes against every decision he has made in the past, which had always followed the Constitution. Daniels says she doubts that Malihi actually wrote that ruling.

When Rev. Manning asked Daniels what could have caused Malihi “to turn,” Daniels said there can be only two reasons — threats or promises.
Daniels finds it noteworthy that within a week after the hearing, the state of Georgia received approval for two nuclear-power plants from the Obama administration. Both Daniels and Rev. Manning speculate that Malihi may have been promised a seat on the Supreme Court.

Who is Barack Obama?:

Rev. Manning asked Daniels for her “sense of this man, Barack Obama.” Daniels believes Obama is a Manchurian candidate, but “they didn’t anticipate all these problems [with the birth certificate and SS number] would come up. Daniels alludes to the C.I.A. as being behind all the shenanigans: “The CIA doesn’t work for this country anymore.”
Daniels thinks Obama “is going to be a global dictator. He’s such a buffoon, he believes it.’

The conspiracy:

Referring to John McCain and George W. Bush, Daniels says “They all know he’s [Obama] not eligible. It’s always about money. I was told that there’s not a single senator, Congressman, or judge who doesn’t know Barack Obama is not eligible.”
Will Obama be reelected?
Daniels’ response to that question is: “Only God can help us at this point.”

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  1. “Daniels finds it to be noteworthy that within a week after the hearing, the state of Georgia received approval for two nuclear-power plants from the Obama administration. Both Daniels and Rev. Manning speculate that Malihi may have been promised a seat on the Supreme Court.”
    I’d say that sums it up.

  2. That date is incorrect! Obama was born in 61 NOT 81!

  3. My thanks to Rev. Manning for allowing me the opportunity to share what I have learned with others.

  4. Judge probably got a threat and a promise. Hardball games they play in DC.

  5. It ain’t over until it’s over. Whatever value Obama brings to the table for those pulling the strings, only so much mayhem/scandals can be allowed before they seek elsewhere. It is their ideology and agenda that is important to them….not their puppets. Those are a dime a dozen.

  6. I am not voting for one representative or senator, from the State of TExas when they come up for re-election in Congress. They all know obama is not qualifed to be president and they participated in the coverup.

  7. On the Daniels SSN report there are 2 entries for the Somerville, Ma. Address
    Both show issued 1977-1979
    One shows DOB: 1990
    One shows DOB: 1890
    All other entries on that page show 08/04/1961 as well as all the pages in the report

  8. “May God look down upon the United States of America and save us from this ruin that is coming!!!”
    First they prayed to God for Obama not be nominated.
    He was nominated!
    Next they prayed to God for rain on hs acceptance of nomination.
    It was a beautiful day!
    Next they prayed to God for him to lose the election.
    He won!
    It seems that God is on Obama’s side!


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