Man rescues baby fox whose head got stuck in a can

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A man found a distressed creature in his back yard crying piteously, its head stuck in an empty can of dog food.

So the kind man freed the creature’s head from the can, and found it was an adorable baby fox.

Remember to always, always crush empty cans and dispose of them properly.

H/t PawMyGosh


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10 responses to “Man rescues baby fox whose head got stuck in a can

  1. Awwwwwwhh

  2. So sweet!

  4. Downright adorable. I am wondering how long this little guy will remember the fellow who saved him?

  5. Very nice. Occasionally a red fox can make a good pet. (There are still foxes on Long Island and even in Queens. I have seen them).

  6. One place I worked several employees started feeding a red fox. It got friendly enough to come up to people looking for a piece of sandwich. I did not know this and went to my truck to get some tools to work on a pump. I was startled to see the fox sitting there expecting something to eat. After that I gave it a piece of sandwich when I saw it. I worked the afternoon shift so no supervisors to deal with which allowed me to interact with the fox. It was interesting to watch it.

    • Foxes are gorgeous & wild, but trainable—to a degree: My Maternal grandfather & his two siblings owned/dairy-farmed lands adjoining each other in central PA. My mother’s (childless) uncle ran over a fox hole w/farm machinery in a field, killing a mother fox. He brought the kits to his nieces,my young mother/her sisters, to raise/train to return to the wild…which they did—fond memory my mother related to me/reminded me of through the years, esp. if/when we saw a wonderful, gorgeous fox in the wild near our home.

  7. They’re dogs.


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